Additional Non-Mythic Feats

The following are new feats introduced in the Mythic Hero's Handbook.

Amphibious Adaptation

You can survive out of water far longer than your aquatic kin.

Prerequisite: Aquatic subtype.

Benefit: You can survive out of water for a number of hours equal to your Constitution score before you risk suffocation. If you already have the ability to survive out of water for a limited amount of time before suffocating or suffering other ill effects, that amount of time is doubled. If you do not possess a land speed, you gain a land speed of 5 feet. If you possess a land speed that is less than 20 feet, your speed on land increases by 5 feet.

Communal Spell (Metamagic)

You can share spells between multiple targets.

Benefit: You can alter the duration and targets of a harmless spell with a range of touch in order to affect multiple targets, treating each target as a subject of the spell. You must split the spell’s duration in whole increments equal to the duration increment listed in the spell’s duration. Hence, if a spell’s duration is 1 minute per level, you must allocate the split duration in 1-minute increments, divided as evenly as possible. Some targets may be assigned one additional duration increment if some are left over after equal distribution, or the remainder can be wasted. A communal spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.

Eel Strike (Combat)

You can strike swiftly and retreat beyond your enemy’s reach.

Prerequisite: Dex 13, swim speed.

Benefit: While swimming, if you use the withdraw action you can take a single melee attack as a swift action before you begin your movement.

Fast Swimmer

Your have exceptional speed in the water.

Prerequisite: Swim speed.

Benefit: Your swim speed increases by 10 feet.

Menacing Blow (Combat)

Your deadly blows strike fear into the heart of your enemies.

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +6, Intimidate 6 ranks.

Benefit: Whenever you score a critical hit, you can make an Intimidate check as a your opponent swift action to demoralize your target.

Naval Commander

Your clever tactics and forceful leadership help your crew tackle any task.

Prerequisite: Leadership, Profession (sailor) 7 ranks.

Benefit: If you are on board a ship, you can use the aid another action to assist every ally on board that is performing a type of action specified by you, either performing a skill or making an attack. Alternatively, you can use aid another to assist them defensively, granting a +2 circumstance bonus to Armor Class and a +1 bonus on Reflex saves until the beginning of your next turn. Any ally that is your follower increases the bonus they gain from the aid another action by 1.

Savvy Seafarer

You live and breathe with the sea and its natural rhythms.

Prerequisite: Profession (sailor) 3 ranks.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (geography) and Profession (sailor) checks and on any Craft checks made to repair a ship. In addition, while on board a ship you can use a Profession (sailor) check in place of a Survival check to avoid getting lost, get along in the wild, gain a bonus to saving throws against severe weather, or to predict the weather at sea. If you spend one week familiarizing yourself with a ship, all bonuses provided by this feat are doubled while on board that ship. This additional bonus is lost if you spend more than a month away from that ship or familiarize yourself with a different ship.

Swift Trapper

You can set traps swiftly.

Prerequisites: Trap class feature or Learn Ranger Trap

Benefit: When you use a full-round action to set a trap, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity. You can set a trap more quickly, though this provokes attacks of opportunity. In addition, if you set a trap as a standard action the DC for Disable Device and Perception checks and for saving throws against the trap is reduced by 2. If you set the trap as a move action they are reduced by 5, and if you set the trap as a swift action they are reduced by 10.

Swim-By Attack

You fluid grace allows you to effortlessly combine your actions while moving beneath the waves.

Prerequisite: Swim speed.

Benefit: When you are using a move action to swim, you can take a standard action at any point during your movement; you are not required to complete your move action before using your standard action (or vice versa). You cannot use your standard action to perform a second move (though you can use it to perform other move actions).

Terrifying Critical (Combat, Critical)

When you strike a telling blow, your target quakes with fear.

Prerequisite: Critical Focus, base attack bonus +11.

Benefit: Whenever you score a critical hit, your target becomes shaken for 1d4+1 rounds. On a successful Will save, the duration is reduced to 1 round. The DC for this save is equal to 10 plus your base attack bonus. Additional critical hits increase the duration of the shaken condition (even if the shaken condition comes from a different source) but do not increase the severity of fear.

Special: You can only apply the effects of one critical feat to a given critical hit unless you possess Critical Mastery.

Worm Rider (Combat)

You and your riding worm are a deadly combat team.

Prerequisites: Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Worm Wrangler

Benefit: You can ride your worm companion even if you and it are the same size, and when riding a worm-like mount you gain a +2 bonus on Ride checks and combat maneuvers your mount makes to overrun, and to your CMD against combat maneuvers that would dismount you. When your worm uses its burrow, climb, or swim speed, you can cling to its back with no chance of falling off (though you can still be dismounted by an attacker) for a number of rounds equal to your number of ranks in the Ride skill. This amount of time is added to the length of time you can hold your breath to avoid suffocation. You cannot cling to the worm’s back if it is burrowing through solid ice or stone. This does not prevent you from being dismounted. If you are dismounted, burrowing, climbing, or swimming, you are subject to falling, drowning, or being buried alive.

Worm Wrangler

Your empathy with worms is uncanny.

Prerequisites: Animal companion, mount, or similar class feature, Handle Animal 2 ranks, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 2 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 2 ranks

Benefit: You can substitute a worm companion for your normal type of animal companion or mount. You treat wormlike creatures (GM’s discretion) as animals for the purpose of using Handle Animal, wild empathy, and any magical effect that affects animals. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Handle Animal checks with worm-like creatures and on saving throws against the exceptional and supernatural abilities of worm-like creatures.

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