Spheres Apocrypha: The Collector Armorist

Saving Throws

Collectors have good Reflex and Will saves and a poor Fortitude save.

This alters saving throws.

Dimensional Power (Su)

The collector gains the Warp sphere as a bonus sphere at 1st level and uses her collector level as her caster level for all (space) talents. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources. However, she also gains the Bender drawback, which can be bought off as normal, and must choose the Extradimensional Storage talent as the bonus talent granted by this drawback.

If she already possesses the Warp sphere, she gains the Extradimensional Storage talent without the Bender drawback. She may only use her class level as her caster level where this drawback would apply.

Prize (Su)

The collector may spend 8 hours bonding with a piece of equipment to claim it as her prize. A collector’s prize must be stored in her extradimensional storage. The collector may claim up to 50 pieces of ammunition as a single prize. Withdrawing or donning a prize from her extradimensional storage is always a swift action.

The collector always knows the direction and distance to each of her prizes as long as they are on the same plane. The collector may return any number of her prizes within long range to her extradimensional storage as swift action. If a prize is in the possession of a hostile creature, that creature gets a Will save (10 + 1/2 her collector level + practitioner modifier) to resist her recall. On a successful save, she fails in recalling her prize and cannot attempt to recall it this way for 1 minute.

After 1 minute per class level, withdrawn prizes automatically return to the collector’s extradimensional storage as long as they are on the same plane. If a prize is in the possession of another creature at the end of this duration, the collector has 1 day per class level to retrieve it and return it to her extradimensional storage. If the prize is not returned in this time, the collector forfeits ownership of the item and it loses all benefits of the prize ability.

Prizes gain a +1 enhancement bonus for every 3 collector levels to a maximum of +6 at 18th level. These bonuses may be traded for special abilities according to Table: Bound Equipment. Prize bonuses stack with existing bonuses or special abilities the item previously possessed up to a total maximum bonus of +1 for every 3 collector levels. Items with existing bonuses and abilities totaling greater than or equal to what the collector can currently bestow can still be claimed as prizes, and are treated as such for arsenal tricks and class abilities, but do not gain additional enhancement bonuses or special abilities per the prize ability.

Once set, a prize’s enhancement bonuses and special abilities may be changed by bonding with the item for 8 hours. Prizes are treated as summoned equipment for all other purposes and limitations, but do not cost a spell point to withdraw. Prizes wielded by anyone other than the collector lose any enhancement bonuses and special abilities granted by this ability.

You cannot select implements as prizes. An item does not need to be a masterwork item to be claimed as a prize.

This replaces summoned and bound equipment.

Launch (Su)

The collector may, as an attack action, fire her prizes from her extradimensional storage from her own space as if they were ammunition. Prizes used this way must be weapons and are treated as being thrown for the purposes of feats and abilities that modify attacks, but the collector adds her casting ability modifier to the damage roll instead of Strength. The collector takes no penalties for using melee weapons this way. If arrows or bolts are fired this way, they are treated as if they were daggers and deal 1d4 damage.

When used this way, the extradimensional storage itself is treated as a ranged weapon with a range increment of close (25 feet + 5 feet per 2 collector levels, maximum range of 4 increments) and may be modified and affected by abilities or feats as normal.

Note: Oversized weapons incur attack penalties as normal. The collector cannot fire weapons more than 1 size larger than herself.

Special: If the collector possesses the Telekinesis sphere, she may launch prizes up to her Telekinesis size limit without penalty.

Fleeting Adoration

Beginning at 10th level, the collector may touch a piece of magical equipment and spend a spell point to adore it, increasing its enhancement bonus by half the bonus she may grant to prizes (minimum +1). This has the same duration as withdrawn prizes and causes the item to count as a prize for the purpose of arsenal tricks. It requires a standard action to adore equipment being wielded by another creature, but can be done with the same action cost as withdrawing a prize if the collector is already touching or wielding the piece of equipment.

Just as with prizes, adoring equipment cannot raise a piece of equipment’s enhancement bonus higher than +5, but can be traded for special abilities. Adoring an item a second time replaces the first adoration.

This replaces boost equipment.

Rapid Retrieval

At 15th level, the collector may withdraw, swap, or recall a prize as an immediate action or free action.

This replaces quick summons.

Boundless Hoard (Su)

At 20th level, the collector’s prizes do not count toward the weight limit of her extradimensional storage and the duration that her prizes can remain outside of extradimensional storage increases to 1 hour per class level. The collector may now claim a piece of equipment as a prize by spending 1 minute bonding with it.

This replaces infinite arsenal.

Arsenal Tricks

Arsenal tricks do not work that change the material of her bound or summoned equipment. The collector gains exclusive access to the following arsenal tricks:

Bullseye (Su)

Whenever the collector successfully hits an enemy with her launch ability, she may spend a spell point as a free action to do additional precision damage equal to her class level + her casting ability modifier.

Extended Range

The range increment of the collector’s launch ability increases to medium (100 feet + 10 feet per collector level).

Group Storage

This arsenal trick replaces and functions as the group summons arsenal trick for all purposes. The collector may spend a spell point to withdraw 1 additional prize with the same action, +1 per 2 collector levels she possesses (minimum +1).

If the collector also has the precious loan arsenal trick, she may open multiple portals to her extradimensional storage at once, either multiple for one creature or for multiple creatures, but the collector must still be touching the creature or creatures for them to withdraw/don prizes. Creatures may withdraw/don prizes this way as a free action even if it is not their turn. The collector must still spend a spell point for each prize loaned to an ally.


The collector may spend 8 hours with one prize they possess to form an obsession. Instead of the normal enhancement bonus granted by the prize ability, an obsessed prize gains a +1 enhancement bonus per odd collector level to a maximum of +10 at 19th.

The obsessed prize still cannot have an enhancement bonus greater than +1 per 3 class levels (maximum +5). Any bonus beyond this must be traded for special abilities allowed by her prize ability. If an obsessed prize is lost for any reason, the collector may choose another prize to obsess over after spending 1 week in mourning.

This arsenal trick may be taken multiple times. Each time, the collector must choose a different prize.

Open the Gates (Su) (requires collector 5)

The collector may spend a spell point as a full-round special attack action to unleash countless prizes from her extradimensional storage.

The collector makes one attack roll against all creatures within a close range cone (25 feet + 5 feet per 2 collector levels), dealing damage to any creature she successfully strikes. The collector may designate a single target of this attack to be the target of the collector's attack action, allowing the collector to modify this attack with feats and abilities that modify attack actions (such as the Vital Strike feat or Lancer sphere impale ability) only against this target.

The collector must have at least 10 prizes in her extradimensional storage to use this ability. The collector chooses the bonuses, special abilities, and critical threat range of one prize launched this way to apply to the attack and damage rolls of all creatures targeted each time she uses this ability.

The item chosen for this attack roll cannot be an obsessed prize. All prizes return to storage immediately after this attack resolves.

Special: If the collector also has the ranged portal arsenal trick, she may center the cone from anywhere within her summoning range.

Precious Loan

The collector may spend a spell point to allow her prizes to retain their enhancement bonuses and special abilities when wielded by an ally. The collector may recall any prize wielded by an ally as swift action (no save).

Ranged Portal

This arsenal trick replaces and functions as ranged summons for all purposes.

The collector may open a portal to her extradimensional storage anywhere within close range (25 feet + 5 feet per 2 collector levels). The collector may also choose the point of origin for her launch ability from anywhere within close range. This does not allow the collector to ignore attack penalties for obscured line of sight.

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