Rare are the elementalists that eschew a focus on channeling elemental power, but instead open themselves to the underlying forces fundamental to all magic, reading and manipulating them as naturally as another would call a stream of flame.

Spell Mimicry: At 1st level, an arcanophage can intuitively understand magic that they see in practice. When he successfully identifies a sphere effect, as an immediate action he can gain knowledge of 1 + 1 per 3 class levels talents used in that effect, to a maximum of his casting ability modifier, used in that effect. This knowledge is retained for 1 minute per class level. If the arcanophage would gain talents in excess of his CAM through another use of this ability, he must choose which previously gained talents to lose until their total mimicked talents is reduced to his CAM. An arcanophage cannot choose to lose a talent that is a prerequisite for another talent gained from this ability.

Any sphere effects that use talents gained from this ability use the arcanophage’s class level in place of his caster level and increase their wild magic chance by 10% per talent. This caster level and wild magic chance stack with those gained from other sources.

This ability replaces weave energy.

Bonus Feat: An arcanophage may select a wild magic feat or any feat with the casting prerequisite for which he qualifies at 2nd level and every 4th level thereafter.

This replaces bonus combat feats.

Stifle Spells: At 3rd level, the arcanophage gains the Counterspell feat even if he does not meet the prerequisites and may use his spell mimicry ability to gain knowledge of any effects targeted by the counterspell as part of the action required to counterspell.

At 9th level, the arcanophage gains the Improved Counterspell feat even if he does not meet the prerequisites and gains a +2 bonus to MSB when using Counterspell.

At 15th level, the arcanophage gains the Greater Counterspell feat even if he does not meet the prerequisites and his bonus to MSB checks to dispel increases to +4.

This replaces favored element.

Resist Magic: At 4th level, an arcanophage gains a +1 bonus to saving throws against magic, spells, spell-like abilities, and sphere effects. This increases by one for every 4 levels thereafter, to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.

This replaces dodge bonus.

Spell Shield: At 5th level, an arcanophage can grant himself spell resistance against the effects of any sphere from which he currently has gained a talent from his spell mimicry ability equal to 5 + his class level. He may raise or lower this resistance as an immediate action. At 11th level, this increases to 10 + class level and to 15 + class level at 17th level.

This replaces elemental defense.

Mimic Master: At 20th level, the arcanophage retains knowledge of talents gained from spell mimicry until replacing them with subsequent uses of the ability and ignores the increase to wild magic chance from using talents gained from spell mimicry.

This replaces energy body.

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