Aristeia Feats

Aristeia feats are tied to, and make use of, the optional Aristeia rules.

Dimensional Pursuit (Aristeia)

Teleporting away from you is not a solution in your pinnacle state.

Benefit: When a creature you threaten or that you have damaged in the last round attempts a concentration check to use an effect that would teleport them or move to another plane, increase the DC of the check by 4. While in Aristeia, you may spend an attack of opportunity to move with any creature you see that attempts to teleport or shift planes, arriving in the same position relative to them wherever they arrive.

Special: This feat counts as Disruption for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Enduring Aristeia (Aristeia)

Regardless of the toll it takes, you hold on to your power until the duty is done.

Benefit: Add five times the number of Aristeia feats you possess to your Constitution score for the purpose of determining the number of negative hit points at which you die. When your Aristeia would end, you may add an additional round to your Aristeia. If you do, you immediately suffer a permanent negative level. You may continue to use this feat until the total number of negative levels you would be affected by upon the end of your Aristeia would equal your character level. Negative levels gained from this feat cannot be negated through condition negation.

Special: This feat counts as Endurance for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Heroic Perseverance (Aristeia)

Destiny’s hand prevents you from faltering after your grand display.

Benefit: Add the number of Aristeia feats you possess to the number of times per day you can use any combat feats you have that allows a limited number of daily uses, such as the Stunning Fist feat. If you still have Aristeia points remaining when you end your Aristeia, you may choose to expend them in place of suffering negative levels from Aristeia. For every point expended, you negate one permanent negative level from Aristeia.

This feat counts as the weapon training and armor training class features for all weapons and armor for the purpose of meeting prerequisites, with your effective weapon training or armor training bonus being equal to the number of Aristeia feats you possess.

Heroic Senses (Aristeia)

In your greatest moment, you are given increased clarity regarding your surroundings.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Perception checks which increases by an additional +2 for every 10 ranks you have in Perception (to a maximum of +6 at 20 ranks). When you enter Aristeia, you gain all-around vision and blindsense out to 60 feet while in Aristeia. This improves to blindsight if you enter Aristeia level 3 or higher. If you enter Aristeia level 4 or higher, you also gain the benefits of the True Seeing advanced Divination talent while in Aristeia.

Special: This feat counts as Skill Focus (Perception) for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Heroic Tenacity (Aristeia)

In your heroic moment, your abilities expand.

Benefit: While in a situation where you could enter Aristeia, you gain a +1 insight bonus which you may add to any d20 roll once per round. When you enter Aristeia, choose a single feat that you meet the prerequisites for. So long as you remain in Aristeia, you gain the benefits of that feat. If entering Aristeia level 3 or higher, you may select two feats rather than one. You cannot select other Aristeia feats with this feat.

Liberating Triumph (Aristeia)

Your heroic ascension can occur even in moments of great adversity.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against effects which would prevent you from being able to take actions. You may enter Aristeia even when you cannot otherwise take actions. When you do, you may immediately end whatever effect is stopping you from taking actions as part of entering Aristeia.

Special: This feat counts as Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, and Iron Will for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Mage’s Triumph (Aristeia)

Aristeia amplifies your magical abilities.

Prerequisite: Casting class feature.

Benefit: In any situation where you could use Aristeia, you gain a +1 bonus to your caster level. While you are in Aristeia, your Aristeia bonus also applies to your caster level (this stacks with the normal bonus from this feat) and you gain a number of temporary spell points equal to your Aristeia bonus while in Aristeia. These temporary spell points vanish when you leave Aristeia.

Special: This feat counts as Sphere Focus (any one) or Spell Focus (any one) for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Surging Triumph (Aristeia, Luck)

Your power enables you to achieve even greater effects while in Aristeia.

Benefit: The maximum number of hero points you may have at a time increases by 1. When you enter Aristeia, you gain a single hero point. This hero point is expended automatically when you leave Aristeia, and cannot be used with the Heroic Perseverance feat. When you enter Aristeia level 3 or higher, you instead gain two hero points which are expended when you leave.

Special: This feat counts as Hero’s Fortune for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Unbreachable Heroism (Aristeia)

You are difficult to take down in your combat-enhanced state.

Benefit: Whenever you roll initiative or regain martial focus, you gain temporary hit points equal to twice your character level. These temporary hit points last for the duration of the encounter.

When you enter Aristeia, you gain temporary hit points equal to your character level times your Aristeia bonus. These temporary hit points last as long as you remain in Aristeia, and you may replenish them as a free action by spending an additional Aristeia point.

Special: This feat counts as Toughness for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

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