Optional Rules

Blood as a Spell Component or Focus

Using a portion of a creature’s blood as an additional spell component creates a bond between the caster and the target, making the effect harder for the target to resist. Gathering sufficient blood, one vial’s worth, requires inflicting 1 point of Constitution damage to a willing or helpless creature as a full-round action. When used as an additional spell component, the save DC of the spell or sphere effect is increased by +1 per vial used (to a maximum of +4) against the creature whose blood was used, though any other creatures making a save against the spell or sphere effect has the DC reduced by an equal amount.

When used as a focus component, the range of any Divination sphere effect or spell of the Divination school that would locate or contact the creature whose blood is used has its duration doubled per the Extend metamagic feat and its area increased as the Widen Spell metamagic feat, if applicable. These increases stack with the increases from those metamagic feats. Alternatively, the caster may reduce the casting time of such a spell or sphere effect by 1 step, to a minimum of 1 round.

Blood does not last indefinitely, losing its potency after 1d6 hours. A successful DC10 Heal check made as a full-round action can determine the number of hours remaining.

Particularly hot conditions may reduce this time, while particularly cold ones may extend it, at the GM’s discretion. The most common method for preserving a sample of blood is placing it in a vial prepared with a small dose of unguent of timelessness (a vial of unguent of timelessness is sufficient to prepare 75 vials). This is sufficient to preserve the sample for 1 year. Pre-prepared vials may be purchased for 3 gp. Once used, the vial is a normal glass vial with no special properties.

Blood Alchemy

The blood of certain creatures can be used when crafting alchemical items to reduce the required material cost. By inflicting 1 point of Constitution damage on a willing or helpless creature of either the correct race or subtype, or that possesses the necessary ability, you may reduce the cost of crafting a single corresponding alchemical item by half. See the following table for suggestions on what races and types correspond to each alchemical item. Other races and items may be appropriate at the GM’s discretion.
Alchemical Item Race or Creature Creature Subtype Universal Monster Ability
Acid flask Oread Earth -
Alchemist fire Ifrit Fire Burn
Brewed reek Troglodyte - Stench
Elemental breath Sylph Air -
Fury drops Half-orc, orc Orc Blood rage, ferocity
Gel, fire ward Undine Cold, water Immunity (fire), resistance (fire)
Gel, frost ward Ifrit Fire Burn, immunity (cold), resistance (cold)
Ifrit’s blood Ifrit Fire Burn
Ink (glowing) Aasimar Angel, archon -
Powder (rusting) Rust monster - -
Smoke pellet Fetchling Dark folk -
Smoke stick Fetchling Dark folk -
Thunderstone Sylph Air -
Troll oil Troll - Fast healing, regeneration
Woundweal - - Poison

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