Bladeleaf Creature (CR +1)

Plant creatures often suffer the axes and fire of humanoid creatures, even more so when such creatures can attack from a distance, or worse from flight by spell or breath weapon. But fortunately, both evolution and the intelligent design of the gods who favor the kingdom of plants allow them to become more than what they were, and ensure their survival in the extraordinary worlds of fantasy. Some of them become a whirling storm of death; they become bladeleaves. The leaves of these plants are incredibly long and thin, though often its limbs are bare as leaves lay upon the ground. They are far more impulsive than any other plant and often act rather hastily.

Creating a Bladeleaf Creature

“Bladeleaf” is an acquired template that can be added to any plant creature with leaves. A bladeleaf uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

CR: +1

Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +10.

Defensive Abilities: fast healing 5 (if the bladeleaf’s CR is 6 or higher increase to 10, if 12 or higher increase to 20, see living form); DR 5/slashing, magic, and cold iron (if the bladeleaf’s CR is 6 or higher increase to DR 10/slashing, magic, and cold iron, if 12 or higher increase to 15/ slashing, magic, and cold iron); Immune cold, electricity, fire.

Special Abilities: A bladeleaf creature retains all the special abilities of the base creature, plus the special abilities as described below.

Animate Leaves (Su): A bladeleaf can shed its leaves as a standard action. When shed, the leaves often change to autumn colors and become hard and sharp as steel, animated into a swarm by the will of the bladeleaf. The animated leaves are treated as a swarm (see below). If the swarm is destroyed, the bladeleaf can completely re-grow all its lost leaves in 1 minute. The bladeleaf may reattach these shed leaves as a standard action, in which case they return to their normal color and texture. The bladeleaf controls the swarm as a free action and can maneuver it out to a distance of 300 ft. Animated leaves create the statblock below.

Sundering Storm (Su): A bladeleaf creature that has not shed its leaves deals +1d6 slashing damage in addition to damage dealt on a successful hit in melee. Those affected by the animated leaves swarm attack must also succeed on a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 the bladeleaf creature’s HD + its Con modifier) or any unsheathed non-cold iron manufactured weapon they carry suffers the swarm damage as well. Creatures that hit a bladeleaf creature with a melee attack must make the same Reflex save or suffer 1d6 + the bladeleaf’s Con modifier damage unless they are using a reach and/or cold iron weapon.

Animated Leaves

N Fine plant (swarm)
Init +XX [As base creature]; Senses low-light vision; Perception +XX [as base creature]

AC XX, touch XX, flat-footed XX (+XX Dex [As base creature], +XX natural armor [base creature’s natural armor -8], +8 size)
hp ½ base creature normal hp total
Fort +XX, Ref +XX, Will +XX [All as base creature]
Defensive Abilities plant and swarm traits; Immune cold, electricity, fire, plant traits, weapon damage [Plus any defensive abilities, resistance, immunities, weaknesses possessed by the base creature].

Speed 90 ft. fly (perfect)
Melee swarm (damage equal to creatures primary melee attack, plus bleed and distraction) [If the base creature’s natural attacks did extra damage, e. g. fire damage, energy drain, etc., the swarm attack does that extra damage as well.]
Space 10 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks bleed (half swarm damage), distraction (DC 16), sundering storm

Str 1, Dex XX, Con XX, Int XX, Wis XX, Cha XX [Str become 1, all others are as base creature]
Base Atk +XX; CMB -; CMD - [BAB as base creature, no CMB or CMD]
Feats As base creature
Skills As base creature; Racial Modifiers +16 size modifier to steal, plus any racial modifiers possessed by base creature
Languages as base creature (understands but cannot speak)
SQ Hive Mind

Hive Mind (Su): If the base creature has an Intelligence score of 3 or higher, the creature swarm has a hive mind. So long as it has at least 1 hit point per HD, it retains its Intelligence score, but if its hit points fall below that number, it becomes mindless. As a mindless creature, it becomes immune to mind-affecting effects.

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