Beast Whisperer Creature (CR +1)

Sometimes among otherwise ordinary groups of creatures, one is born with (or more rarely later develops) a powerful ability to communicate with, befriend, and even command animals, magical beasts, and vermin. This most often occurs among clans of monstrous humanoids, especially centaurs, harpies, and lizardfolk, but fey and giants also have some traditions of beast whisperers, and it is not unknown (though much less common) among other creatures.

Beast whisperers are often seen as conduits to the forces of nature, and it is not unusual for them to take levels in druid, hunter, ranger, or shaman. Where a clan already has a strong tradition of priests or cult leaders, they sometimes see a beast whisperer as a threat to their power and drive it from their ancestral lands. Such lone beast whisperers often forge a new home in the wilds, working with their beast allies and protecting both themselves and the natural habitat of their beast companions.

Creating a Beast Whisperer Creature

Any creature with an Intelligence of 3 or more can be a beast whisperer.

Challenge Rating: CR +1

Alignment: Any. Most beast whisperers have an element of neutrality to their alignment, but this is not universal.

Hit Points: The best whisperer gains a number of additional hit points equal to double the base creature’s CR.

Saves: The beast whisperer gains a +1 bonus to all its saving throws.

Special Abilities: A beast whisperer gains the following abilities:

Beast Cohort (Ex): The beast whisperer gains an animal companion, as the druid class feature, using its HD as its druid level. Alternatively, a beast whisperer of 7 or more HD can choose to gain a cohort, as if it had taken the Leadership feat, but the cohort must be an animal, magical beast, or vermin. If released or killed, the beast whisperer can normally replace its beast cohort in 1d4 days.

Beast Speech (Sp): This functions as speak with animals at will, but works with animals, magical beasts, and vermin.

Beast Whisper (Sp): The beast whisperer can form a bond with a creature, causing it to act as an ally. This functions as charm person once per day, with a spell level equal to half the beast whisperer’s HD, but can target any animal, magical beast, or vermin and has a duration of 1 day per HD of the beast whisperer. The beast whisperer can communicate with any creature it has charmed with this ability, though creatures with an Intelligence of 2 or less are generally limited to the kinds of communication a trained animal can learn as commands.

A beast whisperer cannot have more total HD of creatures affected by this ability at once than its own total HD.

Familiars (Ex): The beast whisperer gains a familiar, as the wizard class feature, using its HD as its wizard level. At CR 3, and every 3 CR thereafter, it gains an additional familiar, and one of the beast whisperer’s familiars gains a feat. Its familiars can take any feat the GM determines reasonable for their size and shape, that either the familiar or the beast whisperer meets the prerequisites for. The beast whisperer can choose one familiar to receive each feat, or apply them to different familiars.

Terrain Empathy (Su): The beast whisperer gains some of its bestial allies’ natural familiarity with their home terrain. It treats the terrains in the ecology entry of all its familiars, companions, and cohorts as favored terrains. This functions as the ranger’s favored terrain class feature, except the bonus also applies to the beast whisperer’s AC when in that terrain. The total bonus is equal to +1, +1 for every 3 full CR of the beast whisperer. This stacks with any favored terrain the beast whisperer may have from class levels.

The beast whisperer also shares this feature with all its familiars, companions, and cohorts. They gain the favored terrain bonus, and the ability to live conformably in all the environments of all his allies. This would not allow a dolphin to move on land or a chicken to breathe underwater, but it would keep a polar bear happy in a blazing hot desert.

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