Buraq (Animal Companion Archetype)

Buraq are rare creatures said to accompany heroes and prophets of legend. Gifted with akashic power, buraq are champions of life and evolution, appearing to aid their champions in ushering in eras of great change or rebirth.

Animal Feats: In addition to the standard animal companion feats, a buraq may select Access Higher Chakra Slot, Access Low Chakra Slot, Access Middle Chakra Slot, Akashic Charge, Enhanced Capacity, Extra Essence, and Shape Veil, treating his master’s effective druid level as his character level when determining prerequisites.

Essence Pool: Starting at 1st level, the buraq gains an essence pool equal to 1/2 his master’s effective druid level.

Marked by Destiny: The buraq must choose the Shape Veil feat as his 1st level feat, though he does not need to meet the prerequisites when he gains it in this manner. The buraq must have the appropriate limbs and equipment slot to learn a veil (for example, a snake buraq cannot normally learn or shape a veil that attaches to the Feet, Hands, Shoulder, or Wrist chakra). The buraq always knows how to use any veil it can shape, including allocating essence, and will instinctively shape its known veils after an 8 hour rest.

Use Veil: At 1st level, the buraq learns the following two tricks as bonus tricks:

  • Activate Veil (DC 20): The animal uses a supernatural, spell-like ability, or extraordinary ability associated with one of its veils (such as the breath weapon granted by Gorget of the Wyrm or the area blast of Ditchdigger’s Armlets). You may choose which veil the animal activates as part of the command.
  • Allocate Essence (DC 15): The animal invests or reinvests essence into its veils as you direct. This replaces the bonus tricks normally gained at 1st and 3rd level.

Veil Sharing: At 1st level, the buraq gains the ability to share any one veil it is capable of shaping with its master. The master gains the benefits of any essence the buraq has invested in the veil, but loses the veil and its benefits if he is more than 30 feet from the buraq.

The master regains the benefits of this veil as soon as he returns to within 30 feet of the buraq. This replaces either the share spells or light armor proficiency class feature, depending on which the companion starts with.

Winged Steed: At 3rd level the buraq adds the Gorget of the Wyrm veil to his list of veils known and increases his total veils shaped by 1. The buraq is always treated as having a Shoulder chakra to shape this veil in, even if their animal type would normally not have shoulders.

At 9th level, the buraq learns to bind veils to its Shoulder chakra, unlocking their most potent abilities. This replaces the evasion and Multiattack class features; at 15th level when the buraq would normally gain improved evasion, it instead gains evasion.

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