Cavalier Orders

Source: The Player's Guide to Skybourne

While originally a specific type of warrior restricted to the nobility of the world’s nations, the ending of those nations saw the nobility and their training scattered through the world. Today many cavalier orders still exist, each with its own purpose, tenets, and leadership, and so long as there are issues worth fighting for, there will be cavaliers fighting for them. For orders with established heirarchys, a cavalier will usually reach different levels at 7th, 13th, and 19th level, similar to the druid or paladin organizations listed later.

Order of the Beast: Anciently, the Order of the Beast served the druids as their arm in the world. While this still holds true, currently, the order is divided between those who serve the druids of the 7th Sphere (embracing Chaos) and those who serve the druid council (embracing Law).

Order of the Blue Rose: The Order of the Blue Rose was founded centuries ago in Finreche to serve as peacekeepers and guardians. Today, while the Order still hails from Finreche (now a floating island), now it’s members travel far and wide, protecting refugees and ensuring peace in troubled times. While some resent the way the Blue Rose inserts themselves into others’ business, others hail them as heroes, and they are always ready allies of paladins in their joint mission to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Order of the Cockatrice: The Order of the Cockatrice is not an actual Knight’s Order, but represents any knight who seeks nothing more than personal gain.

Order of the Dragon: The Order of the Dragon is not an actual Knight’s Order, but represents any knight who pledges themselves to representing and sustaining a guild, a company, or an adventuring crew.

Order of the Lion: Each nation among the floating isles possesses its own Knight’s Order, which is mechanically represented by the Order of the Lion.

Order of the Seal: The order of the Seal is not an actual Knight’s Order, but represents any knight sworn to the protection of a particular object, person, or place.

Order of the Shield: Begun by Andrus himself, the Order of the Shield is an order of knights working out of the City of Andrus, dedicated to the protection of all mortalkind. While the order usually obeys the will of the city’s ruling council, they are an independent body answerable only to themselves, and serve as a check on the council’s power.

Order of the Star: The Gods, the Fiends, and both of the Fey Courts each maintain an order of knights to fulfill their needs, represented by the Order of the Star. While the Primordials and the Fates do not maintain an active order, it is not unheard of for a knight to dedicate himself to fulfilling the needs of one of these other divinities.

Order of the Sword: The Order of the Sword is not an actual Knight’s Order, but represents any knight who seeks to protect others and serve the general good. A cavalier of the Order of the Sword may swear fealty to a ruler, but their ultimate dedication is to their code of honor.

Order of the Tome: The Order of the Tome is a specialized Knight’s Order that works out of the University at Andrus and other specialized libraries and monasteries dedicated to the preservation of old-world knowledge. Most libraries and monasteries will always lend their aid to a member of this order. Knights of this order are almost always Lawful.

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