Alchemical Items
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Price 50 gp
Weight —-
This rice wine appears to have a golden glow, and gives off the same amount of light as a lit candle for 1 minute while exposed to the open air before fading. It is for this reason that kuoki is usually kept sealed in kegs or bottles until ready for use, and honest merchants will not buy or sell kuoki that has lost its glow. Those that drink this wine find themselves seeing spirits as if under the effect of the Divination talent Spirit Sense for 1 hour.

Alchemical Recipe
Recipe (10 Dew of Lunary + 10 Magnesium + 25 Phosphorus) / Digestion
Craft DC 30
Time 1 day
Tools brewers kit
Type drug (alcohol)
Spontaneous Alchemy: Those utilizing the spontaneous alchemy variant crafting system may utilize the recipe and crafting time listed above. Players otherwise craft Kuoki using the crafting rules found in the Core Rulebook pg 91-93.

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