Akashic Wondrous Items

Akashic Catalysts

Price varies (Least 8,000 GP, Lesser 32,000 GP, Greater 72,800 GP)
Slot see text CL 5th Weight
Aura moderate transmutation

Akashic catalysts are woven bands of gem studded cloth or metal inscribed with glowing mandalas. A veilweaver may wear the catalyst around either their hands, feet, head, headband, shoulders, wrist, neck, belt, or body to reinforce and fortify the power of invested essence within a veil shaped in that chakra. If the veilweaver is capable of shaping a veil in the Ring chakra, he may assign the bonus from a catalyst wrapped around his hands to one such veil. If a veilweaver invests essence in any veil formed on a chakra that is wrapped with an akashic catalyst, the essence invested in the veil may be treated as being higher for all mechanical effects (+1 least, +2 lesser, +3 greater), though this does not change the veilweaver’s total essence pool. A character cannot wear more than one akashic catalyst of each type (least, lesser, and greater). Putting on or taking off a catalyst is a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, creator must possess an essence pool; Cost varies (Least 4,000 GP, Lesser 16,000 GP, Greater 36,000 GP)

Amulet of War

Aura Faint Enchantment; CL 5th
Slot Neck; Price See text; Weight -

This silver pendant hangs off a silver chain houses a tiny cabochon ruby that has been pierced by an even smaller weapon.

Each Amulet of War is attuned to a specific weapon. Whenever a Rajah makes an attack using their vassalage class feature, if they are proficient in this weapon and the amulet is active, they may choose to use that weapon in place any weapon, natural, or unarmed strike they may possess, creating an ephemeral copy to use for that attack. The Rajah must have enough hands free to wield his ephemeral copy. Activating this amulet is done as a draw-equivalent action, and deactivating this amulet is done as a sheathing-equivalent action.

Activating and deactivating this amulet counts as drawing and sheathing the weapon for any and all purposes. Ranged weapons produce their own basic ammunition. This weapon is always sized to the wielder, unless they would have an ability, feat, class feature, etc that allows them to wield a weapon of smaller or larger size with no or reduced penalty. Otherwise, this counts as the keyed weapon for all intents and purposes.

Furthermore, this amulet can gain enhancement bonuses, treating these bonuses as weapon enhancements on the weapon when used through the vassalage class feature. The prices for enchanting this amulet is listed below.

Bonus Cost Construction
+1 1550 gp 775 gp
+2 6050 gp 3025 gp
+3 13550 gp 6775 gp
+4 24050 gp 12025 gp
+5 37550 gp 18775 gp
+61 54050 gp 27025 gp
+71 73550 gp 36775 gp
+81 96050 gp 48025 gp
+91 121550 gp 60775 gp
+101 150050 gp 75025 gp

1: A weapon can’t have an enhancement bonus than +5. Use these lines to determine the price when special abilities are added in. For example, a Rajah with a dagger could use an Amulet of War (Scythe) to deal 2d4 points of damage instead of 1d4 points, with a crit range of 20/x4, or an +1 flaming Amulet of War (Longspear) to deal 1d8+1 points of damage plus 1d6 points of fire points of damage with the Reach property, before any other bonuses are factored in, such as strength modifiers, feats, class features, or similar abilities.

This amulet costs 50 gold pieces, unless the weapon that is attuned to it costs more, in which case its costs is equal to the weapon. The crafting cost for this amulet is 1/2 the cost to purchase it.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, Vassalage class feature. Cost See Text

Blood Funnels

Price 16,000 GP
Slot see text CL 5th Weight
Aura moderate necromancy

These cruel bands of twisted metal are designed to be attached to melee weapons. Attaching a blood funnel to a natural weapon requires the wearer to twist the band over her natural weapon and through the nearest bit of her own flesh, dealing 1 point of damage; this damage does not heal as long as the blood funnel is attached. When used on a manufactured weapon, the blood funnel is attached to the guard or hilt and deals 1 point of damage each time the weapon is drawn or wielded; this damage cannot be healed while the weapon is still wielded or in hand.

Once attached, a blood funnel allows the wearer to drain his enemy’s blood and strengthen his own; whenever a character with a Blood veil shaped deals bleed damage to an opponent whose hit dice are equal to or greater than her own with the weapon her blood funnel is attached to, she treats the total amount of essence invested in her Blood veil as 1 higher for the next 3 rounds, even if that would raise the veil above its normal capacity. If the wearer scores a critical hit with that attack, she instead treats the Blood veil as having 3 additional points of essence invested.

Multiple instances of the benefit from blood funnels do not stack, but instead overlap, with the most beneficial instance given priority (for example, a wearer who scored a critical hit with a bleeding attack in round 1 and a regular hit with a bleeding attack in round 2 would continue to use the larger benefit until that instance expired).

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, creator must possess an essence pool; Cost 8,000 GP

Imbuement Gem

Weapon 2,000 GP
Armor 1,000 GP
Slot none CL 5th Weight
Aura faint transmutation
This palm-sized gem is wrapped in rune-embroidered cloth and glows with an inner radiance.

An akashic imbuement gem can be enhanced as if it were a masterwork armor or weapon, chosen at the time of the gem’s creation.

When a veilweaver shapes a veil with the [armor] or [weapon] descriptor, they can incorporate a single akashic imbuement gem of the appropriate type as part of shaping it, applying the enhancements applied to the gem to the armor or weapons created as part of the veil. Armor and weapons cannot gain properties that they could not normally gain using an akashic imbuement gem, such as impact on a ranged weapon, or brawling on a medium or heavy armor. If the veil provides its own enhancement bonus or has already been enhanced as a suit of armor or a weapon, the enhancement bonuses and special qualities provided by the akashic imbuement gem do not stack.

When they shape the veil, and whenever they reallocate essence, they may choose whether they use the veil’s intrinsic bonus and special qualities, the armor or weapon descriptors bonus and special qualities, or the bonuses provided by the akashic imbuement gem. They may change this choice as a swift action, or whenever they would invest essence into their receptacles.

When the veilweaver unshapes the veil that the akashic imbuement gem is incorporated with, or that veil is destroyed, the akashic imbuement gem reappears in one of the veilweaver’s open hands, or on the ground in their square if they are unconscious or their hands are full.
Construction Requirements
Cost Varies (Weapon 1,000 GP; Armor 500 GP); Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be able to shape a veil with the [armor] or [weapon] descriptor.

Refinement Charm

Aura faint universal; CL 1st
Slot see text; Price 500 gp; Weight -

These tiny charms carry enchantments which are minor at best, and are often made by apprentice spellcasters looking to practice imbuing items with magic. When hung on a bracelet of charms or a necklace of many charms, the spark of power within them helps the user focus on what they do slightly better than they once could. All stack with one another, and with all other sources of bonuses to these class features. If you do not possess the class feature to be enhanced, that charm does nothing for you.

Charm of Titles: Expand the maximum range of your titles by 10ft.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, creator must posses the class feature being refined Cost 250 gp

Ring of a Thousand Names

Aura Faint Enchantment; CL 5th
Slot Ring; Price 4,000gp (Least), 16,000gp (Lesser), 32,000gp (Greater); Weight -

This gold and red signet ring can act as the focal point to enhance one’s ability to grant titles. The wearer of this ring may invest essence into this ring.

Once per round as a free action, the wearer of this ring may designate one of the title veils they currently have shaped. The designated veil is treated as though it had additional essence invested in it equal to the essence invested into this ring as long as it’s the designated veil, even if that would put it over its maximum capacity. A veil can only benefit from one Ring of a Thousand Names at a time.

The amount of essence that can be invested into this veil is based off of the strength of the ring (1 essence for least, 2 for lesser, and 3 for greater).

Construction Requirements
Forge Ring, creator must be able to shape at least one veil with the title descriptor. Cost 2,000gp (Least), 8,000gp (Lesser), 16,000gp (Greater)

Stormbinder’s Crook

Slot none CL 5th Weight 5 lbs.
Aura faint enchantment
This long wooden staff is carved with runes and sigils that glow with a faint blue light. When held by a veilweaver who has shaped a Storm veil, its light changes to match that of their veils. As a standard action, the wielder of this staff may designate one of their storm veils they have shaped. The designated veil is treated as though it has additional essence invested into it based on the type of staff wielded (1 essence for least, 2 for lesser, and 3 for greater), and has its maximum essence capacity increased by an equal amount. A Storm veil can only benefit from one Crook of the Stormbinder at a time.

The crook of the stormbinder can be wielded as if it were a masterwork quarterstaff (or as a crook if the wielder is proficient), and can be improved as a magic weapon.
Construction Requirements
Cost Varies (Least 2,000 GP, Lesser 8,000 GP, Greater 16,000 GP); Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be able to shape at least one Storm veil.

Suqur’s Gift

Price 18,000 GP
Slot none CL 8th Weight
Aura moderate transmutation

Suqur’s gifts are specially enchanted feathers freely given from a suqur to beings of non-flying races who do a great service for a suqur family or community. A creature holding a suqur’s gift given to him by a suqur is protected as though by a feather fall spell that activates immediately if the holder falls more than 5 feet. If the holder has an essence pool, he may invest essence into a suqur’s gift for additional benefits; if at least one point of essence is invested in the gift, the holder gains a fly speed of 10 feet with poor maneuverability. For each additional point of essence invested, the fly speed increases by 5 feet and the maneuverability improves by 1 step. If a suqur’s gift is stolen or sold, it becomes simply a normal feather until such time as it is returned to the person it was originally given to, or a suqur gifts it to a new individual.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, fly, creator must be a suqur; Cost 8,000 GP

Totem of the Storm

Slot none CL 15th Weight 5,000 lbs.
Aura moderate evocation
Storm veils can be channeled through specific magical objects known as Totems of the Storm. These totems are normally crafted of wood and stone, and allow a shaper of Storm veils to manipulate the weather surrounding one.

When shaping their veils for the day, a veilweaver who can shape Storm veils can choose to shape one on the totem, using one of their shaped veils for the day as normal, as long as they are within 5 feet of the totem when they shape their veils. The totem expands the radius of the chosen storm veil, treats it as being bound to a veil slot, and invests an amount of essence into the veil depending on how the totem was constructed. The veilweaver cannot invest additional essence into the Storm veil shaped on the totem, and the Storm veil remains shaped on the totem until the veilweaver who shaped it chooses to unshape, or it is destroyed. If the veil shaped on the totem is disrupted, by an effect such as dispel magic, it is instead destroyed. The veilweaver who shaped the veil can use the abilities of the Storm veil shaped on the totem as long as they are within the Storm veil’s area.

A Totem of the Storm’s price depends on its radius of effect, and the amount of essence it invests in the veil shaped to it. A Totem of Storm has a minimum radius of 1 mile, and can be created to invest between 0 and 7 essence. To create a Totem of the Storm, the crafter must spend a number of gold pieces equal to its radius in miles multiplied by 10 x the essence it invests x 5,000 gp. For the purposes of this equation, 0 essence counts as 0.5.
Construction Requirements
Cost See Text; Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be able to shape at least one Storm veil.

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