Arranger (Archetype)

Compatible Classes: Cantor, Maestro.

Arrangers have the following class features:

Masterpiece Pool (Su): An arranger has a pool of masterpiece points, a measure of his familiarity with such works. The number of points in an arranger's masterpiece pool is equal to the number of opuses and musicae sacrae he knows. Rather than be given the ability to conduct each opus and musica sacra he knows once per day, he may spend 1 point from his masterpiece pool to conduct any opus or musica sacra he knows. As there is no reason for an arranger to take an opus or musica sacra multiple times, he cannot do so. If an arranger has both the opus and musica sacra class features, the size of this pool increases by +3 points. The masterpiece pool is replenished each morning after 8 hours of rest or consultation of various tomes and composition guides; these hours do not have to be consecutive.

If the arranger is a cantor, this ability modifies musica sacra and replaces worshipful performance.

If the arranger is a maestro, this ability modifies opus and replaces insightful performance.

Arrangement: At 5th level, an arranger has mastered the art of adding his own little tweaks to musical masterworks. An arrangement is a special type of score that has no intro, has no outro, and contains a number of melodies equal to one less than the maximum number of melodies normally allowed in a score. Unlike a standard score, an arrangement cannot be conducted through the use of the conduct composition class feature. Whenever the arranger conducts an opus or musica sacra, he selects one of his arrangements and conducts it for the duration of that opus or musica sacra.

When an arranger studies his composition book to prepare his scores, he also prepares his arrangements. An arranger gains his first arrangement at 5th level and gains an additional arrangement at 8th level and every six levels beyond 8th, for a maximum of four arrangements at 20th level. An arranger's levels in the cantor class stack with his levels in the maestro class for the purpose of this class feature.

If the arranger is a cantor, this ability replaces channel energy.

If the arranger is a maestro, this ability replaces refrain.

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