A cheater is a slang term for a dealer who has lost his way. A lot of them give into the seductive opportunities the Sense presents them with, forsaking the more traditional path in favor of personal gains. Cheaters are banned for gambling establishments and often persecuted by dealers. They don’t enjoy the same level of cross-cultural welcome that dealers tend to, rather once their nature is discovered cheaters tend to be eyed with suspicion, doubt, or even outright contempt.

A dealer can fall from the good graces of his order by using the Sense to cheat or for disgracing the good name of the dealers as an organization. A cheater can return to become in a dealer if they seek atonement from their brethren (often, their old mentor).

The act of atonement is often community service, a dangerous quest, and always includes a repayment of any ill-gotten gains or goods.

Fudge (Su): The cheater may spend Sense points to adjust a number any creature within 30 feet of him rolls on a d20 up or down by the amount spent. The new result is treated as if he had naturally rolled that number. Thus when a creature rolls a natural 20 the cheater can expend 1 Sense point to reduce it to a 19 or vice versa. A cheater can only adjust a dice roll by 1 + 1 per 5 levels of dealer he possesses, every 5 levels he possesses improves the range at which he may manipulate a creature’s die rolls by 10 feet.

This ability replaces the control chaos ability of the dealer’s Sense class feature and his 1st rounder talent

Improved Fudge (Su): At 11th level, the range at which the cheater may modify creatures die rolls doubles. In addition the cheater regains a sense point whenever a creature within this range rolls higher than a 15 on a d20.

This replaces the dealer’s improved sense class feature and his 12th level rounder talent.

Mother Fudger (Su): At 15th level, the whenever a creature within 60 feet of the cheater rolls a 5 or lower on a d20 the cheater gains an amount of sense equal to 6 minus the number rolled.

This replaces the dealer’s good sense class feature and his 16th level rounder talent.

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