Awakened (Bloodrager Archetype)

Though kinetic powers are still ill understood, it is fairly common for members of the same lineage to manifest similar kinetic powers. In some cases it seems these gifts are dampened through time, only for them to manifest in individuals during moments of dire need. The awakened’s kinetic powers are buried under their past generations, their family’s gifts thought long dead until they bring them to the fore in a frightening rage.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An awakened is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and light armor, but not with medium armor or shields. They do not incur arcane spell failure chance when casting bloodrager spells while wearing light armor, but incur it as normal while wearing medium or heavy armor or while using shields if the spell has somatic components.

This alters a bloodrager’s normal weapon and armor proficiencies.

Kinetic Blood (Su): Like other bloodragers, the awakened draws their powers from an ancestor, usually an outsider, fey, undead, or aberration. However, while a typical bloodrager would manifest sorcerous powers, an awakened’s power manifests as elemental control.

At 1st level, they choose an element and gain a simple kinetic blast and basic utility wild talent as if gaining the kineticist’s elemental focus class feature. However, abilities accessed through their elemental powers are only available and active for them while bloodraging.

They also receive their choice of either extended range or kinetic blade as a bonus wild talent, and reduce its burn cost to 0 (whichever is not chosen can be learned later with its normal burn cost intact). Kinetic blasts used by an awakened must be used with a form infusion, and increase in damage at 4th level and every 3rd level thereafter (so a simple blast increases to 2d6 at 4th, 3d6 at 7th, and so on).

At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, an awakened gains an infusion wild talent, and at 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter they gain their choice of a kineticist’s utility wild talent, a barbarian’s rage power, or a feat for which kineticist levels are a prerequisite. They treat their awakened level as their barbarian or kineticist level for this purpose, and must still meet any other prerequisites for wild talents, rage powers, or feats.

If an awakened takes levels as a kineticist or another class that grants an elemental focus, they must choose the same element for this purpose. Subject to GM discretion, the awakened can change their former elemental focus to conform.

This ability replaces bloodline.

Elemental Bloodrage (Su): Unlike most bloodragers, an awakened can use any spell-like or supernatural ability granted to them through their kinetic blood class feature (such as kinetic blasts and utility wild talents) during their bloodrage. Utility wild talents with a constant effect or an effect which lasts until they would recover burn will only affect the awakened during an elemental rage, and for those that require a choice to be made upon learning them (such as greater skilled kineticist), the awakened makes those choices when they enter their elemental bloodrage. Whenever an awakened would accept burn to use any wild talent, they instead must expend an equal amount of rounds of rage; they cannot use a wild talent if they would have to accept more burn than they have remaining rounds of rage or if it costs more than 1 + ⅓ their awakened level in burn. Otherwise, this ability functions and counts as the bloodrage class feature.

This ability alters bloodrage.

Fast Movement (Ex): An awakened does not gain the benefits of this ability while wearing medium armor.

The alters fast movement.

Elemental Defense (Su): At 2nd level, an awakened gains their element’s defense wild talent, but it can only be active while in bloodraging. They cannot increase its effects by accepting burn; instead, it is treated as if they’d accepted 1 point of burn for every 3 awakened levels they possess. They cannot have more than one elemental defense active at a time, and do not qualify for the expanded defense utility wild talent.

This ability replaces improved uncanny dodge.

Elemental Manifestation (Su): At 4th level, an awakened can use basic utility wild talents even when not bloodraging. In addition, they gain access to the kineticist’s gather charge class feature during their bloodrage, and can affect their own kinetic blasts with any bloodrager spell cast during a bloodrage that normally affects manufactured weapons until their bloodrage ends (or for the spell’s normal duration, whichever is shorter).

This ability replaces eschew materials.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex): This class feature is gained at 5th level rather than 2nd.

This alters uncanny dodge.

Infusion Specialization (Su): At 7th level, whenever an awakened uses one or more infusions with a kinetic blast, they reduce the combined burn cost of the infusions by 1. This cannot reduce the total cost of the infusions below 0. They reduce the burn cost by an additional 1 at 10th level and every 3 levels thereafter.

This ability replaces damage reduction.

Greater Elemental Rage (Su): At 11th and 20th levels, the awakened gains the kineticist’s expanded element class feature, as well as any additional simple or composite kinetic blasts and bonus wild talents that could be gained this way. However, they must choose the same element as their elemental focus for this purpose.

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