Associated Feats & Skills

Spheres of Might associates many feats and skills with its system, either by replacing them as options or outright granting their effects. The tables below list each associated option and where, in Spheres of Might, you can get them. Note that some "Base" options are given to you with abilities granted by the base sphere. "Package" abilities are generally options you can choose from when you first get the sphere, and additional packages are available as combat talents. Some talents need to be taken more than once to be associated with a feat.

Associated Feats

Feat Sphere or Talent
Armor Focus Equipment (Armor Expert talent) [High. HB]
Armored Athlete Athletics (Armored Athlete talent) [High. HB]
Bodyguard Guardian (Assist talent)
Branch Pounce Athletics (Diving Strike talent)
Burn! Burn! Burn! Equipment (Goblin Heritage (discipline) talent) [Apoc]
Butterfly's Sting Open Hand (Lotus Touch talent) [Youxia HB]
Canny Tumble Athletics (Blustering Hustle (motion) talent) [Youxia HB]
Catch Off-Guard Barroom (Surprise talent)
Chairbreaker Barroom (Shatter talent)
Charge Through Brute (Unstoppable talent)
Charging Hurler Athletics (Skillful Charge talent)
Circling Mongoose Open Hand (Featherlight Positioning (stance) talent [Youxia HB]
Cleave Berserker (Advancing Carnage talent)
Cleave Through Berserker (Advancing Carnage talent x2)
Cleaving Finish Berserker (Reaper's Momentum talent)
Combat Expertise Equipment (Versatile Fighter (stance) talent) [Youxia HB]
Combat Patrol Guardian (Patrol package)
Crane Style Fencing (Masterful Defense talent)
Critical Focus Equipment (Dagger Dancer talent) [Youxia HB]
Critical Focus Gladiator (Dullahan's Call (demoralization) talent) [Gravecaller's HB]
Cushioning Armor Athletics Armored Drop (leap) talent
Cut From The Air Duelist (Defensive Slice talent)
Dazzling Display Barroom (Menacing Belch talent)
Dazzling Display Gladiator (Base)
Deadly Aim Equipment (Versatile Fighter (stance) talent) [Youxia HB]
Death From Above Athletics (Elevation Mastery talent) [Youxia HB]
Deflect Arrows Athletics (Compact Frame talent) [Conq. HB]
Demoralizing Lash Gladiator (Punish the Meek talent) [Apoc]
Diehard Berserker (Deathless talent)
Dirty Trick Master Scoundrel (Savage Tricks (trick) talent) [Apoc]
Disarm Partner Duelist (Tandem Disarm talent) [Apoc]
Disposable Weapon Equipment (Tribal Training talent)
Distracting Charge Brute (Destabilizing Charge talent) [Apoc]
Double Slice Dual Wielding (Mercurial Flow talent)
Duck and Cover Athletics (Desperate Dive talent) [Apoc]
Escape Route Guardian (Clear Path talent)
Far Shot Equipment (Huntsman Training talent)
Fire Hand Equipment (Goblin Heritage (discipline) talent) [Apoc]
Flagbearer Warleader (Heraldry talent) [Conq. HB]
Following Step Fencing (Footwork talent x2)
Great Cleave Berserker (Advancing Carnage talent)
Greater Bull Rush Brute (Break Defenses talent)
Greater Dirty Trick Scoundrel (Playing Dirty talent)
Greater Disarm Duelist (Whisking Disarm talent)
Greater Drag Brute (Break Defenses talent)
Greater Feint Fencing (Expert Feint talent)
Greater Grapple Wrestling (Greater Grapple talent)
Greater Overrun Brute (Break Defenses talent)
Greater Reposition Brute (Break Defenses talent)
Grenade Expert Alchemy (Fuse Master talent) [Apoc]
Harrying Partners Warleader (Masterful Coordination (tactic) talent) [Conq. HB]
Heroic Resolve Equipment (Versatile Fighter (stance) talent) [Youxia HB]
Hover Athletics (Powerful Wings talent)
Improved Bull Rush Brute (Greater Brute talent)
Improved Disarm Duelist (Finger Cutter and Greater Disarm talents)
Improved Dirty Trick Scoundrel (Improved Grifting talent)
Improved Drag Brute (Greater Brute talent)
Improved Feint Fencing (Fast Feint talent)
Improved Grapple Wrestling (Iron Grip talent)
Improved Overrun Brute (Greater Brute talent)
Improved Reposition Brute (Greater Brute talent)
Improved Shield Bash Shield (Bashing Shield talent)
Improved Snap Shot Barrage (Vigilant Sharpshooter talent x2)
Improved Steal Scoundrel (Improved Grifting talent)
Improved Sunder Berserker (Greater Sunder talent)
Improved Trip Open Hand (Greater Trip talent)
Improved Unarmed Strike Boxing (Base)
Improved Unarmed Strike Brute (Base)
Improved Unarmed Strike Open Hand (Base)
Improved Unarmed Strike Wrestling (Base)
Improved Whip Mastery Equipment (Whip Fiend talent)
Improvised Weapon Mastery Barroom (Barroom Expert talent)
Lead From The Back Warleader (Strategically Distant Examination talent) [Apoc]
Leadership Leadership (Base)
Let Them Come Equipment (Cavalry Ready talent) [Apoc]
Low Profile Athletics (Compact Frame talent) [Conq. HB]
Lunge Fencing (Lunge talent)
Mobility Athletics (Mobility talent)
Mounted Archery Equipment (Outrider Training talent)
Mounted Combat Beastmastery (Ride package)
Multi-attack Practitioner Bestiary (Dual Wielding: Multi-Limbed Combat talent) [Apoc]
Multiweapon Fighting Practitioner Bestiary (Dual Wielding: Multi-Limbed Combat talent) [Apoc]
Nimble Moves Warleader (Courier’s Dash (tactic) talent x2)
Outflank Beastmastery (Pack Attack talent) or Leadership (Pack tactics talent)
Pinpoint Targeting Sniper (Eviscerating Shot (snipe) talent [Conq. HB]
Point-Blank Shot Barrage (Base)
Power Attack Equipment (Versatile Fighter (stance) talent) [Youxia HB]
Precise Shot Sniper (Base)
Quarterstaff Master Equipment (Staff Mastery talent)
Quick Draw Equipment (Fast Draw talent)
Quick Stow Duelist (Defiant Focus talent) [Youxia HB]
Rapid Reload Equipment (Expert Reloading talent)
Rapid Shot Barrage (Base)
Rhino Charge Boxing (Raging Bull talent)
Run Athletics (Run package)
Saddle Shrieker Beastmastery (Frenzy Rider talent)
Sea Hunter Open Hand (Aquatic Stalker talent) [Apoc]
Sharp Senses Scout (Honed Sense talent) [Apoc]
Shield Focus Equipment (Shield Expert talent)
Shield Master Equipment (Versatile Shield talent)
Shield Proficiency Equipment (Shield Training talent)
Shielded Caster Shield (Reassuring Imposition talent) [Apoc]
Sling Flail Equipment (Sling Combatant talent)
Sly Draw Scoundrel (Steal Confidence talent) [High. HB]
Smell Fear Scout (Honed Sense talent) [Apoc]
Snap Shot Barrage (Vigilant Sharpshooter talent)
Snatch Arrows Equipment (Thrower's Reflexes talent)
Splintering Weapon Barroom (Jagged Edge talent)
Spring Attack Athletics (Mobile Striker talent)
Stabbing Shot Barrage (Shove and Shoot talent) [Apoc]
Stand Still Guardian (Stand Still talent)
Step Up Fencing (Footwork talent)
Subtle Poisoner Scoundrel (Subtle Poisoner talent) [High. HB]
Tangle Feet Athletics (Knockdown Tumble (motion) talent) [Apoc]
Technologist Tech (Tech Savvy talent)
Throw Anything Barroom (Brutal Breaker ability)
Throw Anything Berserker (Barbaric Throw talent) [Apoc]
Tower Shield Proficiency Equipment (Shield Training talent)
Two-Handed Thrower Berserker (Barbaric Throw talent) [Apoc]
Two-Weapon Fighting Dual Wielding (Base)
Weapon Finesse Equipment (Finesse Fighting talent)
Weapon Focus (dagger) Equipment (Dagger Bravo talent) [Youxia HB]
Weapon Versatility Equipment (Weaponmaster talent)
Whip Mastery Equipment (Whip Fiend talent)
Wind Stance Athletics (Moving Target talent)

Associated Skills

Skill Sphere or Talent
Acrobatics Athletics (Leap package)
Acrobatics Athletics (Run package)
Bluff Fencing (Base)
Climb Athletics (Climb package)
Craft (any) Equipment (Craftsman talent)
Craft (alchemy) Alchemy (Base)
Craft (mechanical) Tech (Base)
Craft (traps) Trap (Base)
Diplomacy Leadership (Base)
Diplomacy Warleader (Base)
Fly Athletics (Fly package)
Handle Animal Beastmastery (Handle Animal package)
Intimidate Gladiator (Base)
Perception Scout (Great Senses talent)
Ride Beastmastery (Ride package)
Sense Motive Fencing (Read Foe talent)
Sleight of Hand Scoundrel (Base)
Stealth Scout (Base)
Swim Athletics (Swim package)

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