Bounty Hunter

The reach of justice, and vengeance, is often hampered by the borders of jurisdiction and the challenges of distance. Such complications mean little to professional bounty hunters, trained to follow and apprehend their quarry regardless of trivialities such as sanctuary and local law.

Tools of the Trade: At 1st level, a bounty hunter gains Bounty Hunter’s Tools from the Equipment sphere as a bonus talent. If she already possesses this talent, she may instead choose any other talent from the Equipment sphere as a bonus talent. A bounty hunter may only use her customized weapons and quick change abilities with simple weapons and weapons listed in this talent.

This modifies customized weapons and quick change.

Rapid Subdual (Ex): At 5th level the bounty hunter may attempt to initiate a grapple or perform a drag or reposition maneuver against the target of the action that triggered the rapid assault in place of one of the attacks granted by rapid assault.

This modifies rapid assault.

In addition, a bounty hunter gains access to the following additional prowesses:

  • Cuffs: The bounty hunter may treat a pair of manacles as a flail with the grapple and nonlethal special features and is proficient in their use in this way. Such manacles are a valid choice to be a customized weapon. The bounty hunter may have manacles enchanted as melee weapons, which increase their escape DCs by 2 per +1 enhancement.
  • Dead or Alive: The bounty hunter may choose to deal lethal damage with nonlethal weapons and nonlethal damage with lethal weapons without penalty.
  • Grappler: The bounty hunter may expend martial focus to attempt to initiate a grapple as a swift action after dealing damage to a creature with a customized weapon with the grapple special feature.
  • Hog Tie: The bounty hunter may make a grapple check to tie up or apply manacles to a pinned or helpless target as a move action. The CMB penalty for doing so to a target that the bounty hunter is grappling is reduced to -5 (normally -10).
  • Net Adept: The bounty hunter gains Net Master from the Equipment sphere as a bonus talent. If she already possesses that talent, she instead gains another talent from that sphere. While controlling a customized net via the trailing rope, the customized net continues to benefit from the bounty hunter’s enhanced customization bonus even if she draws and activates another weapon. Controlling the trailing rope in this way requires at least 1 hand.
  • Tracker: The bounty hunter gains a competence bonus equal to half her class level on Survival checks made to track creatures as well as to Diplomacy checks made to gather information on fugitives and known lawbreakers.
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