Back Alley Grifter

Life on the streets is tough for some mountebanks, leading them to trust their fists more than simple tricks. Back alley grifters tend to hit hard, hit fast, and leave battered and confused enemies in their wake.

Bare Knuckles (Ex): The back alley grifter gains her choice of Boxing, Brute, or Open Hand as a bonus sphere. If she already possesses Boxing, Brute, or Open Hand, she can choose to gain either a sphere she does not have or a talent from the sphere she does possess.

This ability replaces natural scoundrel.

Tension (Ex): The back alley grifter gains the tension and tension technique class features, using her casting modifier in place of her Constitution modifier (if it would be different) when determining the amount of tension she can possess and the effects of her tension techniques.

In addition, a back alley grifter gains the following tension techniques in place of stalwart form and rapid pummel:

1 tension:

  • Disorientating Fist: Whenever a back alley grifter successfully attacks a creature with an unarmed strike, that creature must make a successful Reflex saving throw or be treated as flat footed for 1 round.

3 tension:

  • Veiled Follow-Up: Once per turn, whenever a back alley grifter has hidden her spellcasting with her veiled casting ability, she can spend a swift action to make an unarmed strike against a creature within her reach; this attack is treated as an attack action for the purpose of feats and talents.

This ability replaces thief’s mark.

Striker Arts (Ex): At 2nd level and every four levels afterwards, a back alley grifter can select a striker art of her choice in place of a social talent, treating her back alley grifter level as though it was her striker level for the purpose of which striker talents she can select and their effects. She also treats her back alley grifter level as her striker level for the purpose of being able to select the Extra Striker Talent feat.

In addition, she gains access to the following striker talents:

  • Speed Veil (Requires Back Alley Grifter 6): The back alley grifter can use her veiled follow-up tension technique as a free action.
  • Veiled Pummeling (Requires Back Alley Grifter 10): Whenever the back alley grifter uses her veiled follow-up tension technique, she can spend an additional 2 tension to make a second attack with an unarmed strike, although this second attack takes a -2 penalty.

This ability alters the 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level social talents.

Tension Boost (Ex): At 3rd level, a back alley grifter gains 1 tension at the start of her first turn in combat (including surprise rounds). At 7th level and every six levels thereafter, she gains an additional tension at the start of her first turn in combat.

This ability replaces trick casting, swift veil, and master trickster.

Rising Tension (Ex): At 11th level, a back alley grifter gains 1 tension at the start of her turn. At 16th level, she instead gains 2 tension at the start of her turn.

This ability replaces shade stepper.

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