Collegiate Barista (Investigator Archetype)

The Steamstriders, especially those of the educational district, know that innovation and long nights go hand in hand. As a result, blackbrew shops are increasingly popular around the schools.

Some Steamstriders took this a step further and innovated drinks like coffee, inspiring themselves with alchemy and caffeine. Perkhouses have capitalized on this, giving rise to a new trend of collegiate baristas.

Brew To Order: At 1st level, the collegiate barista has a backpack that doubles as an alchemical brewing machine. Instead of using extracts as normal for an investigator, they can prepare a number of formulas at the start of each day equal to a normal investigator's extracts per day. These extracts are not created at that point. Instead, the collegiate barista can use a full round action to create any one extract of a formula they have prepared that day, which must be consumed within one hour or its magic is lost. They use the bard’s spells per day to determine how many extracts they can create each day. Additionally, the collegiate barista gains the Infusion alchemist discovery as a bonus discovery at 2nd level.

This alters alchemy and replaces trapfinding and poison lore.

Blackbrew Rush (Ex): At 4th level, the collegiate barista gains the ability to infuse an extract with the finest of ingredients, giving its imbiber a rush of energy. By spending one use of inspiration when creating an extract, the collegiate barista can infuse it with psychoactive caffeine. When the extract is consumed, the creature gains all the normal effects of the extract, as well as one use of the inspiration class feature that must be used within a number of minutes equal to the extract’s level.

At 6th level, and every two levels thereafter, the consumer gains one additional use of inspiration for the aforementioned period of time.

Starting at 8th level, the consumer can expend two uses of inspiration granted by their Blackbrew Rush to affect themself with the haste spell for a number of rounds equal to one-fourth the collegiate barista’s class level.

This replaces studied combat and studied strike.

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