Alchemist Discoveries

The following are new Discoveries that can be selected by characters with the Discovery class feature.

Alchemical Synthesis (requires Alchemist level 6)

You may spend a spell point to spontaneously create a bomb. This is a free action. If you have any other class features that require the use of bombs, the expenditure of bombs may be substituted with an equal amount of spell points instead. This does not give you the bombs class feature if you do not possess it.

Blood Potion

The alchemist gains Blood Potion as a bonus feat even if he does not possess the Blood sphere. The alchemist may use his Intelligence score as his CAM for this feat.

Gene-Splicing (requires Alchemist level 8, Mutagen ability)

When you prepare your mutagen you may choose one trait from any Alteration sphere talent. You gain that trait while under the effects of your mutagen for the duration of the mutagen. You must pay any spell point costs associated with the trait, and the trait uses your class level as its caster level for the purpose of determining effects. You may choose a different trait whenever you prepare your mutagen.

Hallucinogen (Su)

The alchemist gains the ability to create a hallucinogen, a mutagen-like mixture that heightens one’s perception or sensory ability. It takes 1 hour to brew a dose of hallucinogen, and once brewed, it remains potent until used. The alchemist when brewing the hallucinogen chooses a single alternate divination ability (which he does not need to meet the prerequisites for). The hallucinogen, once ingested, grants the effects of the chosen divine alternate divination ability. Hallucinogens continue to grant the effects for as long as the alchemist concentrates on the effects (maximum of 10 minutes per alchemist level). It otherwise functions as the chosen alternate divination. All limitations of mutagens apply to hallucinogens as if they were the same substance—an alchemist can only maintain one mutagen or hallucinogen at a time, a hallucinogen that is not in an alchemist’s possession becomes inert, drinking a hallucinogen makes a non-alchemist sick, and so on. The infuse mutagen discovery and the persistent mutagen class ability apply to hallucinogens.

Note: This ability is also an Investigator Talent.

Hedgewitch Secret

The alchemist may gain a hedgewitch secret, having an effective hedgewitch level equal to its alchemist level. The alchemist must have sphere casting capability in order to select this discovery. You may select this alchemist discovery multiple times, each time selecting a different hedgewitch secret.

Shadow Bomb (requires Dark sphere)

You can create bombs that contain darkness effects from the Dark sphere. When the bomb is used, the darkness effect appears using the impact point of the bomb as the center of the darkness effect. Once used, the darkness lasts 1d4 rounds before disappearing, +2 if you possess the Lingering Darkness talent. You may not spend a spell point to make it last longer without concentration.

Shaped Charge (requires Alchemist level 6, spell bomb discovery)

Choose a (blast shape) basic talent from the Destruction sphere. When you use a spell bomb, you may apply this shape to your spell bomb, using your class level as your caster level. You must pay any spell point costs involved. You may acquire this discovery multiple times. Each time, choose a different Destruction sphere (blast shape) talent.

Spell Bomb (requires Alchemist level 4)

As a full-round action, you may throw a more powerful bomb that does a number of dice of damage equal to your class level. You may spend a spell point to reduce this to a standard action.

Zoological Study (requires Alchemist level 4, Alteration sphere)

Once per day as a free action, you may choose an Alteration talent you do not possess. You gain that talent and keep it until you rest and regain spell points.

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