Many humanoid societies see cannibalism, the act of consuming the flesh of an intelligent humanoids and other species, as a crime against nature. But there are cultures with far older traditions that recognize that there is power in such acts, a way to draw power from those they have fed on.

Consume Flesh (Ex): At 1st level whenever the cannibal scores a critical hit with his bite attack he may opt to deal that creature an amount of bleed damage equal to the result of the damage roll of his bite attack. At 4th level the cannibal may opt to deal this bleed damage as a when he makes a single bite attack as a standard action. At 8th level this bleed damage may be dealt whenever the cannibal successfully deals damage with his bite attack.

This ability replaces draw breath.

Food of Choice (Su): At 2nd level the cannibal gains access to some of the abilities of those he consumes. He chooses one type of creature from the ranger’s favored enemy list as a food of choice, with the exception of animal or construct. Whenever the cannibal uses his consume flesh ability on a creature of the chosen type, he selects one ability or feat from those listed for that type (see below). A cannibal can have only one ability active at a time; gaining a new ability immediately ends the previous one. This ability lasts for a number of days equal to half the ungermaw’s level. If the ability requires the cannibal to make a more specific choice (such as what skill to use with Skill Focus), this choice is permanent and cannot be changed.

  • ABERRATION: amphibious, darkvision 60 ft., Iron Will, natural armor +2.
  • DRAGON: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, low-light vision, Lunge.
  • FEY: Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, low-light vision.
  • HUMANOID (AQUATIC): low-light vision, natural armor +2, darkvision, swim 15 ft.
  • HUMANOID (DWARF): darkvision 60 ft., defensive training, greed, hatred, hardy, slow and steady, stability, stonecunning, weapon familiarity.
  • HUMANOID (ELF): elf blood, low-light vision, elven immunities, elven magic, keen senses, Skill Focus (choose one skill), weapon familiarity.
  • HUMANOID (GIANT): low-light vision, Lunge, natural armor +2, resist energy 10 (choose cold, electricity, or fire), Throw Anything.
  • HUMANOID (GNOLL): darkvision 60 ft., Exotic Weapon Proficiency (dire flail), natural armor +2.
  • HUMANOID (GNOME): defensive training, gnome magic, hatred, illusion resistance, keen senses, low-light vision, obsessive, weapon familiarity.
  • HUMANOID (GOBLINOID): darkvision 60 ft., goblin fast, Skill Focus (Stealth), natural armor (+2).
  • HUMANOID (HALFLING): fearless, halfling luck, keen senses, sure-footed, weapon familiarity.
  • HUMANOID (HUMAN): Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus (choose one skill).
  • HUMANOID (ORC): darkvision 60 ft., ferocity, intimidating, orc blood, weapon familiarity.
  • HUMANOID (REPTILIAN): darkvision 60 ft., kobold fast (as goblin fast), lizardfolk hold breath, natural armor +2, Skill Focus (choose Acrobatics, Perception, or Stealth).
  • MAGICAL BEAST: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, low-light vision, natural armor +2.
  • MONSTROUS HUMANOID: darkvision 60 ft., Lightning Reflexes, low-light vision, natural armor +2.
  • OOZE: acid resistance 10, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Skill Focus (choose Climb, Escape Artist, or Perception).
  • OUTSIDER: darkvision 60 ft., energy resistance 5 (choose one type of energy from acid, cold, electricity, or fire), Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes.
  • PLANT: low-light vision, Great Fortitude, Iron Will.
  • UNDEAD: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron Will, natural armor (+2). Skill Focus (Stealth).
  • VERMIN: climb 15 ft., darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron Will, swim 15 ft.

This replaces the appetite gained at level 2.

Inhale (Ex): The cannibal gains the draw breath ability at 3rd level rather than at 1st level. A cannibal does not receive the exhale class feature.

This ability replaces exhale.

Meaty Appetites (Ex): The cannibal may select another creature type as a food of choice in place of an appetite.

This modifies appetites.

Cannibalistic Nature (Ex): At 7th level, the cannibal may use 2 abilities granted by his food of choice ability at the same time. These abilities do not need to be from the same creature type, although the cannibal still has to consume the flesh of a different food of choice to select one of its listed abilities. At 11th, 15th, and 19th levels he may select an additional listed ability.

This ability replaces devour magic, consume sorcery, dweomer eater, and jotunjaw.

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