Chance Feats

The force of kismet is mostly the domain of ordained hunters and lucky bastards, but it is possible for others to tap into its abilities. Chance feats grant kismet and a way to use it.

When you first take a chance feat, you gain a kismet pool if you did not otherwise have one. You gain one kismet point at the beginning of each day, and this is also your maximum kismet. You regain kismet when you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll or saving throw, subject to the same limitations as an ordained hunter. If you already have a kismet pool, you gain 1 extra kismet point at the beginning of each day and your maximum kismet increases by 1 for every chance feat you possess.

Channel Luck (Chance, Channeling)

Prerequisites: Channel energy.

Benefit: When you channel energy, you may spend a kismet point to grant all creatures affected a luck bonus (if they were healed) or a luck penalty (if they were harmed and failed their save) to their next saving throw equal to the number of dice of your channel energy ability. This bonus lasts at most 1 minute for each die of your channel energy ability.

Defy Fate (Chance)

Prerequisites: Kismet pool.

Benefit: As long as you have at least one kismet point remaining you automatically succeed on Constitution checks to stabilize and may roll saving throws against effects that would kill you outright (but not that would kill you through damage or other effects) twice and take the better result.

Karmic Healing (Chance)

Benefit: When you heal another creature’s hit points, whether using the Life sphere or another ability, you may spend a kismet point to regain an equal number of your own.

Lucky Streak (Chance)

Benefit: When you successfully confirm a critical hit, you may spend a kismet point to make an extra attack at your highest base attack bonus as an immediate action. If this attack hits, increase its critical threat range by +1. This bonus is applied after abilities such Improved Critical or the keen weapon property and cannot be doubled.

Surge of Fortune (Chance)

Benefit: When you roll a natural 15 or above on a skill check or ability check (including if you take 20), you may spend a kismet point to gain a +7 luck bonus to the roll.

Weighted Dice (Chance)

Benefit: You may spend a kismet point to roll a d6. At any time until you next regain kismet you may spend an immediate action to add the result of one of those die rolls to any attack roll, damage roll, or CMB, skill, or ability check. You may decide to use this after you roll but before you know the result. Once you have used a die roll it is expended; you cannot use it again.

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