Bloodsworn Binder (Bloodrager Archetype)

Bind Spirit: A bloodsworn binder may seal pacts with otherworldly entities known as spirits. In order to summon a spirit, the bloodsworn binder must learn the spirit’s ceremony, constellation, personality, and seal by completing its four Knowledge Tasks; see Researching the Spirit for more information on this process. A bloodsworn binder begins play having completed all four Knowledge Tasks for one 1st-level spirit of his choice.

Each day, a bloodsworn binder may bind one spirit to his soul using pact magic; see Performing a Pact Ritual. This spirit’s level may not exceed the bloodsworn binder’s maximum spirit level, which is limited to 1st-level spirits at 1st level. At 4th level and every three bloodrager levels thereafter, the bloodsworn binder’s maximum spirit level increases by 1, to a maximum of 6th-level spirits at 16th level.

A bloodsworn binder’s binder level is equal to his level. The DC to resist a bloodsworn binder’s supernatural powers is equal to 10 + 1/2 the bloodsworn binder’s binder level + the bloodsworn binder’s Charisma modifier.

This ability replaces fast movement, bloodcasting, eschew materials, and the bloodrager’s spells class feature. A bloodsworn binder does not gain any spells or spellcasting abilities and cannot use spell trigger or spell completion magic items.

Bloodsworn Bloodrager: While bloodraging, a bloodsworn binder suffers the personality influence of any spirit that he is bound to, even if he made a good pact with that spirit. This ability alters bloodrage.

Binder Secret: At 7th level, a bloodsworn binder gains a binder secret, as a pactmaker. The bloodsworn binder’s level stacks with any pactmaker levels he possesses for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites for binder secrets. At 10th level and every three binder levels thereafter, the bloodsworn binder gains an additional binder secret, up to four binder secrets at 16th level.

This ability replaces bloodline spells.

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