Champion Feats

General Feats

These new general and extra feats were introduced in Champions of the Spheres. For ease-of-reference, they've been included here.

Extra Empathy

Prerequisite: Empathic link class feature.

You gain 2 additional uses of empathic link per day.

Special: This feat may be taken more than once; the benefits stack.

Extra Improvisation

Prerequisites: Improvisation class feature.

You gain 2 additional uses of improvisation per day.

Special: This feat may be taken more than once; the benefits stack.

Unarmored Mastery

Prerequisites: Unarmored Training, +8 base attack bonus or 8 ranks in Acrobatics.

Your mastery of unarmored combat is so great that even changes to your body do not impede you. You no longer lose the benefits of Unarmored Training when under any polymorph effect.

Unique Creative Strike [3PP]

Prerequisite: Creative strike class feature.

Benefit: You can use your creative strike class feature with crossbows, firearms (but not siege weapons), and other ranged weapons properly sized for you which would not normally be able to used with the creative strike class feature. In addition, this feat is treated as Point- Blank Shot for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of feats and prestige classes.

Champion Feats

Champion feats focus on blending Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might together in various ways.

Wiki Note: These were originally known as 'Gish' feats, but due to a potential legal concern, the official name was changed.

Bloodmonger (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, Duelist sphere.

If you possess the blood of a target, that target suffers a -1 penalty to any saving throw made against your spell or magic sphere effects. If you are wielding a weapon that has inflicted bleed damage on a target within the past 1 minute, you are considered to possess their blood. You may also make a melee touch attack against a target suffering from bleed damage as part of using a magic sphere effect to touch and use their blood. You may also store blood from either circumstance in a vial or container to use later, but must be holding the container to use the blood contained within it.

Special: The save penalty from this feat cannot be applied when benefiting from a save DC bonus from the ‘Blood as a Spell Component or Focus’ option rules.

Dispelling Attack (Champion)

Prerequisites: Counterspell feat, ability to gain martial focus.

When you damage a creature while using an attack action, you may expend martial focus as a swift action to use Counterspell targeting that creature or its attended items. Additionally, you gain a +1 bonus to your MSB for the purposes of counterspelling, to a maximum MSB equal to your Hit Dice.

Life Taker (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature.

If you reduce a creature to 0 hp or less with a weapon attack or natural attack, you gain a +2 bonus to your caster level for 1 round. The creature must have a CR equal to at least half your caster level.

Mystic Focus (Champion)

Prerequisite: Casting, ability to gain martial focus.

Whenever you use a magical sphere effect as a standard action, you may spend 1 spell point as a swift action to regain martial focus.

Planar Commander (Champion)

Prerequisites: Conjuration sphere, Warleader sphere.

Whenever you summon a companion as a standard action, you may activate a tactic as part of the same standard action, so long as the conjured companion is included in that tactic’s affected creatures.

Sanguine Magic (Champion)

You inflict truly debilitating wounds through a combination of magic and metal.

Prerequisites: Death sphere, Duelist sphere, Bleeding Wounds, at least one (bleed) talent; Anemic Wounds.

Benefit: Whenever you use your Bleeding Wounds ghost strike, you may apply the effects of a (bleed) talent as if you had used an attack action. You do not provoke an attack of opportunity from bleeding opponents when using spells and sphere effects.

Shielded Casting (Ex) (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting, proficiency with shields.

You may add your shield’s AC bonus to concentration checks made to cast defensively.

Special: This feat counts as Combat Casting for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Shielding Ward (Champion)

Prerequisites: Shield sphere, ability to cast a spell or magic sphere effect that grants a shield bonus to AC.

You may concentrate your wards, shaping and hardening them, employing them in place of a physical shield. While you receive the benefits from a magical effect that grants you a shield bonus to AC, you count as possessing a light shield for the purposes of Shield sphere abilities and for making shield bash attacks with an enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to the granted shield bonus to ac. If the effect has a caster level of at least 10, you may instead count it as a heavy shield. You must have at least one empty hand to use this feat.

Using such an empty hand to cast a spell, make an unarmed strike, hold an item, perform a combat maneuver (other than with the shield granted by this feat), or similar activity removes this ability until the start of your next turn. For the purposes of shield sphere abilities that allow damage to be directed to your shield, treat the ‘shield’ granted by this ability as having hardness equal to 5 + its caster level and hit points equal to 10 + twice its caster level. Should the ‘shield’ take enough damage to gain the broken condition, the effect granting the shield bonus is suppressed for 1d4 rounds. If it is destroyed, the effect granting the shield bonus is instead suppressed for 1 hour, though it may be cast again to regain its benefits.

Speak with Animal Allies (Champion)

Prerequisites: Beastmastery sphere, Nature sphere, Speak With Animals.

As a constant supernatural effect, you may communicate with you animal allies as if under the effect of the Speak With Animal talent. This ability functions even with animal allies of the vermin and magic beast types. Additionally, at character level 5, you reduce the spell point cost of the Speak With Animals talent by 1.

Spell Attack (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, and the Energy Blade from the Destruction sphere or Cryptic Strike from the Death sphere or Time Strike from the Time sphere or Exsanguinating Strike from the Blood Sphere.

When using Energy Blade, Cryptic Strike, Time Strike, or Exsanguinating Strike as a standard action, the attack is treated as a special attack action. This attack may benefit from Vital Strike, as well as combat spheres that augment attack actions (but not other special attack actions).

Spell Trap (Champion)

Prerequisites: Trap sphere, casting.

When placing a trap, you may imbue the trap with a sphere effect. Placing the trap takes the longer of your trap placement time and the effect’s casting time.

If placed as a dart, the effect targets (for a targeted effect) or is centered on the nearest corner of the space of (for an area effect) the first creature the dart strikes. You may choose to forgo dart damage to resolve the attack against touch AC.

If placed as a snare, the creature triggering the trap is the target of a targeted effect, while the corner of a square the trap occupies chosen by you when the trap is set is the point of origin for an area effect.

Regardless of method, cones, lines, and other shapes resolve themselves in a direction chosen when the trap is set. Any spell points required for the effect are spent when the trap is placed and cannot be recovered. Effects that target multiple creatures only target the struck (for a dart) or triggering (for a snare) creature. All choices regarding the sphere effect must be made when the trap is set and cannot be changed. You may not choose to concentrate on an effect placed in a trap.

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