Avatar of Love Creature (CR +2)

An avatar of love is a supernatural creature that has, through the power of true love, been transformed into a creature that exists to spread love, both in specific expressions and as a general concept, and protect her beloved or beloveds. Normally some rare, precious moment of true love alters the supernatural nature of a creature that becomes an avatar of love, which may be love at first sight, finding a soulmate, or being moved by the art or actions of another creature. Indeed, any Perform check that hits a DC of 75 or higher has a 1% chance of turning any dragon or outsider exposed to it into an avatar of love, though each such creature checks for this only once over the course of their entire existence.

Creating an Avatar of Love Creature

“Avatar of love” is a template that can be added to any dragon or outsider. If the base creature had the evil subtype, it is removed. The avatar gains the good subtype.

Alignment: Alignment changes to any good. While it is true evil and neutral creatures can experience some degree of love, the pure, selfless, true love of an avatar of love cannot exist in a creature without turning that creature into a force for good.

CR: +2

HP: An avatar of love gains bonus hit points equal to double the base creature’s original CR.

Offensive Abilities: All of an avatar of love’s attacks gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and a +5 bonus to damage. Her CMB and CMD increase by 3. The save DCs of all her spells and special abilities increase by 2.

Defensive Abilities: The avatar of love gains a +2 untyped bonus to all AC (including flat-footed and touch). If the avatar of love’s base creature had DR or SR, its value increases by 2. If it had energy resistances, they all increase by 10. If it had a resistance of 30, that becomes an immunity.

Saving Throws: An avatar of love gains a +2 morale bonus to all saving throws.

Special Abilities: An avatar of love retains all special abilities of the base creature, though the adamant alignment ability may alter how some of her previous abilities work. She also gains the following additional abilities:

Adamant Alignment: The alignment of an avatar of love is an integral part of what she is. If any force, ability, spell, or effect alters the avatar of love’s alignment into a non-good alignment, she becomes a good alignment 1 round later. Only by somehow removing this template is it ever possibly to alter an avatar of love’s alignment to be non-good for more than 1 round. If the avatar of love has spells or spell-like abilities that are not good fits for a good-aligned creature, they are swapped out for spells or spell-like abilities of the same general effectiveness when she becomes an avatar of love. Similarly, if she had DR/good, it becomes DR/evil.

Beloved (Ex): An avatar of love works to promote and protect love in all forms to the best of her ability, but she also has a number of specific beloved creatures she adores and protects above all others. Of course the love of such an avatar is not possessive or proscriptive— the avatar wishes only what is best for her beloveds, and thus will not imprison or coddle them to protect them, nor take any other action that would prevent her beloveds from leading full lives and developing into the best possible versions of themselves. Nor will she allow her love for a beloved cause her to aid them in evil endeavors. An avatar of love can have an evil creature as a beloved, but such a situation is an endless trial of disappointment and misery for the avatar, who believes with all her heart that an evil beloved CAN become a creature of good, but is not willing to suppress their free will to force such a transformation. Nor is she willing to allow them to commit evil acts if she can prevent them without harming the beloved.

Normally the first beloved of an avatar of love is the creature who inspired such love as to transform her into an avatar. She can choose to select an additional beloved to a maximum number equal to half her hit dice plus her Charisma bonus (though there is no requirement she do so). Once selected, a beloved remains a subject of special affection until it is beyond the avatar’s reach for 100 years and a day (and death is only beyond the reach of some such avatars), or its alignment changes to become less-good and remains the new alignment for at least a year and a day.

The avatar of love gains the following feats as bonus feats, but can only use them with a beloved creature: Back to Back, Bodyguard, Covering Defense, and In Harm’s Way. For the Back to Back feat, any beloved adjacent to the avatar of love is also considered to have this feat.

The Final Sacrifice (Sp): An avatar of love can sacrifice herself to save any of her beloveds. If the avatar has 17 HD or more, this acts as a mass heal, miracle, or true resurrection spell to undo any one negative effect, condition, or circumstance for one or more of the avatar’s beloveds. If the avatar has fewer than 17 HD she can only use this effect as a miracle, with the level of spell she can duplicate in each category (cleric spells, and all other spells – see the miracle spell) reduced by 1 for every 2 HD she is below 17, to a minimum of 1st level spells. Whenever the avatar of love uses miracle for an effect or request not duplicated by a spell, the GM should have the effect be commiserate with the power of a cleric spell of the highest level the avatar can duplicate with miracle.

This spell-like ability is a swift action or reaction, and has no material cost regardless of how it is used. However, the final sacrifice is FINAL. Once an avatar of love invokes this power, she is transformed into pure supernatural love and dispersed across the universe. Nothing, not even the direct intervention of a deity, can restore, recreate, duplicate, or communicate with her. This is the power of pure love, and even the gods cannot change that. This power is often torturous. Each avatar who sees her beloved suffer or struggle knows in her heart that she could end their suffering in an instant. However, to do so is to remove all further assistance the avatar can ever offer anyone, forever.

Harmony of Love (Su): Being in the presence of her beloveds drives the avatar of love to achieve a level of excellence greater than she can reach alone. An avatar of love can act as though all her beloveds are constantly using the bardic performance class feature to inspire courage, with a bard level equal to the beloveds’ hit dice. She can benefit from a total number of rounds of the harmony of love equal to her HD each day. As long as she has a beloved in range, she may choose to use a round of this ability as a free action at the beginning of her turn.

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