Church Of Coin
The City of 7 Seraphs

Church of Coin

LE preeminent organization
Leaders the vampiric founder
Nicknames “Greeds,” “Hawklores,” “Payprays,” and “Sellsouls”
Values controlling the debts of others, amassing wealth of all kinds
Public Goals to manage and grow the city's treasuries, to keep the accounts and monies of the citizens of the City, to negotiate contracts for the city with other extraplanar powers, to provide funding for the other organizations' projects, to amass wealth
Private Goals the Church of Coin exists to enrich its membership at all costs, to profit as deeply and frequently as possible, to gain controlling interest in Creation
Allies among fellow Parities, the House of Prominence, Booksealers, Frozen Graves, and Steamstriders
Enemies the treachery of their founder is not forgotten by the Scarlet Sovereignty and the Everlasting Dawn’s rulers see the obsession of the Church with wealth as corruptive and spiritually dangerous while greatly being indebted to them, the Blackswords' destructive activities are often too costly for the organization to support
Membership Requirements trained in Craft (jewelers or goldsmiths), Knowledge (planes), or Profession (banker or merchant)
Influence Limitations Each time the adventurers wish to reach a new rank, they must secure a beneficial trade relationship or gain access to new resources or an item of significant value to the organization significantly more noteworthy than the last. Succeeding at a special task more frequently than described below still gains you 1 favor (2 PP) but does not advance you toward the next rank of influence (or increase your Fame).

Special Tasks

Secure Trade (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Church of Coin by securing a beneficial trade agreement or new trade route. This requires a successful Diplomacy or Profession check against DC 10 + twice your level.
New Resources (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Church of Coin by claiming a resource or recovering an item of great value. Securing new resources that required overcoming a hazard or guardian with CR higher than your level satisfies this special task.


Passive Benefits (Fame Awards)

“Acquisitive”- Rank 1 (5 Fame): You can access the Church of Coins' network of merchants and resellers. When within 100 miles of the city you can sell an item for the first time for 10% more than normal from Diplomacy and Profession (merchant) checks.
“Holder”—Rank 2 (20 Fame): You gain a reputation from your association with the Church's skilled negotiators, lawyers, and merchants. When within 100 miles of the city you gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks.
“Entitled”—Rank 3 (35 Fame): You are taught secret names of creatures indebted to the Church. You can cast planar binding as a spell-like ability once per day at your character level.
“Opulent”—Rank 4 (50 Fame): You become an influential leader of the organization and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against those familiar with the Church of Coin. In addition, you can resell items for 20% higher of their market value (not to exceed 90%).

Favors (Prestige Awards)

New benefits are marked with an asterisk (*). All other benefits are described in the Mastering Intrigue chapter of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue or the campaign setting intrigue guide.
Rank 1 (5 Fame, 1 PP): borrow resources (100 gp), case (+15), gather information, sage (arcana, local, or planes +15)
Rank 1 (10 Fame, 2 PP): all the toys* (250 gp), skill specialization (in Craft [jewelers or goldsmiths], Knowledge [planes], or Profession [banker or merchant])
Rank 2 (20, 5 PP): all the toys* (1,000 gp), borrow resources (1,000 gp), command team (1 1st-level cleric or conjurer), damning whispers*, put in a good word, retrain (locate trainer)
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 5 PP): all the toys* (2500 gp), borrow resources (5,000 gp), command team (1 4th-level bard, 1d4 3rd-level cleric, or 3d4 1stlevel conjurer), reciprocal benefits
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 15 PP): retrain (no gp cost)
Rank 4 (50 Fame, 25 PP): borrow resources (15,000 gp), command team (1d4 6th-level aethernauts or bards; or 5d4 3rd-level aethernauts or cryptics)
Rank 4 (50 Fame, 25 PP): borrow resources (15,000 gp), command team (1d4 6th-level aethernauts or bards; or 5d4 3rd-level aethernauts or cryptics), coinsworn contingency*

New Benefits

All the Toys (10, 20, or 35 Fame; 2 PP or 5 PP): The organization’s philosophies have prepared you for nearly any scenario. At Rank 1 (5 Fame), you gain a pool of 250 gp value representing things you have purchased advantageously. As a full-round action you may rummage around your things to produce any item up to the value limit. Once you make this choice it remains the same until you “resell” the items in a population center, taking no loss unless the item chosen was consumable or destroyed. Your pool may be replenished by spending twice the missing value in gp. At Rank 2 (Fame 20), the value of the pool increases to 2,500 gp. At Rank 3 (Fame 35), the value becomes 5,000 gp.

Coinsworn Contingency (50 Fame, 25 PP): The organization prepares a second life for you allowing you to reform if destroyed, as the spell true resurrection. You may choose to come back to life up to one age category younger. Once this benefit is expended it may be purchased again.

Secrets of Eternity (35 Fame, 5 PP): You may retrain up to 3 levels into a revenant or other monstrous class in pursuit of immortality. You may select this benefit again at Rank 4.

Damning Whispers (20 Fame, 5 PP): You may utilize the Church’s networks to bias all merchants in one settlement or district within 100 miles of the city against a competitor (minimum -4 to Diplomacy checks regarding business).

Sage (5 Fame, 1 PP): You consult a sage, who makes one Knowledge check on your behalf.

Church of Coin Views & Beliefs

Their initial pattern of behavior became the sacred charge of their new order: Discover ancient secrets, study them to the point of mastery, and sell them to those who desired them, assuming they could afford it.

Demonic investure, undeath, and a dozen forms of eldritch empowerment became the ply and trade of the now named Church of Coin, the dogma having drawn priests of Greed and merchant gods from a multitude of faiths throughout the planes. Slowly distancing themselves from the Sovereignty, the Church shortly became a second pillar of strength in the Dark.

Church of Coin Game Mechanics

Silver-Tongued Devil (Bard Archetype)

Church of Coin Feats

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