Bloodravager (Bloodrager Archetype)

Alignment: Any non-good and non-lawful.

Ravage Binder: At 1st level, a bloodravager becomes permanently bound to a ravager spirit, an otherworldly parasite that seeks to usurp his body. Despite the dangers that such pacts possess, the presence of a ravager spirit grants fantastic supernatural powers (see the Ravager Spirits page). The bloodravager is considered to be in a permanent pact with his ravager spirit, functioning like the bind spirit ability and Permanent Pact feat. The bloodravager uses his bloodrager level as his effective binder level when determining the benefits of his ravager spirit. This ability counts as having the bind spirit ability and the Permanent Pact feat for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites and prestige class requirements.

This ability replaces the bloodrager’s spellcasting; a bloodravager does not have a caster level, and cannot activate spell trigger and spell completion items without making a successful Use Magic Device check. This ability counts as the ability to bind 3rd-level spirits for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the ravage binder prestige class.

Diminished Bloodline (Su): A bloodravager gains his bloodline’s 1st-level bloodline power at 4th level, the 4th-level bloodline power at 8th level, the 8th-level bloodline power at 12th level, the 12th-level bloodline power at 16th-level, and the 16thlevel bloodline power at 20th level.

This ability alters bloodline.

Ravager Sanctuary (Su): At 3rd level, a bloodravager no longer takes Charisma damage from being bound to a ravager spirit, and he gains a +4 bonus on saves against death effects, energy drain, and all effects that deal Charisma damage or drain (including poisons and diseases that deal Charisma damage or drain).

This ability replaces blood sanctuary.

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