Akashic Reference Materials

The following are miscellaneous rules associated with the Akashic Mysteries.

New Subtypes

Akashic Subtype

Creatures with the akashic subtype are all or partially composed of pure akashic energy and have the following shared traits.

  • Essence Pool equal to racial hit die.
  • Immunity to sleep effects.
  • Low-light vision.
  • Unless otherwise noted, akashic creatures always use Charisma as their primary veilweaving modifier. Akashic creatures with class levels use the primary veilweaving modifier of their class.

Daeva Subtype

Daeva are a unique type of native outsider that rely on powerful emotions to maintain their physical forms and have the following shared traits

  • Daevic creatures shape veils out of their own physical body, and automatically bind any veil they are capable of shaping.
  • All daeva speak Common and one other language associated with their general habitat or demeanor, and gain additional languages based on their Intelligence.
  • Emotion-Dependent: All daeva require exposure to a certain type of emotion to draw power from. When unable to feed on this emotion, they suffer Constitution drain as described in their entry. Daeva reduced to their Constitution score in negative hit points or whose Constitution is reduced to 0 do not die, but instead become formless spirits incapable of interacting with the physical world except through symbiotic bonds with mortals. Formless daeva can communicate telepathically with any creature within 60 feet who shares a language with it.
  • Hardened Form: Daeva in physical form gain a natural armor bonus equal to their racial hit dice.
  • Natural Veilweaver: Creatures with the daeva subtype gain the ability to shape a number of veils equal to 1/2 their racial Hit Dice, and may choose veils for any slot, including Ring and Blood. Since their veils are part of their physical form, they choose where to shape and bind them (subject to the normal restrictions on where each veil may be shaped and/or bound) any time they have an hour of uninterrupted focus and do not require a rest between instances of reshaping veils. Unlike a normal veilweaver, daeva’s veils are part of their physical form, and once selected, cannot be replaced, except to be shaped in a different eligible slot.
  • Symbiotic: Daeva are capable of entering a state where their powers and consciousness lie dormant and they feed on a mortal’s emotions in exchange for granting that mortal power. The most common example of this is the daevic class, though certain daeva may be able to form different types of bonds as described in their entry. While bonded with another creature, daeva lose the emotion-dependent weakness.

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