Ascendant (Aegis Archetype)

Apotheosis (Su): An ascendant transforms their body along one of the six eternal paths (Energy, Entropy, Incarnation, Time, Thought, or Union). These energies reinforce the ascendant's form, granting a +1 natural armor bonus to their AC. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th), the natural armor bonus increases by 1.

The evolving form of the ascendant transforms in a manner similar to customizations. An ascendant can take any customization that follows the theme of their eternal path (GMs must approve final selections).

This ability replaces astral suit.

Boundless Potential (Ps): The ascendant can take up to their Constitution modifier in customization points as eidolon evolutions instead customizations. They may also take other customizations from specific archetypes or species lists so long as their theme is followed.

This ability replaces astral repair.

Aware (Ex): Beginning at 2nd level, an ascendant gains a +1 bonus to Perception checks. At 6th level and every four levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.

This ability replaces craftsman.

Rebirth (Su): At 3rd level, when resting for 8 hours, the ascendant can reallocation their Intelligence modifier + 1/4 their ascendant level in customizations.

This ability replaces reconfigure.

Eternal Form (Su): At 5th level, the ascendant gains a bonus feat appropriate to their theme. Alternatively, they may select if you are using Spheres of Power, they may select basic magical training for a sphere matching their eternal path. If they do so, they may use their power points to use their sphere talent and may activate and augment their caster level with power points. For 2 power points they may activate their basic magical training sphere at first level. Each additional power point spent increases the caster level of their sphere effect by 1.

Additionally if using the Spheres systems, the Ascendant can spend 2 customization points to gain an additional magical or martial sphere or talent.

This ability replaces master craftsman.

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