Champion FCBs

Core Races


  • Prodigy: Add +1/6th of a combat talent.
  • Sage: Add +1/5th of a Skill Focus feat.
  • Troubadour: Add a +1/6th bonus to all saving throws when in the troubadour’s base persona.


  • Prodigy: Add +1/6th of a magic talent.
  • Sage: Add +1 to the sage’s base speed. In combat this option has no effect unless the sage has selected it five times (or another increment of five).
  • Troubadour: Add a +1/2 bonus to all Knowledge checks.


  • Prodigy: Whenever the prodigy uses the steady skill class feature to take 15 on a skill check, he gains an extra +1/4 to the skill check.
  • Sage: Add +1 to the monk’s Acrobatics check bonus gained by spending a ki pool point. A sage must be at least 5th level to select this benefit.
  • Troubadour: Increase the DC required to defeat the troubadour’s flexible truth class feature by +1/2.


  • Prodigy: Choose one skill. Add that skill to the list of prodigy class skills.
  • Sage: Add +1/4 point to the sage‘s ki pool.
  • Troubadour: Add +1/2 on Bluff checks to pass secret messages, +1/2 on Diplomacy checks to gather information, and +1/2 on Disguise checks to appear as an elven, half-elven, or human child.


  • Prodigy: Add +1/4th of a spell point to the prodigy’s spell pool.
  • Sage: Whenever the sage uses the meditation class feature, the number of meditation dice he gains and his maximum possible number of meditation dice increase by +1/6th of a die.
  • Troubadour: One of the troubadour’s personas gains +1/6th of an extra persona quirk. If that persona is dismissed, choose a different persona to gain this extra persona quirk. An individual persona cannot possess more than one bonus persona quirk.

Other Races


  • Prodigy: The prodigy may select an additional +1/6th skills to be able to use with their steady skill class feature whenever they prepare that class feature.
  • Sage: +1/3 to the sage’s CMD.
  • Troubadour: Reduce Arcane spell failure chance by +1%.


  • Prodigy: The prodigy may use the steady skill class feature to take 15 on a skill an additional +1/3 times per day.
  • Sage: Add a +1 bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump.
  • Troubadour: Add a +1/2 bonus to all Profession checks.


  • Prodigy: Add a +1/4 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to grapple or trip.
  • Sage: Add a +1/4 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to grapple or trip.
  • Troubadour: Reduce the penalty for not being proficient with one weapon by 1. When the nonproficiency penalty for a weapon becomes 0 because of this ability, the troubadour is treated as having the appropriate Martial or Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for that weapon.


  • Prodigy: Add +1/2 point of fire damage to sphere effects that deal fire damage.
  • Sage: Add +1/2 to the attack roll bonus when the sage is at or below 0 hit points.
  • Troubadour: Add a +1/2 bonus to Intimidate checks to influence targets that are a smaller size category than the troubadour.


  • Prodigy: Add a +1 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome the spell resistance of outsiders.
  • Sage: Add a +1/2 bonus on the sage’s saving throws to resist death attacks.
  • Troubadour: Add a +1/2 bonus on Bluff checks to lie and a +1/2 bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information.

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