Champion Feats

General Feats

These new general and extra feats were introduced in Champions of the Spheres. For ease-of-reference, they've been included here.

Extra Adaptation

Prerequisites: Adaptation class feature.

You gain 2 additional uses of adaptation per day.

Special: This feat may be taken more than once; the benefits stack.

Wiki Note: This feat was incorrectly named Extra Improvisation before. It has been updated to reflect the correct class feature it benefits.

Extra Blended Training Talent [Jester's HB]

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, martial focus.

Benefit: You gain one additional magic or combat sphere, or one talent from a magic or combat sphere you possess.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times. The effects stack.

Extra Empathy

Prerequisite: Empathic link class feature.

You gain 2 additional uses of empathic link per day.

Special: This feat may be taken more than once; the benefits stack.

Extra Reinforcement [Warden]

Prerequisite: Warden 5.

Benefit: Gain a reinforcement that you qualify for.

Special: This feat may be taken a second time starting at 11th level and a third time starting at 17th level.

Unarmored Mastery

Prerequisites: Unarmored Training, +8 base attack bonus or 8 ranks in Acrobatics.

Your mastery of unarmored combat is so great that even changes to your body do not impede you. You no longer lose the benefits of Unarmored Training when under any polymorph effect.

Unique Creative Strike [3PP]

Prerequisite: Creative strike class feature.

Benefit: You can use your creative strike class feature with crossbows, firearms (but not siege weapons), and other ranged weapons properly sized for you which would not normally be able to used with the creative strike class feature. In addition, this feat is treated as Point- Blank Shot for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of feats and prestige classes.

Champion Feats

Champion feats focus on blending Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might together in various ways.

Wiki Note: These were originally known as 'Gish' feats, but due to a potential legal concern, the official name was changed.

Arcane Carnage (Champion, Combat)

Prerequisites: Berserker sphere (Advancing Carnage), Spell Attack.

Benefit: When using the Spell Attack feat as a standard action and taking the -2 penalty to use Advancing Carnage, you may spend an additional spell point or increase the casting time of the sphere effect to a full-round action. The sphere effect applies to each creature (to a maximum of 2 + 1 per 2 caster levels) that you damage as part of the initial attack and the additional attacks granted by Advancing Carnage. If the sphere effect requires concentration, all instances initiated as part of one action count as a single effect for the purpose of concentrating on them.

Arcane Opening (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting and either Leadership sphere and Cohort Attack or Beastmastery sphere and Coordinated Attack.

When dealing damage with a sphere effect or when a hostile creature fails a saving throw against a sphere effect that you cast with a casting time of at least 1 standard action, you may treat that sphere effect as an attack action for the purpose of using Cohort Attack or Coordinated Attack.

Bloodmonger (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, Duelist sphere.

If you possess the blood of a target, that target suffers a -1 penalty to any saving throw made against your spell or magic sphere effects. If you are wielding a weapon that has inflicted bleed damage on a target within the past 1 minute, you are considered to possess their blood. You may also make a melee touch attack against a target suffering from bleed damage as part of using a magic sphere effect to touch and use their blood. You may also store blood from either circumstance in a vial or container to use later, but must be holding the container to use the blood contained within it.

Special: The save penalty from this feat cannot be applied when benefiting from a save DC bonus from the ‘Blood as a Spell Component or Focus’ option rules.

Bruinous Temper (Champion)

Prerequisites: Bear sphere, Berserker sphere, Bear sphere caster level 5th.

Benefit: While you are under the effects of the bear spirit, a creature battered by your brutal strike takes a -1 penalty to their AC and saving throws against your Bear sphere abilities. You may spend a spell point to gain the benefits of one (adrenaline) talent you possess as though it were a (bearacteristic) for the duration of the bear spirit. An (adrenaline) talent used this way must be one that does not require you to expend martial focus at the start of your turn to use.

Darkrider (Champion) [BaP]

Prerequisites: Beastmastery sphere, Dark sphere.

Benefit: While mounted, your mount gains the benefits of each (meld) talent you are under the effects of, and you may include your mount when teleporting with the Step Through Darkness meld (allowing you to teleport with your mount).

When creating a darkness, you may choose to attach the effect to an animal ally instead of centering it on a space. This causes the darkness to move with the animal ally, centered on the animal ally’s space. If the darkness moves and causes a creature to leave its area of effect, any ongoing effects the creature is under related to that area of darkness end immediately. If you move this darkness effect after attaching it to an animal ally, such as using the Rolling Blackout or Shifting Shadows talent, the darkness becomes unattached from that animal ally and remains in the spaces the darkness was moved into. Animal allies are still affected by your darkness unless they are under the effects of the Clearsight meld or another similar effect.

Dimensional Archer (Champion)

Prerequisites: Warp sphere, +3 base attack bonus.

Benefit: Your dual mastery of ranged weaponry and warp magic enables you to use the following techniques:

  • Anchoring Shot (Sp): As an attack action you may spend a spell point to make an attack with a ranged weapon. If the attack hits, the target cannot teleport or shift between planes unless it succeeds on a magical skill check against you. This effect lasts for 1 minute per caster level.
  • Retreating Reload: You may simultaneously reload a weapon and teleport, using only the longer of the two actions (so a standard action teleport and full-round action reload would take a full-round action, while a move action teleport and a swift action reload would take a move action). This always takes at least a swift action.
  • Warp Shot (Sp): As an attack action you may spend a spell point to make an attack with a ranged weapon. The attack ignores all cover, even total cover, as it bypasses all barriers between it and the target by either bending space to go through them, teleporting directly to the target, or similar means. The attack is still subject to concealment (such as from being unable to see an enemy behind an opaque wall).

Dimensional Athlete (Champion)

Prerequisites: Athletics sphere, Warp sphere.

Benefit: Your movements transcends space itself. You may apply talents with the (motion) tag to teleportation as if it were movement, treating distance teleported as distance moved. In addition, the AC bonus from the Mobility talent applies to any attacks of opportunity provoked by casting teleport. Teleportation is treated as its own unique movement mode, and does not work with abilities that require a different movement mode to function.

Disciplined Casting (Champion, Combat) [Youxia HB]

Prerequisites: Open Hand sphere, casting.

Benefits: As long as you have martial focus, whenever you would deliver a magical sphere effect with an unarmed melee touch attack or unarmed strike as part of the casting action, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity for using that magical sphere effect in a threatened area.

Dispelling Attack (Champion)

Prerequisites: Counterspell feat, ability to gain martial focus.

When you damage a creature while using an attack action, you may expend martial focus as a swift action to use Counterspell targeting that creature or its attended items. Additionally, you gain a +1 bonus to your MSB for the purposes of counterspelling, to a maximum MSB equal to your Hit Dice.

Dual Wielding Mystic Fusion

Prerequisites: Dual Wielding Sphere, Spherecasting.

Benefit: As a special attack action, while you have martial focus you can use your Dual Attack or Combo Maneuvers ability with a sphere ability in place of your first offhand weapon attack. The ability must be one that requires a touch attack or that can be made with a weapon attack and that can be cast with a standard action. The sphere ability has its caster level (excluding enhancement bonuses) limited to your BAB and provokes attacks of opportunity normally.

If the sphere ability is a ranged attack, it does not provoke an attack of opportunity if you possess the Mixed Assault talent.

Dual Wielding Mystic Strike

Prerequisites: Dual Wielding Mystic Fusion.

Benefit: When you use dual wielding mystic fusion with a sphere ability, you may deliver the sphere ability with a melee weapon attack. The sphere ability uses its own threat range.

Fairy Alchemy (Champion)

Prerequisites: Alchemy sphere, Fallen Fey sphere (Fairy Dust (fey-blessing)).

Benefit: If you possess the (poison) package of the Alchemy sphere, you may use fairy dust from the Fairy Dust talent as if it was a poison. If you possess the (formulae) package of the Alchemy sphere, you may throw fairy dust from the Fairy Dust talent as if it was a splash weapon in place of a formulae, with a 5-foot splash radius. You may use the higher of your Alchemy sphere and Fallen Fey sphere DCs to determine the effects of this dust.

Glamered Thievery (Champion) [BaP]

Prerequisites: Illusion sphere, Scoundrel sphere, Illusion sphere caster level 5th.

Benefit: While under the effects of any glamer, you gain a circumstance bonus equal to 1/4 your Illusion sphere caster level on all Sleight of Hand checks and may hide an object or palm an object as part of casting an illusion with a casting time of at least 1 swift action.

In addition, you gain the following (trick):

  • Phantom Thief (trick): Whenever you successfully perform a steal or dirty trick combat maneuver, you may cast one glamer as a free action on yourself or an object in your possession. A glamer cast this way costs 1 spell point less (minimum 0). An illusion cast with this ability lasts until the end of your next turn, and its duration cannot be extended by spending a spell point to maintain without concentration or by effects that allow a glamer to continue after they would normally end, such as the Focused Imagination talent or fey adept’s master illusionist class feature.

Glimpse The Flow (Champion, Combat) [BaP]

Prerequisites: Boxing sphere, Divination sphere (any (sense) talent), Divination sphere caster level 6th.

Benefit: When you ready a counter punch, you may choose to select one less additional trigger for your prepared attack. If you do, you gain the benefits of one (sense) talent you possess until the start of your next turn. A sense used this way costs 1 less spell point (minimum 0). You must pay any additional spell points required by the (sense) talent when gaining it as a sense with this ability. For example, if you use this ability to gain Blindfolded Oracle as a sense, you do not need to pay a spell point to gain the base benefits of the sense, but would need to spend an additional spell point to upgrade the sense to grant blindsight.

Whenever you deal damage to a target using your counter punch ability, you may spend a spell point as an immediate action to divine the target. A divine effect cast using this ability must be one which gathers information about a creature, such as divining to gain information with the Divination sphere base sphere effect or (divine) talents such as Detect Spellcaster or Detect Thoughts.

Guarded Attack (Champion)

Prerequisite: Spell Attack.

Benefit: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity when casting a sphere effect as part of using the Spell Attack feat. This does not prevent you from provoking attacks of opportunity for making a ranged attack if using a ranged weapon.

Heavy-handed Force (Champion, Combat) [BaP]

Creating leverage is an art.

Prerequisites: Brute sphere, Telekinesis sphere.

Benefit: You may use telekinetic force to perform a shove against a creature within Telekinesis sphere range using the same action normally required to perform a shove (normally a move action). A shove performed this way does not allow you to move. Make a ranged touch attack against a creature within your telekinesis range, using your casting ability modifier for the attack roll and to determine damage dealt.

When applying a (manhandle) talent, the target takes additional bludgeoning damage as though they were used as a Bludgeon. A creature can only take additional damage this way once per round.

If you possess a talent to shove with a weapon (such as the Brute sphere Brace Weapon talent) and the Telekinesis sphere Dancing Weapon talent, you may perform a shove using a Bludgeon and may move the Bludgeon up to 1/2 your telekinesis speed when doing so.

Hematic Impaler (Champion, Combat) [BaP]

Prerequisites: Blood sphere, Lancer sphere.

Benefit: When a creature under your blood control attempts to remove an impaled weapon that is not under a creature’s control, they treat the weapon as though you had control over it, and must make a combat maneuver check against your MSD instead of your CMD.

You automatically succeed at a grapple check to assume control of a weapon impaled in a creature under your blood control. Whenever a creature loses the impaled condition and suffers bleed damage, you may spend a spell point as an immediate action to target the creature with blood control.

Special: Weapons made with the Gory Armaments (blood art) talent do not dissipate when you let go of the weapon if it is impaled in a creature under your blood control. If the weapon is impaled in a creature who was under blood control and blood control ends, the weapon dissipates after 1 round and is treated as though the impaling weapon were removed.

Improved Assistance (Champion, Combat) [S&P]

You add a bit of extra aid when coordinating a technique.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of at least one technique.

Benefit: When you initiate a multi-character technique where you do not perform the action, you may attempt the aid another action on the character performing the action as part of the action to initiate the technique. So long as you are in range to initiate the technique, you do not need to be in the normal range to aid another.

If you possess the Circle Casting feat, you may maintain that feat’s effects on the target so long as you are within range of the technique (rather than 30 feet).

Kinematic Disarmer (Champion, Combat) [BaP]

Prerequisites: Duelist sphere, Telekinesis sphere.

Benefit: Whenever you successfully disarm a creature, you may spend a spell point as an immediate action to lift the object they dropped with your telekinesis. You must concentrate or spend a spell point to maintain your telekinesis on the object as normal. If you possess the Orbit talent, you may place the disarmed object in passive orbit around you without spending a spell point.

As long as you have martial focus, you may spend an immediate action whenever you would be disarmed and drop an item to pull that item back into your hand.

Life Taker (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature.

If you reduce a creature to 0 hp or less with a weapon attack or natural attack, you gain a +2 bonus to your caster level for 1 round. The creature must have a CR equal to at least half your caster level.

Master Necroturge (Champion)

Prerequisites: Leadership sphere, (cohort) package, Master of the Dead, Death sphere, reanimate.

When creating an undead cohort via recruit, you may choose to have it count as a controlled undead that you created for the purpose of Death sphere abilities and effects.

Additionally, mindless undead that you reanimate may count as cohorts for using Leadership talents. An undead creature recruited or reanimated benefiting from this ability counts its Hit Dice against both your recruit and your reanimate Hit Dice limits.

If you possess the Greater Undead advanced talent of the Death sphere, when recruiting undead cohorts, you may create them with the normal Intelligence score for a cohort, so they are not mindless, allowing them to gain skills and feats normally. Such cohorts may be of any profession.

Mystic Focus (Champion)

Prerequisite: Casting, ability to gain martial focus.

Whenever you use a magical sphere effect as a standard action, you may spend 1 spell point as a swift action to regain martial focus.

Phantom Of The Colosseum (Champion) [BaP]

Prerequisites: Intimidate 3 ranks, Gladiator sphere, Illusion sphere.

Benefit: Whenever you boast or use your Strike Fear ability, you may move one of your figments. If you possess the Shift Glamers talent, you may instead move one of your glamers.

You may increase the casting time of an illusion by one step to use your Strike Fear ability as part of casting that illusion, centering your Strike Fear ability on that illusion. The illusion must be able to be noticed by targets of your Strike Fear ability (such as seeing, smelling, hearing, or feeling). An Intimidate check made this way does not automatically grant the target a Will save to disbelieve the illusion unless the target would normally be granted a Will save to disbelieve the created illusion.

Example: Making a figment of a bat to Intimidate a target would not grant a Will save to disbelieve unless the figment would normally grant a Will save in the first place, such as having an illusory bat rush and bite the target.

Planar Commander (Champion)

Prerequisites: Conjuration sphere, Warleader sphere.

Whenever you summon a companion as a standard action, you may activate a tactic as part of the same standard action, so long as the conjured companion is included in that tactic’s affected creatures.

Ready Initiation (Champion, Combat, Teamwork) [S&P]

When one of your allies primes a technique, you respond immediately.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of at least one technique.

Benefit: When multiple characters with this feat work together to initiate a multi-character technique, the technique is performed on the highest of the participants’ initiative counts rather than the lowest. All participants have their actions for the turn moved up to the initiative count where the technique is performed.

Sanguine Magic (Champion)

You inflict truly debilitating wounds through a combination of magic and metal.

Prerequisites: Death sphere, Duelist sphere, Bleeding Wounds, at least one (bleed) talent; Anemic Wounds.

Benefit: Whenever you use your Bleeding Wounds ghost strike, you may apply the effects of a (bleed) talent as if you had used an attack action. You do not provoke an attack of opportunity from bleeding opponents when using spells and sphere effects.

Shielded Casting (Ex) (Champion)

Prerequisites: Casting, proficiency with shields.

You may add your shield’s AC bonus to concentration checks made to cast defensively.

Special: This feat counts as Combat Casting for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Shielding Ward (Champion)

Prerequisites: Shield sphere, ability to cast a spell or magic sphere effect that grants a shield bonus to AC.

You may concentrate your wards, shaping and hardening them, employing them in place of a physical shield. While you receive the benefits from a magical effect that grants you a shield bonus to AC, you count as possessing a light shield for the purposes of Shield sphere abilities and for making shield bash attacks with an enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to the granted shield bonus to ac. If the effect has a caster level of at least 10, you may instead count it as a heavy shield. You must have at least one empty hand to use this feat.

Using such an empty hand to cast a spell, make an unarmed strike, hold an item, perform a combat maneuver (other than with the shield granted by this feat), or similar activity removes this ability until the start of your next turn. For the purposes of shield sphere abilities that allow damage to be directed to your shield, treat the ‘shield’ granted by this ability as having hardness equal to 5 + its caster level and hit points equal to 10 + twice its caster level. Should the ‘shield’ take enough damage to gain the broken condition, the effect granting the shield bonus is suppressed for 1d4 rounds. If it is destroyed, the effect granting the shield bonus is instead suppressed for 1 hour, though it may be cast again to regain its benefits.

Speak with Animal Allies (Champion)

Prerequisites: Beastmastery sphere, Nature sphere, Speak With Animals.

As a constant supernatural effect, you may communicate with your animal allies as if under the effect of the Speak With Animal talent. This ability functions even with animal allies of the vermin and magical beast types. Additionally, at character level 5, you reduce the spell point cost of the Speak With Animals talent by 1.

Spell Attack (Champion, Combat)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature; any talent with the strike descriptor.

Benefit: When using a talent with the strike descriptor, the attack is treated as a special attack action. This attack may benefit from Vital Strike, as well as combat spheres that augment attack actions (but not other special attack actions).

Spell Attack, Whirlwind (Champion, Combat)

Prerequisites: Spell Attack; Whirlwind Attack feat or Whirl of Blows mystic combat.

Benefit: When using the Spell Attack feat as a standard action, you may spend an additional spell point or increase the casting time of the sphere effect to a full-round action. Make all the attacks granted by Whirlwind Attack; the sphere effect applies to each creature (to a maximum of 2 + 1 per 2 caster levels) hit. If the sphere effect requires concentration, all instances initiated as part of one action count as a single effect for the purpose of concentrating on them. If using whirl of blows to gain the Whirlwind Attack feat, you must have it active to use this ability. Using this feat is not an attack action, so does not benefit from effects that modify attack actions.

Spell Trap (Champion)

Prerequisites: Trap sphere, casting.

When placing a trap, you may imbue the trap with a sphere effect. Placing the trap takes the longer of your trap placement time and the effect’s casting time.

If placed as a dart, the effect targets (for a targeted effect) or is centered on the nearest corner of the space of (for an area effect) the first creature the dart strikes. You may choose to forgo dart damage to resolve the attack against touch AC.

If placed as a snare, the creature triggering the trap is the target of a targeted effect, while the corner of a square the trap occupies chosen by you when the trap is set is the point of origin for an area effect.

Regardless of method, cones, lines, and other shapes resolve themselves in a direction chosen when the trap is set. Any spell points required for the effect are spent when the trap is placed and cannot be recovered. Effects that target multiple creatures only target the struck (for a dart) or triggering (for a snare) creature. All choices regarding the sphere effect must be made when the trap is set and cannot be changed. You may not choose to concentrate on an effect placed in a trap.

Spirits In The Blood (Champion) [BaP]

Prerequisites: Barroom sphere, Blood sphere.

Benefit: You may consume an additional number of alcoholic beverages each day equal to 1/2 your Blood sphere caster level (minimum 1) before becoming sickened for 1 hour per drink consumed above your maximum.

In addition, you gain the following (quicken) and (still) effects:

  • As a (quicken), you may grant one creature under the effects of your blood control the drunk status, as though they consumed an alcoholic drink. Gaining the drunk status this way counts towards the maximum number of drinks the target may consume each day before becoming sickened for 1 hour per drink consumed above their maximum. If the target already has the drunk status, they may instead choose to either immediately stand up from a prone position without provoking attacks of opportunity or gain a +2 dodge bonus to their AC and Reflex saves until the end of their next turn.
  • As a (still), you may distill the target’s blood into nearly-pure alcohol for the duration of your blood control. When another creature deals damage to the target with a bite attack, they must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or gain the drunk status and be nauseated for 1 round. However, the target gains vulnerability to fire as their blood becomes incredibly flammable. Normal: A character can consume a number of alcoholic beverages each day equal to 1 plus double his Constitution modifier before being sickened for 1 hour per the number of drinks above this maximum.

Tactical Warping (Champion) [Jester's HB]

“Teleporting behind them. They never expect that.”

Prerequisites: Fencing sphere, Warp sphere, character level 8th.

Benefit: Whenever you teleport into a square adjacent to a creature, you may attempt to feint that creature as a swift action.

If you possess the Emergency Teleport talent, when a creature attacks you during a round you successfully feinted that creature, you may teleport using the Emergency Teleport talent without spending an additional spell point.

Thunderbolts And Lightning, Very Very Frightening (Champion) [Jester's HB]

As a wise inventor once said.

Prerequisites: Gladiator sphere, Weather sphere (Storm Lord).

Benefit: You may attempt an Intimidate check as a free action against creatures who can see and hear you that fail their Reflex save against a lightning bolt controlled with the Storm Lord talent.

While in an area of weather severity level 3 or higher, you gain a +2 competence bonus on Intimidate checks. This increases to +4 while in an area of weather severity level 6 or higher.

Unseelie Trapper

Prerequisites: Fallen Fey sphere (Snare Setter (fey-blessing)), Trap sphere.

Benefit: In place of the snare from your Snare Setter fey-blessing, you may place any snare from the Trap sphere that you possess. You do not require a trap bag to set such snares. You may use your ranks in Craft (traps) in place of your caster level when determining the effects of the Snare Setter talent.

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