Whether through alchemy, fey ancestry, or something even more sinister, a clone does not just adopt a different persona, he becomes a completely different person. Usually, he becomes someone specific he wants to impersonate. And sometimes, when a clone takes a person’s face, he takes their life as well.

Steal Face: A clone cannot simply create a persona. Instead, he must adopt the personas of others. A clone can choose his first persona if his first clone level is also his first character level, as the persona was gained before play begins.

In order to create a persona, the clone must touch a helpless, dead, or willing target for 1 minute. After that time, the clone creates a persona based on that creature. A clone can create one new persona per day this way, +1 per 5 class levels he possesses. As always, when a clone that does not have unused persona slots creates a new persona, he must choose another persona to lose.

The created persona matches the cloned creature in appearance, gender, race, height, and weight. While the created persona can possess whatever tropes and persona quirks the clone wishes to give it, possessing abilities the cloned creature does not have (or not possessing powers it should have) can easily reveal the deception to others.

At 1st level, the clone can only steal faces and create personas that are humanoid and Small or Medium size. As the clone gains levels, he gains the ability to steal faces from creatures of additional sizes and creature types, according to the following table. Unlocked types and sizes are cumulative.

Table: Possible Creatures
Clone Troubadour Level Creature Size Creature Type
1st Small-Medium Humanoid
5th Small-Medium Fey, animal, monstrous humanoid, vermin
10th Tiny-Large Undead, outsider, plant
15th Diminutive-Huge Construct, dragon, elemental
20th Diminutive-Huge Any

Note: A non-humanoid outsider replaces ‘humanoid’ with its own creature type at 1st level, and gains ‘humanoid’ at whatever level its own creature type would normally become available.

The clone’s size and creature type and subtype changes to match that of the persona he is using. The clone does not gain the benefits of a creature type and subtype, but counts as possessing those types and subtypes for the purpose of determining what magic items or magical effects he can use or be affected by. The exception to this is the aquatic subtype; if the persona possessed has the aquatic subtype, the clone gains the amphibious monster ability, allowing him to breathe both air and water.

When a clone adopts a persona, it is a supernatural effect instead of an extraordinary one, and is considered a polymorph effect. When a clone adopts a different persona, he does not just change his appearance, his body completely changes to fit the new form and can change race, gender, height, weight; indeed, any number of different factors. The clone gains the usual +10 bonus to Disguise checks granted by most polymorph effects.

Size: The persona can change his size to match that of the chosen creature. The persona can only be Small or Medium at 1st level, but at 10th level may become anywhere from Large to Tiny. At 15th level, the clone’s personas can also become Huge or Diminutive.

The clone gains benefits and penalties for its adjusted size as if using the Size Change talent from the Alteration sphere.

Creature Abilities: The clone gains the limbs and natural attacks possessed by the mimicked creature. Additionally, the clone gains any of the following abilities if the mimicked creature possesses them, depending on the clone’s troubadour level.

  • 1st level: darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, scent, land or swim speed (up to 30 feet).
  • 5th level: climb, fly, land, or swim speed (up to 30 feet, average maneuverability), undersized weapons.
  • 10th level: climb, fly, land, or swim speed (up to 60 feet, good maneuverability), constrict, crushing leap, ferocity, freeze, grab, kneecapper, nasal spray, no shadow, oversized weapons, leap attack, mimicry, jet, poison, pounce, rake, sound mimicry, speak with sharks, trackless step, trample, tree meld, trip, and web.
  • 15th level: burrow speed (up to 30 feet), climb, fly, land, or swim speed (up to 90 feet, good maneuverability), blindsense (up to 30 feet), lifesense (up to 60 feet), tremorsense (up to 60 feet), all-around vision, see in darkness, abduct, animated hair, bleed, blood frenzy, blood rage, boot stomp, burn, compression, cold vigor, constrict, damage reduction (up to 5), earthglide, fast healing (up to 5), fear aura, horrific appearance, natural cunning, overwhelming, putrid vomit, rock throwing, rock catching, roar, spikes, vortex, whirlwind, woodland stride. If the creature has immunity to mind-affecting effects or poison, he gains a +4 resistance bonus on saves against those effects. If the creature has any weaknesses, he gains them. If the form is immune to bleed damage, critical hits, and sneak attacks, he is as well.
  • 20th level: burrow speed (up to 60 feet), climb, fly, land, or swim speed (up to 120 feet, perfect maneuverability), damage reduction (up to 10), boot stomp, heavy weapons, hide in plain sight, icewalking, lifesense (up to 60 feet), regeneration (up to 5), supernatural speed, tear shadow, tremorsense (up to 60 feet), If the creature has immunity or resistance to any elements, he gains resistance 20 to those elements. If the creature has vulnerability to an element, he gains that vulnerability.

This alters personas and replaces performer’s synergy and master of disguise. A clone gains one fewer persona than usual for a troubadour of his level.

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