Bestial Kineticist (Animal Companion Archetype)

The fates don’t always see fit to check if a being is intelligent enough to comprehend supernatural abilities before granting them, and this is the case with a bestial kineticist. Sometimes envoys or natives of the elemental planes, sometimes creatures of the Material Plane born with unusual abilities, they typically require a strong master to help them learn to utilize their gifts.

Wild Tricks: In addition to the standard animal companion feats, a bestial kineticist can select any feat which requires kineticist levels, using its hit dice as its kineticist level. If both the bestial kineticist and its master possess kinetic blasts of the same element and the Interweave Composite BlastOA feat, they can use Interweave Composite Blast to create a composite blast which requires that element as its primary and expanded elements (such as ice blast) in addition to its normal effects; if that element is wood, they can instead use Interweave Composite Blast to create a wood blast that deals damage as and counts as a composite blast. A bestial kineticist can choose to gain an infusion or utility wild talent for which it would qualify instead of a trick (including its starting tricks based on Intelligence); it can never know more than 2 more utility wild talents than it knows infusions, and vice versa. Learning a wild talent this way functions the same as learning a trick and requires a Handle Animal check with DC equal to 15 + the wild talent’s level; this DC is reduced by 5 if the bestial kineticist’s master possesses the wild talent’s element or by 10 if they possess the wild talent itself. Bestial kineticists can never select the Extra Wild Talent feat.

This ability alters feats and tricks.

Ability Score Bonus: Choose Strength or Dexterity; once this choice is made it cannot be changed. The bestial kineticist receives a +1 bonus to the ability score chosen and to their Constitution score per 3 druid levels their master possesses (minimum 0).

This ability replaces Str/Dex bonus.

Wild Kineticism: A bestial kineticist gains all kineticist class features except elemental defense, expanded element, metakinesis, and omnikinesis, using its hit dice as its kineticist level to determine when it can use these class features, the effects of its wild talents and class features and what wild talents it qualifies for. It does not learn infusions or utility wild talents other than basic utility wild talents unless it does so through its wild tricks class feature. In addition, bestial kineticists can use kinetic blasts with any appendage with which they could use a natural attack.

This ability replaces evasion and improved evasion.

Elemental Form (Su): The bestial kineticist is treated asan outsider (native) in addition to its normal creature type to determine what spells, abilities, and effects can affect it. As long as its elemental overflow is active, it is also treated as one or more elemental subtypes depending on its simple blast:

  • Air blast - air subtype
  • Cold blast - cold subtype
  • Earth blast - earth subtype
  • Electric blast - air or electricityToHC subtype
  • Fire blast - fire subtype
  • Gravity blast - aether or gravityToHC subtype
  • Mental blast - aether or psionicToHC subtype
  • Negative blast - aether or unbreathingToHC subtype
  • Telekinetic blast - aether or psionic subtype
  • Water blast - water subtype
  • Wood blast - earth subtype

Unlisted simple blasts’ associated subtypes are also available at GM discretion. The bestial kineticist does not gain vulnerabilities from its elemental subtype (though it retains any vulnerabilities it had as part of its original creature type). If it possesses 5 or more burn, it is also treated as having the elemental subtype.

Bounding Blast (Su): At 9th level a bestial kineticist can imbue its master with its simple kinetic blast as a standard action, allowing them to use it once for no burn cost and treating the blast’s damage as from a kineticist 2 levels higher than the bestial kineticist’s hit dice; this blast must be used by the end of the bestial kineticist’s master’s next turn or else it is lost, and can include infusions the bestial kineticist possesses. At 16th level the bestial kineticist can perform this action with a composite blast as well. It must be within 60 ft. of its master to do this and still accepts the burn to use this blast as if it’d used it itself.

This ability replaces multiattack.

Expanded Element: At 12th level, the bestial kineticist gains the kineticist’s expanded element class feature. If it chooses its primary element as its expanded element, it receives a +1 bonus to attack rolls, damage, DCs, and caster levels for wild talents of that element, as well as gaining a bonus infusion or utility wild talent for which it qualifies.

This replaces the bonus trick learned at 12th level.

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