The Spheres of Power Wiki is a quick-reference site containing rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that have been released under the terms of the Open Gaming License (Version 1.0a). For more information on the legal aspects of this site, please visit the Legal & OGL page.

Spheres of Power is the main focus, but this wiki also hosts content like Gonzo's unusual classes, Pact Magic, and Strange Magic, as well as a number of miscellaneous sections like Creature Templates and a BB Code Profile Template. Whether you're a player or a GM, we encourage you to look around the site and check out the various pages and systems - you might just find your next character idea within.

Why does this site host content besides Spheres of Power? There are a number of useful resources out there, particularly the official PRD run by Paizo and d20pfsrd.com. However, while the latter does contain some third-party content, the creator of this wiki feels like there are a number of excellent systems and rulebooks from third-party publishers that also deserve some notice. By hosting that content here, we hope to help you find other material to enjoy during your Pathfinder games. Please Support the Publishers if you decide to use any of the systems contained on this site - remember, owning a PDF or hard copy of the content means you can still have access to it if you don't have the internet handy, and it helps ensure that publishers can continue to produce content for you to enjoy.

Content Policy: This wiki has a policy of waiting at least two weeks after content is published before adding it to this site. If you'd like to get the content sooner, you can Support the Publishers by purchasing a copy. (We encourage you to do this anyway - while this wiki is intended to serve as a useful online reference, purchasing copies for yourself can give you offline access and help ensure more Open Gaming Content is created.)

Donation Policy: This site accepts donations of content that can be hosted. There are two ways you can submit content:

  • First, you can copy the open gaming content into a text file and send that to the admin. Note that you must include the full text of the Open Game License from that product (including the designations of Product Identity and Open Gaming Content), and you must also ensure that none of the text you're sending contains material designated as Product Identity by the PDF you're copying. Submissions without a copy of the OGL and the designations of Product Identity and Open Gaming Content cannot be accepted and will be promptly deleted.
  • Second, you can provide a copy of a PDF by purchasing it and sending it through a service like DriveThruRPG.com. We cannot accept PDFs directly (through email, etc.) unless you are the publisher of the work and choose to provide a copy or otherwise obtain permission from the publisher to send a copy. This is the preferred method because it also provides access to any PDF updates.

In either case, please Contact the admin of the site before submitting content so we can discuss it with you and make sure everything is in order.

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