Cocoon Pact
The City of 7 Seraphs

The Cocoon Pact

CG preeminent organization
Leaders the three
Values self-evolution, guided transformation
Nicknames “Pupas,” “‘Pillars (short for Caterpillars),” “Sheds,” “Cuckoos”
Public Goals to restore and heal the sick and injured of the city, to maintain hospices for public health, to manage the city's medical industry, to shed outdated concepts for the city's daily operations, to delve the infinite possibility of the self
Private Goals the Cocoon Pact seeks to harness the power of the the light to change the city and its people into new and advantageous forms; to change the nature of reality by altering its inhabitants
Allies among fellow organizations, Ashlords, Children of Dreams, and Steamstriders
Enemies the Blackswords and the Frozen Graves embrace philosophies that are too final and unchanging to find common ground with the organization, where the Hands of Burden constantly struggle over the resources given by the City Council to care for the City’s less fortunate souls
Membership Requirements trained in Heal, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nature), or Knowledge (psionics)
Influence Limitations Each time the adventurers wish to reach a new rank, they must make a successful personal transformation or uncover a significant transformative resource for the organization significantly more noteworthy than the last. Succeeding at a special task more frequently than described below still gains you 1 favor (2 PP) but does not advance you toward the next rank of influence (or increase your Fame).

Special Tasks

Personal Transformation (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Cocoon Pact by making a successful personal transformation. This requires a successful Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nature) or Knowledge (psionics) check against DC 10 + twice your level and may require a journey to facilitate the change.
Transformative Resource (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Cocoon Pact by securing or creating a new transformative resource. Acquiring a resource that required overcoming a hazard or guardian with CR higher than your level satisfies this special task.


Passive Benefits (Fame Awards)

“Pupa”—Rank 1 (5 Fame): You can access the Chrysalis Covenant’s associated network of healers, mendicants, and their patrons. When within 100 miles of the city, you earn twice as much as normal from Profession (herbalist) or Profession (midwife) checks. Additionally you pay 10% less for healing spellcasting services (not including component costs).
“Hatcher”—Rank 2 (20 Fame): You receive some of the Covenant’s training in advanced healing and medicinal techniques. When within 100 miles of the city, you gain a +2 bonus on Heal checks.
“Morphic”—Rank 3 (35 Fame): You are imparted with rites of transformation that are used by the highest levels of the Cocoon Pact. You can cast a variant reincarnation once per day as a spell-like ability at your character level. This ability targets willing, living creatures in addition to corpses and requires no material components.
“Mercurial”—Rank 4 (50 Fame): You become an influential leader of the organization and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against those familiar with the Cocoon Pact. In addition, you can retrain without expending money or favors (or PP).

Favors (Prestige Awards)

New benefits are marked with an asterisk (*). All other benefits are described in the Mastering Intrigue chapter of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue or the campaign setting intrigue guide.
Rank 1 (5 Fame, 1 PP): borrow resources (100 gp), gather information, minor chrysalis*, sage (dungeoneering, nature, or planes +15)
Rank 1 (10 Fame, 2 PP): balm I*, skill specialization (Heal, Knowledge [nature], Spellcraft)
Rank 2 (20, 5 PP): balm II*, borrow resources (1,000 gp), command team (1 1st-level druid or shifter), minor shifting*, put in a good word, retrain (locate trainer)
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 5 PP): balm III*, borrow resources (5,000 gp), command team (1 4th-level radiant, 1d4 3rd-level druids, or 3d4 1stlevel shifters), reciprocal benefits
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 15 PP): retrain (no gp cost), major chrysalis*
Rank 4 (50 Fame, 25 PP): borrow resources (15,000 gp), command team (1d4 6th-level druids or radiants; or 5d4 3rd-level radiants or shifters), greater chrysalis*

New Benefits

Balm (10, 20, or 35 Fame; 2 PP or 5 PP): The organization provides a store of emergency draughts for the PCs. The PCs can purchase this collection for 1 favor (2 PP) or its standard market price. At Rank 1 (5 Fame), the draughts provided are 6 potions of cure light wounds.

At Rank 2 (Fame 20), the draughts are 3 potions of cure moderate wounds, and 1 potion of remove disease.

At Rank 3 (Fame 35), by spending 2 favors (5 PP) the PCs can purchase further potions from the Covenant at a 10% discount. For the purposes of item availability, the organiation counts as a metropolis.

Greater Chrysalis (50 Fame, 25 PP): The Parity imbues you with the power of transformation, as the spell polymorph any object once per day. This ability only works on willing targets.

Major Chrysalis (35 Fame, 15 PP): You may select 2 points of eidolon evolutionsAPG and apply them to yourself as though you were an eidolon of a summoner of your Fame score divided by 5. If you are not using rules for evolutions, increase a single ability score by a +2 species/racial bonus. You may only select this benefit once.

Minor Chrysalis (5 Fame, 1 PP): You may undergo a single transformative metamorphosis allowing you to reallocate 1 point from one ability score to another. You may achieve a minor chrysalis once per rank.

Minor Shifting (20 Fame, 5 PP): One of your feats becomes unstable enough to change whenever you rest for 8 or more hours. You must qualify for the feat as normal and any feats relying on a lost feat for prerequisites become inert until you regain it. You can select this benefit again at 40 Fame.

Cocoon Pact Views & Beliefs

Progress is the path of Changes, so says the Cocoon Pact. Each moment should be spent in activities that aid the coming transformation. Being what you are, focusing on what you intend to be, and marshaling your resources to Become it. Each stage of life is to be explored fully to take all the learning and experience it has to give. Each moment surrendered when the time to Become is at hand…

The Cocoon Pact (often just “the Pact” in the common speak of the city) espouses healing as a part of transformative process and often times takes this philosophy to the extreme of acting as mediator to periods of intense discord on the Council. And if compromises often favor their Parity, they just cite the benefit of “level heads.” Any research in to aggravant pheromones going on at the time was entirely coincidental.

The Shadow Plane’s quasi-reality is seen as an ideal womb to facilitate the arts and practices of Metamorphosis. Physical laws can be made servants to willpower and illusions of life and changes can gain footholds in reality. Sometimes the nature of the city's stability can cause the organization to seek locations deeper in Shadow or tangent to Dream or the Etheric Planes to engage proper mutability. Members often hire mercenary escorts on these excursions to help them deal with the unexpected.

Cocoon Pact Game Mechanics

-Ever-Changing (Oracle Curse)
-Fleshwarper (Prestige Class)
-Fluid Soul (Prestige Class)

-Cocoon Pact Feats
-Cocoon Pact Veils

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