Adaptive Gunner (Marksman Archetype)

Rather than training in more traditional ranged weaponry, adaptive gunners focus on mastering the powerful Hand Cannon veil, unlocking its true potential. Adaptive gunners learn to recognize an opponent’s weakness and target it with exactly the right effect.

Proficiency: The adaptive gunner does not gain proficiency in light, projectile, or thrown martial weapons.

This alters the standard marksman proficiencies.

Hand Cannon: At 1st level, The adaptive gunner learns how to shape the Hand Cannon veil, and increases his total veils shaped by 1. The adaptive gunner uses his Wisdom as his primary veilweaving attribute and treats his veilweaver level as his class level –3 (minimum 1).

Starting at 7th level, he gains the ability to bind veils to his Wrist chakra, unlocking their most potent abilities.

Contemplation: The adaptive gunner gains the ability to fuel veils and other essence receptacles with psionic energy instead of essence. By spending 1 power point per receptacle as a swift action, the gunner may treat an available essence receptacle as though it were invested with a point of essence for 3 rounds. This does not stack with, though it may overlap, standard essence invested in a given veil or receptacle. At 6th level and every three levels thereafter, the adaptive gunner may spend an additional 3 power points per veil or receptacle he wishes to invest to treat it as being invested with an additional point of essence. This ability can be used to exceed the gunner’s normal limitation on the maximum amount that can be invested in a given veil or receptacle (for example, an 18th level adaptive gunner could spend 13 power points to treat a veil as being invested with 5 points of essence, even though he’d be limited to 4 points when investing essence normally). If the gunner has multiple receptacles available, he may choose to spend power points in this way to psionically invest any number of them with the same swift action, though he must still pay the normal cost for each.

Adaptive Gunner Style: The adaptive gunner must choose the adaptive gunner style detailed below for the combat style gained at 1st level.

Adaptive Gunner Style

Adaptive gunners learn to adjust their tactics on the fly, cycling through the elemental potential of their hand cannons to target an enemy’s weakness.

Style Technique: Once an adaptive gunner has reached 2nd level, each time he expends or regains his psionic focus he may change the damage type of his Hand Cannon veil from bludgeoning and piercing to acid, cold, electricty, fire, or sonic damage for a number of rounds equal to his Wisdom modifier. This damage stacks with that from weapon properties like flaming, frost, shocking, etc.

Style Skill: At 3rd level, the adaptive gunner adds one of the following skills to his class skill list: Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (planes), or Knowledge (religion). At 6th level and every three adaptive gunner levels thereafter, he gains a +1 bonus to this skill.

Style Mantra: Starting at 3rd level, as long as the adaptive gunner maintains psionic focus, he gains an amount of temporary essence equal to ½ his class level (rounded down) that can only be invested in his Hand Cannon veil. This essence may exceed the normal capacity of his Hand Cannon, and does not stack with essence gained through the gunner’s contemplation ability or other abilities.

Charged Shot, Lesser (Su): An adaptive gunner of 4th level gains the ability to charge energy into his Hand Cannon veil to make a single, devastating attack when psionically focused. As a standard action, the gunner may spend 1 power point and make a single attack, rolling the Hand Cannon’s damage dice for the attack twice and adding the results together before adding bonuses from weapon abilities (such as flaming), precision based damage, and other damage bonuses. These extra weapon damage dice are not multiplied on a critical hit, but are added to the total. At 6th level and every 5 levels thereafter, the gunner may pay 1 additional power point to roll his damage dice one additional time and add the total to his damage dealt. The gunner’s psionic focus is expended as soon as he completes an attack with this ability.

Charged Shot, Improved (Su): At 8th level, the adaptive gunner learns to control the energy of his charged shot more efficiently, and his psionic focus is no longer expended after using the ability. In addition, the adaptive gunner treats all 1s on his charged shot damage dice as 2s.

Charged Shot, Greater (Su): From 12th level on, whenever the adaptive gunner would be entitled to an additional attack during a full attack sequence, such as from the Rapid Shot feat, haste, or a similar effect, he may roll his damage dice for a charged shot one additional time per effect, adding the results to his total damage dealt. In addition, the adaptive gunner may augment his charged shot in the following ways:

1) If the gunner spends 3 power points as part of the action used to activate his charged shot, he may add his Wisdom bonus to the total damage dealt.

2) If the gunner spends 7 power points as part of the action used to activate his charged shot, he adds twice his Wisdom bonus to the total damage dealt and regains 1 use of his wind reader ability.

Penetrating Shot (Su): From 16th level on, whenever the adaptive gunner uses his charged shot ability, the attack pierces the target and can strike additional creatures in line behind it. The gunner must be able to trace a line starting at his space and passing through all targets to make these additional attacks. Each additional attack is made at a stacking –5 penalty, in addition to any modifiers for added range. If any of the attacks fail to hit their target, the attack ends and no enemies behind the missed opponent are affected. The adaptive gunner rolls his damage for the charged shot once and applies the damage dealt to each affected target.

Master Technique: Upon reaching 20th level, the adaptive gunner gains the master technique Mobile Devastation.

Mobile Devastation (Su): The first opponent hit by the adaptive gunner’s charged shot each round must succeed at a Fortitude save or die. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + ½ the adaptive gunner’s class level + the gunner’s Wisdom modifier. A creature who saves against this ability cannot be affected again for 24 hours (though they can still be damaged by charged shot as normal).

Style Feats: Chakra Targeting, Essence Focus, Shape Veil

This modifies the combat style and style skill class features.

Favored Weapon: The adaptive gunner does not choose a weapon group for his favored weapon class feature, but instead applies its benefits to his Hand Cannon veil. This alters the Favored Weapon class feature.

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