Character Creation Event

Hello, and welcome to the Spheres of Power Wiki's Character Creation Event! Many of you have already visited the sample characters made by the wiki - but as the administrator, I'd love to have more options for people. This is where you come in, and it's your chance to create some permanent content for the wiki - and help your fellow gamers!

Why Do An Event?

Because I love getting the Spheres community involved! Your presence here has helped the Spheres of Power Wiki grow beyond anything I ever expected, and I'd like to give the community a chance to engage and start creating new content.

There are also a few other things behind this decision. Most importantly, I don't really want to make every sample character myself. I have ideas about how to build characters, sure, but I don't want every sample to represent my thoughts alone. Instead, I'd like to see what kind of fun, creative concepts the rest of you can come up with - maybe even builds I'd never considered.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the goal of this event is to create sample characters people can use to sit down and play a game with. In other words, they're sort of like unofficial iconic characters that GMs can hand to new players (or that players can hand to GMs when saying "this is what I want to play, here's how it works"). They should be solidly put together (right number of talents and skill points, et cetera), themed to a particular playstyle, and generally come across as a solid, understandable choice to somebody who isn't familiar with the Spheres system.

Character Creation Rules

1) We prefer submissions for characters that do not already have a sample character. For example, the Incanter has The Classic Mage, and we don't need a repeat of that. However, if a submitted character is distinctly different from an existing sample despite being the same class, we may accept it anyway.

2) Characters should be built with a 20-point buy at Level 1, Core Races only. 2 Traits, 150 starting GP. You may use custom or existing traditions, as appropriate. (This is meant to be a "normal" set of build rules for games. Individual tables may vary, of course.) Archetypes are allowed, but not preferred.

3) Acceptable sourcebooks include all Paizo material, as well as all Spheres of Power, Spheres of Might, and Champions of the Spheres content. This includes Handbooks, Spheres Apocrypha, et cetera. That said, try to limit yourself to same-system and Paizo-published content.

4) Characters should be submitted in a text document with formatting as close to the appropriate type of sample character as possible. You don't need to do bolding and underlining yourself, but it should match the basic format you can see in The Classic Mage or The Unbreakable. The BB Code Profile Template page offers more information on what each section means. (Don't submit BB Code itself, though. That doesn't work for the wiki.)

5) All characters should be built to represent a specific theme or idea, and they should have a name reflecting this. For example, The Unbreakable is designed to be as tough as possible, able to tank right through effects that would shred less-durable characters. The theme should at least moderately represent the class you're building.

6) Below your profile, you should have three sections to explain the character, as seen with The Unbreakable.

The first, Build Rules, explains the point buy of the characters and what you should do if you're using a higher or lower point buy. You should also explain the most important ability(s) for the build, and which you can safely dump.

The second, Playing [Insert Name here], should explain the way you recommend using this character. You can detail specific ability combos, how to get the most from the talents you picked, and so on. Assume the person you're talking to understands the basics of playing Pathfinder but is completely unfamiliar with playing a Spheres character. You may need to mention things like expending Martial Focus or only being able to apply one of a certain type of talent when doing X.

The third section, Future Abilities, should go over your suggestions for new talents to take at future levels. You do not need to provide a comprehensive 20-level plan. Instead, suggest a few good thematic talents, feats, and so on and explain how and why they'd work well with the build. Keep in mind important details like action economy.

At any time, you can look at one of the existing sample characters to get a better sense of what your submission should look like.

7) Remember to double-check your math and ensure all the numbers are right.

8) All character submissions will become the legal property of the Spheres of Power Wiki. (There are licensing reasons for this.) We may tweak, modify, or otherwise change submissions before they are published. If you'd like to have an author credit on the page and in our OGL, that can be arranged. (You do not need to provide your real name.)

How To Submit Characters

To submit a character, use the Contact page. If the existing submission field doesn't have the space for your submission, you can upload your submission to an online host like Google Drive and provide a link for me to copy the content. (This is preferred)


Can I create a sample character for non-Spheres content? Yes. They're not the focus of this particular event, but we'd LOVE to have sample characters for any (or, better, every) class on the wiki.

How many sample characters will be published? That depends on how many people submit! Our goal is at least one sample character for each Spheres class.

Can I submit more than one character? Yes, but please only submit one sample character for each class.

When are sample characters due? There's no fixed end-date for this event - I'll end it when I feel like I've gotten enough samples. Submissions will be added to the site more-or-less as they're received and approved, so don't wait too long if there's something you really want to make a character for.

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