Admixture Savant

Class Skills: The admixture savant loses Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Intimidate, and Swim as class skills and gains all Knowledge skills, taken individually, as class skills.

Casting Ability Modifier: The admixture savant uses Intelligence as his casting ability modifier.

Admixture Pool (Su): At 2nd level, the admixture savant gains the Admixture talent as a bonus talent. If the admixture savant already possesses the Admixture talent, he may instead select another Destruction talent as a bonus talent.

Additionally, he gains a pool of admixture points equal to his level. These points may be used to remove the casting time increase from the Admixture talent or to reduce the spell point cost of a metamagic feat by one spell point per admixture point spent.

This ability replaces evasion and dodge bonus.

Bonus Feat: The admixture savant may select a metamagic feat or any feat with the casting prerequisite for which he qualifies at 2nd level and every 4th levels thereafter.

This replaces bonus combat feats.

Intense Study (Su): At 3rd level, the admixture savant may study a target that he can see as a move action. The admixture savant adds 1/2 his admixture savant level to all damage dealt by destructive blasts to his studied target for 1 minute per admixture savant level or until he studies another target.

At 9th level, this bonus damage increases to become equal to his admixture savant level and he may study a target as a swift action.

At 15th level, this bonus damage increases to become equal to 1.5 times his admixture savant level.

This ability replaces favored element.

Flexibility (Ex): At 11th level, the admixture savant may spend 10 minutes practicing to gain a single bonus talent from the Destruction sphere. He retains use of this talent until the next time he rests to regain spell points or he spends 10 minutes practicing to replace it with a different talent.

This ability replaces improved evasion.

Metamagic Master (Ex): At 20th level, the admixture adept reduces the spell point cost of any metamagic feat applied to a destructive blast by 1, to a minimum of 0.

This replaces energy body.

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