Ankheg (CR 4/MR 1)

This burrowing, bug-like monster scuttles about on six legs, drooling noxious green ichor from its clacking mandibles.

Mythic Ankheg (CR 4/MR 1)
XP 800
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary
N Large magical beast (mythic)
Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, tremorsense 60 ft.; Perception +8


AC 17, touch 9, flat-footed 17 (+8 natural, –1 size)
hp 38 (3d10+22)
Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +2


Speed 30 ft., burrow 20 ft.
Melee bite +5 (2d6+4 plus 1d4 acid and grab)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks caustic quicksandMA, mythic power (3/day, surge +1d6), spit acid, tunnel tuggerMA


Str 16, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 1, Wis 13, Cha 6
Base Atk +3; CMB +7 (+11 drag or grapple); CMD 17 (25 vs. trip)
Feats Extra Mythic PowerMF, Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness
Skills Climb +8, Perception +8


Environment temperate or warm plains
Organization solitary, pair, or nest (3–6)
Treasure incidental

Special Abilities

Caustic Quicksand (Ex) A mythic ankheg can alter the shape of its breath from a 30-foot line to a 15-foot cone-shaped burst. In either shape, the ankheg’s acid softens or even liquefies the ground as soften earth and stone. Creatures other than the ankheg take 1d4 points of damage per round they are touching the softened area. If a mythic ankheg has already used its spit acid ability, it can expend one use of its mythic power as a full-round action to recharge it.

Spit Acid (Ex) Once every 6 hours, an ankheg can spit a 30-foot line of acid. Creatures struck by this acid take 4d4 points of acid damage (Reflex DC 14 halves). Once an ankheg uses this attack, it must wait 6 hours before using it again. Additionally, during this time period, its bite attack does not inflict any additional acid damage. As a result, an ankheg does not use this ability unless it is desperate or frustrated, most often spitting acid when reduced to fewer than half its full normal hit points or when it cannot not successfully grab an opponent. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Tunnel Tugger (Ex) When burrowing, a mythic ankheg can take a move action and a standard action at any point during its movement. It cannot use that standard action to take another move action. If it strikes a creature smaller than itself, it can use a drag combat maneuver against that target with a +4 bonus in place of attempting to grapple that target. If it expends one use of its mythic power after striking a creature smaller than itself, it can roll twice on its combat maneuver check, once to grapple the target and once to drag it. If a mythic ankheg pulls a creature 5 or more feet below ground level, the character is treated as if in the slide zone of a cave-in, as described in Chapter 13 of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, taking 2d6 points of bludgeoning damage and becoming buried (DC 15 Reflex negates).

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