Abductee (Cleric Archetype)

The skies opened up and, cast in a blinding light, you were taken by creatures from beyond the veil of stars. Possessed of technology far in advance of our own, an abductee has had a life-altering experience involving aliens. Many are tampered with, experimented on, enlightened, and even brainwashed. Now privy to a sliver of the secrets of the cosmos an abductee seeks to understand more. Though they do not realize it, abductees are actually fulfilling the requirements of worship for a deity and are returned by powers fueled by the stars themselves.

Alignment: An abductee’s alignment is not tied to a deity.

Abducted (Ex): At 1st level, roll once on Table: Alien Experiment to determine what effect their abduction experience had on them.

Conspiracy Theorist (Ex): Abductees are a paranoid lot, seeing conspiracies in everything. They gain a bonus on all Sense Motive checks equal to 1/3rd their level (minimum +1).

Domains: An abductee may only select from the following domains: madness, travel, or void (Bestiary 4).

Spells: An abductee may only prepare her spells while the stars and planets are visible to her.

Abduction (Su): As a standard action the abductee can designate one creature within 30 feet of her to become the target of an extra dimensional rift - sucked in and spat back out violently a second later. Although the trip lasts but a brief moment for most, a trip to the far places in the universe is traumatic and disorienting as the transported creature witnesses the face of alien beings, aberrant horrors and is exposed to the total realization of the chaos of the cosmos.

A creature targeted with this ability takes 1d6 points of non-lethal damage plus 1d6 points of non-lethal damage for every 3 cleric levels beyond 1st. In addition, they are sickened for a number of rounds equal to the abductee’s Charisma modifier. Creatures targeted by this ability may make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 abductee level + Wisdom modifier) to reduce the damage by half and avoid being sickened.

Outsiders or summoned creatures gain a +4 bonus on this save and it has no effect on aberrations. Creatures that are immune to the sickened condition but not non-lethal damage still take the damage and vice versa.

At 7th level a creature that fails its Will save is also staggered on their next turn. A creature cannot be staggered more than once in a 24 hour period by this class feature. An abductee can use abduction a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.

This ability replaces channel energy.

Alien Experiment: There is a rare chance that, when used, an alien will take an interest in the creature the abductee has sent them via their abduction class feature. When using the abduction class feature, roll d%. If the dice is 00-02, the creature is instead taken to the far plane for 1d4 hours and experimented on. The creature will have no memory of the event (“missing time”) but may have momentary flashes back to it. If this occurs the abductee automatically regains her spells per day as if she had just rested 8 hours as her alien overlords are pleased. Then, roll 1d10 and consult the following table to see what happens. All effects are permanent unless cured.

Table: Alien Experiment
d10 Result Description
1 Mutilation The creature is returned at 1 HP. If this is rolled by the abductee for their abducted class feature, ignore this and roll again.
2 Implant The creature is subject to a “suggestion” spell by the alien overlords he serves once per day. The spell is cast by a 10th level caster. This is due to a small device in the spine or brain of the creature. Removing it requires a DC 30 Heal check.
3 Medical Testing The creature receives a randomly determined disease.
4 Sleeper Agent The aliens have programmed the creature with a single command that, when the conditions are meet, triggers and becomes a dominant force in their mind. This functions as per geas / quest but the creature receives no Will save. Once triggered this mental conditioning has no further effect ever again. The GM determines this command and its trigger and tells the character’s player what it is (though the character does not know the command or trigger).
5 Linguistic Tampering The creature forgets one language they speak and gains a randomly determined new language in its place. This new language becomes the creature’s preferred method of communication.
6 Unhinged The experience has left the creature a little unhinged. For 3 rounds after waking up the creature is confused. A DC 30 Heal check can remove this permanently.
7 Night Terrors The creature has vivid night terrors. When they attempt to fall asleep they must make a DC 15 Will save each night to sleep for 8 hours. Otherwise they only receive 1/2 the duration of sleep when they rest. A DC 30 Heal check can remove this permanently.
8 Visual Programing Whenever the creature sees one humanoid race, they see select members of that race as looking odd and like another race. For example, a creature with this might see some humans as being reptilian aliens wearing human suits or see some gnomes as having demonic faces that signify that they are possessed by evil spirits. A DC 30 Heal check can remove this permanently.
9 Social Confusion The creature believes they have some status, clearance, position, or other sort of special appointment that they do not actually have. They may believe they are the king of a foreign land, a philosopher of some renown, the owner of a famous item they don’t actually own, or even something as mundane as the tenant of a house they don’t actually belong in. This delusion is persistent and the creature is insistent on the point (logical arguments to the contrary being seen as conspiracy). A DC 30 Heal check can remove this permanently.
10 Further Experimentation Double the amount of missing time. Roll 2 more results. Re-roll any 10s.

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