Bearon (Commander Archetype)
The Bear Sphere

Wiki Note: The Bear Sphere was released as an April Fool's product in 2019. While not part of the core options, it is nevertheless a fully-functional sphere.

Essence of Bear: At 1st level, the bearon gains the Bear sphere and the Bear With Me bear talent as bonus magic talents. If the bearon possess either of these magic talents already, he may instead gain different Bear sphere talents of his choice. Additionally, the bearon gains a spell pool equal to his Practitioner modifier, +1 per 2 commander levels (minimum 1). If the bearon gains a spell pool from another source, they instead use their other spell pool, +1 spell point per 2 commander levels. The bearon treats his class level as his caster level for the Bear sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources. Essence of Bear counts as casting for all purposes, except unless the bearon possess casting from another source or possesses the Advanced Magic Training feat, they can only gain Bear sphere talents with the Extra Magic Talent feat.

This replaces commander and lingering commands.

Enhanced Bear (Su): The bearon gains a bonus magic talent from the bear sphere at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter.

Additionally, the bearon can use the Bear With Me talent on allies within close range, rather than only through touch, and can even affect multiple targets at once, provided he spends a spell point for each granted bear spirit.

Whenever an ally is benefiting from the bearon’s Bear With Me talent, the bearon can also grant that ally access to his Bearacteristic talents, even those that normally require an action to activate.

At any time, the bearon may spend the action required to use a bearacteristic (a standard action, in the case of an attack action) and spend any required spell points to allow one target under the effects of his bear spirit to activate and use that bearacteristic, even if it is not their turn.

This replaces enhanced tactics.

Call In A Bear: The bearon’s network of contacts stretches beyond the cities and settlements and extends deep into the wilds. The following options replace those granted by the call in a specialist logistics specialty:

  • Care Bear: The bearon gains the service of a bear whose tender fur and caring disposition lifts the spirits of any who interact with it. The presence of this bear doubles the effectiveness of healing effects used outside of combat, and grants a +2 benefit to all caster level or magical skill checks made to overcome or remove poison, disease, curses, or any other harmful effects.
  • Circus Bear: The bearon gains the service of a bear with expert levels, whose combined CR + class levels are equal to the bearon’s class level -3. This bear possesses a bonus to one Perform skill plus one other non-Intelligence skill of the bearon’s choice equal to the commander’s class level. The circus bear will not follow the commander into combat or dangerous locations, but otherwise will perform skill checks with its skills however the commander directs.
  • Honey Bear: The bearon gains the service of a bear that who will gather food from the wild on behalf of the bearon. This bear can provide food and shelter for up to 1 Medium humanoid per class level per day without slowing down the party’s movement. This bear can also forage for food while the party is engaged in other activities, providing them with sufficient food whenever they return to a pre-determined campsite where the honey bear is waiting.
  • Silly Old Bear: The bearon gains the service of a bear sage; this bear has an Intelligence of 10, speaks common, and has a bonus to all Knowledge checks equal to the commander’s class level. This bear can perform any Knowledge check on behalf of the commander, or can spend 5 days researching a single question (effectively taking 20 on that particular Knowledge check).

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