Chaos Shifter

Chaos shifters use mutagenic formulas to enhance their physical abilities, transcending their physical limitations and becoming true monsters on the battlefield.

Mutagen Monster (Ex): At 1st level, a chaos shifter gains the ability to brew a mutagen, treating her chaos shifter level as her alchemist level for its duration. In addition, she gains a bite attack which is treated as a primary natural weapon and deals 1d4 damage (1d3 for Small-sized characters); chaos shifters treat any natural weapon they possess as though it was an unarmed attack for the purpose of her class features.

This ability replaces AC bonus and the fiery offense, critical knuckle, and perfect offensive tension techniques.

Drill Claw (Ex): At 1st level, a chaos shifter gains the following tension techniques:

2 Tension

  • Swift Mutation: Whenever a chaos shifter imbibes her mutagen, she may do so as a move action.

3 Tension

  • Mauling Fang: Whenever a chaos shifter makes an attack action with an unarmed strike or attempts a combat maneuver check as a standard action, she can spend a swift action to make an additional attack with a natural weapon with a -2 penalty (she can wait until the results of the attack roll before deciding to use this tension technique) once per turn. If she possesses the speed pummeling striker art, she may apply it to this ability.

This ability replaces the rapid pummeling and swift focus tension techniques.

Mutagenic Arts (Ex): At 2nd level, a chaos shifter may select the feral mutagen, grand mutagen, and greater mutagen discoveries as striker arts, treating her striker level as her alchemist level for the purpose of qualifying for them.

Fury Swipes (Ex): At 7th level, whenever a chaos shifter would be able to make an additional attack with her pummeling punisher class feature, she may make the attack with either an unarmed strike or a natural weapon.

This ability alters pummeling punisher.

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