Battlefield Tinker

Instead of customizing a set of weapons each for a particular task, the battlefield tinker takes a different view of utility. While building an axe bladed crossbow with integral shield would be pure folly for almost anyone, a very select few, somehow, are able to make such a contraption work.

Class Skills: The battlefield tinker gains Disable Device (Dex) and Knowledge (engineering) (Int) as class skills, but does not gain Intimidate (Cha) and Survival (Wis).

Improbable Weapon (Ex): At 1st level, the battlefield tinker learns to create a unique invention, cobbled from various weapons to suit her unique specifications. The battlefield tinker chooses one weapon or shield with which she is proficient. She may add up to two other weapons to the chosen item. Each weapon acts as a mode for the improbable weapon, being wielded and dealing damage as that weapon. Modes may be switched between as a free action. The improbable weapon requires as many hands to wield as the largest component weapon (so combining a kukri, sap, and scorpion whip counts as a light weapon, while a longbow, greataxe, and longspear would require two hands). If any mode occupies a hand, that hand counts as occupied for all purposes (such as spellcasting or reloading a weapon) while the improbable weapon is in use (so a buckler combined with a pistol and cestus would occupy a hand as a pistol). Each mode is treated as a different customized weapon set for the purpose of how it interacts with armiger class features. Each mode of the improbable weapon grants an additional talent at 11th and 19th levels. An improbable weapon can never have an additional weapon or shield added to it via improvements.

An improbable weapon uses the same rules as a technician’s invention for the purpose of rebuilding it, but does not count against the total number of inventions the character can possess if they possess the invention class feature.

This modifies customized weapon and replaces quick change.

Insights: A battlefield tinker can select a technical insight (as a technician) in place of a prowess. The battlefield tinker must meet the prerequisites of a technical insight, and cannot select a technical insight that requires prerequisite technician levels unless those levels are gained from another source.

Tinkering (Ex): At 5th level, the battlefield tinker may apply an improvement to each mode of her improbable weapon from a technician invention type corresponding to that mode (so an improbable weapon with a heavy crossbow, light shield, and longsword mode could gain an improvement from the improved crossbow, improved shield, and improved melee weapon inventions respectively). Improvements are only active when the weapon is in the corresponding mode, and the battlefield tinker treats her armiger levels as technician levels when determining the strength of these improvements. The improbable weapon gains an additional improvement for each mode every 5 levels thereafter.

This replaces rapid assault.

Share enhancement (Ex): At 5th level, the improbable weapon is treated as having an enhancement bonus equal to that of the highest enhancement bonus of its components.

This replaces enhanced customization.

Tech Storm (Ex): At 20th level, the battlefield tinker is no longer required to expend martial focus to activate her lightning assault ability. Additionally, as a full-round action she may make one attack action with each mode of her improbable weapon.

This replaces unlimited assault.

In addition, a battlefield tinker gains access to the following additional prowesses:

  • Gadgeteer: The battlefield tinker may select a single gadget from the technician’s list of gadgets. She make use a gadget a number of times per day equal to her practitioner modifier. The battlefield tinker uses her practitioner modifier in place of her Intelligence to determine the save DC of her gadgets. This prowess may be taken more than once; each time a different gadget is selected and the battlefield tinker may use gadgets one additional time per day.
  • Trapfinding: the battlefield tinker adds 1/2 her level on Perception checks to locate traps and on all Disable Device checks (minimum +1). The battlefield tinker can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.
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