Some armigers are more attuned to the psychic imprints left behind by their old masters, their weapon’s previous wielders, and the ideal forms attached to the very shape of a blade. These warriors do not merely customize a weapon, but create a bond with it, awaking spirits of the blade.

Call Weapon Spirit (Sp): When the awakener customizes a weapon, she also forms a connection to a spirit tied to the weapon. As a full-round action, the awakener may make this spirit manifest. The spirit acts as a Conjuration sphere companion with the martial companion companion archetype and a caster level equal to the awakener’s class level, though it may only gain martial talents from spheres from which the customized weapon grants talents. This effective caster level stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources. This spirit remains for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 awakener’s class level + her practitioner modifier (minimum 1 round). The awakener may only have one weapon spirit summoned at a time; summoning another dismisses any that are currently summoned. A weapon spirit always acts on the awakener’s turn. Once summoned this way, a weapon spirit cannot be summoned again for 1 hour.

The weapon spirit functions as normal for a Conjuration sphere companion with regards to being dismissed from damage, ongoing effects when not summoned, and other interactions.

A weapon spirit is always summoned wielding the weapon (or ammunition, pair of weapons, shield, or set of thrown weapons) that it was called from, removing the weapon from the awakener’s possession. If the customized weapon is an unarmed strike or other attack intrinsic to the awakener’s body, the customized weapon instead ceases to provide talents for the duration of the summons and the weapon spirit gains the ability to utilize the corresponding attack as the awakener does (including unarmed strike damage). When the weapon spirit is dismissed, if in the weapon spirit’s possession and within 35 ft. + 5 ft. per 2 class levels, the customized weapon returns to the awakener’s possession; otherwise it falls to the ground. A weapon spirit gains an additional (form) talent at level 3 and every 4 levels thereafter.

The awakener only receives two customized weapons at level 1, though still gains additional customized weapons at 11th and 19th levels.

Sudden Call (Sp): Starting at 5th level, the awakener can channel the adrenaline of battle to speed her summoning. Whenever the awakener successfully damages a creature or succeeds on combat maneuver while using the attack action with a customized weapon, she may expend martial focus to summon a weapon spirit as an immediate action. If the weapon spirit has been summoned within the last hour, the awakener may still use this ability, but doing to leaves her staggered until the end of her next turn. The weapon spirit may make a standard action the round in which it is summoned.

This replaces rapid assault.

Resonant Strike (Ex): At 10th level, once per round when the awakener deals damage to a creature with a customized weapon, the damaged creature provokes an attack of opportunity from the weapon spirit. At 15th level, the weapon spirit may instead make an attack action in place of the attack of opportunity. This attack action must target or otherwise include the provoking creature.

Ultimate Awakener: At 20th level, the duration of the awakener’s call weapon spirit ability becomes permanent until dismissed or another spirit is summoned and the awakener is no longer required to expend martial focus to activate her lightning assault ability.

This replaces unlimited assault.


The following prowesses are available exclusively to awakeners.

Expansive Spirit: The awakener may select a Conjuration sphere (form) talent and apply it to one of her weapon spirits. The awakener may dismiss this talent from an existing weapon spirit and select a new talent as part of customizing a weapon. This prowess may be taken more than once; each time an additional talent is granted.

Mental Link: The awakener gains a telepathic link with her weapon spirits. She may choose to receive full sensory input from one of her weapon spirits, even when it is not manifest, perceiving the area around the customized weapon. This requires a full-round action and renders the awakener flat-footed until the start of her next turn. The awakener does not benefit from any magical effects she is under nor any extraordinary senses she possesses, but does benefit from effects and extraordinary senses the weapon spirit possesses. The awakener uses her own Perception modifier for any Perception checks made while receiving sensory input this way.

Query Spirit: (Requires mental link) The awakener may spend a move action to retry any Intelligence-based skill check using the skill and ability modifiers of the weapon spirit tied to her active weapon.

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