Advanced Talents Explanation

One of the most common question we get is "Can you move Advanced Talents to their respective Sphere pages, like you did for Legendary Talents in Spheres of Might?", and the answer is no. There are a few reasons for this.

1) Advanced Talents are extremely powerful, to the point that they can be game-changing abilities. They are not normally available for players to take, and the SoP Wiki doesn't want to host content in a way that implies such powers are easy to access. If people ignore the explanatory text and just take talents from a page, that could lead to unexpected results at tables where the players or GM aren't as familiar with the content. Isolating them drastically reduces the chance of players accidentally selecting them. This Wiki will never attempt to tell you that your method of playing is wrong, but we do try to limit the opportunities for newcomers to accidentally cause havoc in their games.

1a) Legendary Talents in Spheres of Might are somewhat more than mundane, but they're not game-changing. They're appropriate for players to take at the levels they're available, so we decided to include them with their respective spheres. Legendary Talents are not just the Spheres of Might version of Advanced Talents - they are distinctly different.

2) Each page on this wiki has a hard limit on the amount of content it can host. While some sphere pages (i.e. Weather) are small, others (i.e. Nature) have a lot of content to begin with. This matters because the wild magic tables and generators are huge. So huge that they had to be split up and put on the sphere pages because they were far too long to all be on one page as originally planned. We don't want to be in a situation where some spheres have a certain type of content but others don't, and that's a real concern for a few of them. For consistency, we decided it's better to keep all Advanced Talents on one page.

However! As some of you have already noticed, each magical sphere page now has a link that goes directly to the entry for its Advanced Talents. We managed to get the bookmarks working, so while we can't host the Advanced Talents on the sphere pages, we can give you the best alternative.

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