The Highlander's Handbook

Fierce revolutionary leaders and freedom fighters, the bravehearts of the highlands are well known for their role in unleashing the power of their troops’ rage.

Battle Fanfare: A braveheart gains Battle Fanfare as a bonus feat, which he may use even if he doesn’t meet the feat’s prerequisites. This replaces lingering commands.

Raging Song (Su): A braveheart gains the raging song class feature, which functions as the skald class feature.

As a standard action, the braveheart may inspire his allies to feats of strength and ferocity. At 1st level, a braveheart can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. For each level thereafter, he can use raging song for 2 additional rounds per day. At 7th level, a braveheart can start a raging song as a move action instead of a standard action. At 13th level, a braveheart can start a raging song as a swift action instead.

The braveheart treats his class levels as skald levels when determining the power of his raging songs, as well as determining what rage songs he knows. However, when a raging song calls for a Perform check, the braveheart may substitute a check with a Diplomacy check; the braveheart may use rallying cries, shouts, and screams in place of the Perform skill. If the braveheart possesses skald levels, these levels stack when determining the power of the raging songs he possesses, as well as determining what rage songs he knows.

This replaces battlefield specialist and logistic specialty.

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