The Blood and Portents Handbook
Whether born of strong bloodlines, intense training, or gifted circumstances, a bloodbinder is truly never unarmed. While sometimes painful, a bloodbinder forges weapons from their own blood, creating solid edges, sharp spikes and blunt surfaces from the iron in their own bloodstream. Some traditional armorists view the path of a bloodbinder to be a blasphemous one, as bloodbinders spurn their potential for all equipment of war in favor of just their weaponry, but through their focus bloodbinders are able to harness new potential and wield great power.

This archetype requires martial armorist.

Forged in Blood

The bloodbinder gains a talent each time she gains a class level.

A bloodbinder must choose the Blood sphere with the first talent she gains from this class with the Cruoromancy drawback, and must choose the Gory Armaments talent as the bonus talent granted by this drawback. If the bloodbinder already possesses the Blood sphere, then the Gory Armaments talent is gained as a bonus talent with no drawback. The bloodbinder uses her class level as her caster level when using (blood art) talents. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

This alters blended training from the martial armorist archetype.

Bloodbound Equipment

The bloodbinder does not gain the ability to summon equipment without using the Gory Armaments talent, cannot summon equipment for other creatures, and cannot use summon equipment to create armor or shields. The bloodbinder must spend a spell point when creating a weapon with Gory Armaments to treat it as summoned equipment for the purposes of armorist class features, use her summon equipment enhancement bonus instead of the enhancement bonus granted by Gory Armaments, and trade the summon equipment enhancement bonus for special abilities as normal. The bloodbinder may only treat weapons she could create with summon equipment as summoned equipment when created with Gory Armaments (e.g. natural attacks cannot be created with summon equipment, and therefore can not be created with Gory Armaments and treated as one).

The bloodbinder chooses specific weapons she can create with summon equipment to be bound equipment, and may only summon her bound equipment with Gory Armaments. Bound equipment cannot be summoned in any other way. A bound weapon created by Gory Armaments is otherwise treated as a regular piece of bound equipment for all purposes, does not cost a spell point to summon, and gains enhancement bonuses as normal for a bound weapon in place of the enhancement bonus granted by Gory Armaments.

This alters summon equipment and bound equipment and replaces boost equipment.

Special: If the bloodbinder selects the wearable implements armorist trick, she may create and bind them normally using her Gory Armaments talent.

Ensanguined Forge

At 2nd level, the bloodbinder’s knowledge of form, function, and use allows her to borrow from practical smithing and forging techniques. The bloodbinder may select blacksmith insights in place of arsenal tricks, and uses her bloodbinder level as her effective blacksmith level when meeting its prerequisites or determining its effects. The bloodbinder cannot select a blacksmith insight that grants benefits to a blacksmith class feature, such as a blacksmith insight that adds effects to the maintenance ability, unless she possesses that ability.

This ability alters armorist tricks.

Vim and Vigor (Ex)

At 3rd level, the bloodbinder gains Toughness as a bonus feat and a +1 natural armor bonus which stacks with other sources of natural armor. This natural armor bonus increases by +1 at 7th level and every 4 levels thereafter. The bloodbinder retains the effects of this ability even while under the effects of a polymorph effect (or other effects that would suppress abilities reliant on the target’s natural form).

This ability replaces armor training and quick summons.

Arsenal Tricks

The bloodbinder may not gain arsenal tricks which only grant benefits to armor or shields. She gains exclusive access to the following arsenal tricks:

This alters arsenal tricks.


The bloodbinder gains the Duelist sphere as a bonus talent. Whenever the bloodbinder deals bleed damage using her blooded strike, the bloodbinder increases the bleed damage dealt by 1 point per 4 bloodbinder levels she possesses (minimum 1).

Effects which refer to the bleed damage granted by blooded strike are not increased by this armorist trick (such as the Duelist sphere Debilitating Injuries (bleed) talent).

Dancing Blood

This arsenal trick functions as the dancing armorist trick for all purposes. In addition, the bloodbinder’s bound or summoned weapons with the dancing, flying, or animated special ability do not dissipate if they leave your possession for more than one round, instead disappearing after it has finished its 4 rounds of independent action.

Drink Deep (requires bloodbinder 10)

Once per round, whenever the bloodbinder would gain temporary hit points from the Gory Armaments talent, she may choose to instead regain hit points equal to her bloodbinder level.

Natural Blood (requires Alteration sphere)

This arsenal trick functions as the natural materials armorist trick for all purposes.

In addition, the bloodbinder may make a natural attack she could create with gory armaments into a bound weapon. The bloodbinder may only create a single natural attack as a bound weapon at any given time, plus one additional natural attack for every 8 bloodbinder levels she possesses. This allows the bloodbinder to have multiple natural attacks summoned with gory armaments at the same time.

Reshape Bloodbound Equipment

The bloodbinder can change a piece of bound equipment by spending 10 minutes meditating. Once per day, she may use this ability as a move action.

Stalwart (Ex) (requires bloodbinder 8)

The bloodbinder gains the stalwart ability, as the mageknight class feature.

Bound by Blood (Su)

At 20th level, the bloodbinder becomes virtually immortal. The bloodbinder gains a +4 bonus to her Constitution score and regeneration 5, which is suppressed whenever the bloodbinder takes piercing damage or suffers from bleed damage.

In addition, the bloodbinder becomes immune to death effects and to effects that would kill her without reducing her to 0 hit points, including decapitation. If she is decapitated, she can continue to act normally. Reattaching requires the head and body to be joined and the application of any effect that restores hit points. The bloodbinder is not staggered when below 0 hit points.

This ability replaces infinite arsenal.

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