Combat Feats
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Ultimate Spheres of Power
Combat feats are combat-related options, and most notably, they can be selected as bonus feats by a number of different classes.

Aligned Attacks (Combat)

Prerequisites: Non-neutral alignment, caster level 5th.

Benefit: Choose one alignment you possess. Your natural attacks count as that alignment for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. If your alignment changes, you may select a new non-neutral alignment that you possess in place of the originally chosen alignment. If you cease to possess a non-neutral alignment, you lose the benefits of this feat until you gain a non-neutral alignment. This is an extraordinary (Ex) ability.

Arcane Grip (Combat, Counterspell)

Prerequisites: Counterspell, Improved Grapple.

Benefit: When initiating a grapple, you may use the Counterspell feat as a free action. Resolve the counterspell attempt prior to applying the effects of freedom of movement, the Freedom word of the Fate sphere, and similar effects. Additionally, you are always entitled to attempt a Spellcraft check to identify such an effect on a creature within your reach as a free action.

Arcing Strike (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Guided Strike (blast shape)), caster level 11th.

You may spend a spell point to make your destructive blast fly in an erratic path, unerringly striking your target no matter what lies between you. Your destructive blast ignores the AC bonus granted to targets by anything less than total cover, and the miss chance granted to targets by anything less than total concealment. Total cover and total concealment provide their normal benefits against your ranged attacks.

Special: If you possess the Divination sphere Viewing talent, you can use Arcing Strike to strike any target that you can see that is within range of both your destructive blast and your divination, as long as it is not inside a completely enclosed space (GM’s discretion).

Armored Casting (Combat)

Prerequisite: Light Armor Proficiency.

Benefit: You may add the armor bonus from any armor you are wearing (but not armor enhancement bonus or natural armor bonus) to concentration checks made to cast defensively or while grappled. You must be proficient with the armor in question.

Augur Of Combat (Combat)

Prerequisite: Int 13.

Benefit: As long as you are last in the initiative count, use your Intelligence modifier for attack rolls in place of the ability modifier that you would normally use.

Calculated Shot (Combat)

Attack smarter, not harder.

Prerequisites: Int 13, Focused Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot.

Benefit: You may use Focused Shot with any ranged weapon, not just bows or crossbows. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls when using Focused Shot. If using Spheres of Might, this counts as a special attack action.

Champion’s Strike (Combat)

Prerequisite: Arcane Strike or Imbued Strike.

Benefit: Your arcane strike or imbued strike is in effect at all times without you needing to take an action to activate it. In addition, when you use this ability with an attack action that only affects one target and has only one attack roll, the bonus on damage rolls for your strike is increased 100% for every +5 base attack bonus you possess.

Counterspelling Strike (Combat, Counterspell)

Prerequisite: Counterspell.

Benefit: Whenever you strike a target with a weapon attack, you may spend a spell point as an immediate action to attempt to dispel an existing magical effect on the target using your Counterspell ability, or multiple effects with your Improved or Greater Counterspell ability.

Deadly Targeting (Combat)

Prerequisite: Destruction sphere.

Benefit: The base critical threat range of your destructive blast increases to 19-20.

Desensitized (Combat) [Cata. HB]

Your experience with the horrific dulls the impact of atrocities.

Benefits: Whenever you would take sanity damage, that sanity damage is reduced by 1 for every lesser madness you possess and by 3 for every greater madness you possess. This cannot reduce sanity damage taken below 1.

Destructive Counter (Combat)

Prerequisites: Creation sphere (any (material) talent).

Benefit: When targeted by a ranged attack or spell effect that originates from another square (such as a destructive blast but not a vortex from (water) geomancing), or being in a square that such an effect passes through (such as an Energy Sphere destructive blast), you may attempt to destroy the projectile or spell effect as an immediate action by spending 1 spell point (this spell point cost can not be reduced in any way). If the attack is a projectile, it functions as normal unless it loses half or more of its hit points and gains the broken condition, suffering the usual effects, or is destroyed at which point it deals no damage. If the target is a spell effect of a material you can affect with your alter ability (for example, a fire damage destructive blast with Plasma Production, or a dropped stone object with Expanded Materials) you may attempt to damage the spell effect.

You must succeed at a magic skill check against the caster in question. If you succeed then the targeted effect is damaged. Reduce the damage the spell effect would deal by 1d6 per caster level (increasing to 1d8 per caster level plus your casting ability modifier if you possess Potent Alteration). If this would reduce the spell’s damage to 0, the effect ends when it reaches your square. If the targeted spell deals no damage, instead lower any save DC it might have by your casting ability modifier. If this would reduce the save DC to 9 or lower, the effect ends when it reaches your square. Any effect that would occur in or beyond your square is negated while any square the effect passed through prior to yours is affected normally.

Devourer (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Serpentine Transformation (transformation)) or swallow whole ability, character level 10th.

Benefit: When you are grappling a creature, once per round you may attempt to use your swallow whole ability as a free action. You gain a +2 competence bonus to CMB and CMD to make and resist grapple checks relating to the swallow whole ability. This is an extraordinary ability.

Disarming Transformation (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Transform Object).

Benefit: When targeted by an attack with a manufactured weapon within your shapeshift range, you may spend a spell point as an immediate action to briefly shapeshift the weapon into an animal, disarming your foe. You must be aware of the attack.

The target is allowed a Will save to negate this effect. On a failed save, the weapon immediately transforms into a Small animal or a group of Tiny animals and moves a short distance away before returning to its original form in a square of your choosing within 30 feet of the target. The weapon’s movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The transformed weapon will not pass through dangerous squares such as an energy wall, instead stopping in the previous square.

Alternatively, you may spend a spell point as a standard action to shapeshift a manufactured weapon in the range into a hostile serpent that whips around to attack its wielder. The weapon’s wielder must succeed at a Will save or the next time the weapon is used within 1 round per caster level for an attack, the damage of the attack is instead dealt to the wielder.

The wielder cannot willingly reduce or deal nonlethal damage with this attack. Once the damage has been dealt, the effect is discharged. If you spend an additional spell point, the effect persists for 1 round per caster level, each attack after the first granting a Will save to end the effect.

Dodging Rally (Combat)

Benefit: Whenever you are rallied, you receive a +4 dodge bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.

Elicit Strike (Combat)

Prerequisite: Emotion class feature.

Benefit: If you make a successful melee attack against an opponent, in addition to dealing your weapon damage, you can spend a swift action to deliver the effects of an emotion power delivered by touch.

Energy Snake (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Energy Sphere (blast shape)).

Benefit: When using the Energy Sphere blast shape, you may spend 2 spell points instead of 1 to form the energy sphere into a serpent, which grows with every target it damages. Whenever the energy sphere successfully deals damage to a target, its size increases by 1 5-foot square. When moving the energy sphere each round, its squares must be arranged contiguously in an arrangement that follows the movement of the ‘head’ of the serpent.

Fear And Flame (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Fire Blast (blast type, fire)).

Benefit: When a creature is set on fire by your destructive blast, they must succeed at a Will save each round they remain on fire or become shaken. If shaken, they become frightened. If frightened, they become panicked. A successful save reduces the severity by one step and ending the on fire condition ends the effects of this feat, though not fear conditions from other sources.

Frozen To The Bone (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (at least one (blast type) talent that deals cold damage).

Benefit: When using a destructive blast blast shape that allows a Reflex save with a blast type that deals cold damage, you may replace the Reflex save with a Fortitude save.

Gritting Teeth (Combat)

Prerequisite: Combat Stamina.

Benefit: You can prepare yourself for harm if you have advance warning. As a swift action, you may spend 3 stamina points to give yourself resistance to one type of energy damage (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic). This resistance is equal to your character level + your highest mental attribute modifier and lasts 1 minute. You may use this ability multiple times to give yourself resistance against different energy types.

Hardened Psyche (Combat) [Cata. HB]

Your experience with violence renders you resistant to mental stress.

Benefit: You may add your Constitution score to your sanity score and use your Constitution modifier to determine your sanity threshold. In addition, you may attempt a Fortitude save in place of Will save against a situation which would deal sanity damage.

Making Sanity More Manageable: The system of sanity and madness is somewhat notorious for its brutality, especially against martial characters. If a GM feels that the sanity mechanics are problematically punishing as they are written, they may grant characters the Hardened Psyche feat for free either to all characters or to non-spellcaster characters (the reasoning being that exposure to the unnatural makes your mind more vulnerable). Alternatively or perhaps in addition, all characters may be granted the Desensitized feat as a bonus feat, reflecting how trauma makes them less vulnerable to horrific events.

Heavy Hand (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (at least one (blast type) talent that deals nonlethal damage).

Benefit: When using a destructive blast blast type that deals nonlethal damage, you may instead deal lethal bludgeoning damage, but your die size is reduced one step. Additionally, you gain a +1 insight bonus to attack rolls and save DCs with destructive blasts that deal nonlethal damage.

Imbued Strike (Combat)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, caster level 1st.

Benefit: As a swift action, you can imbue your weapons with a fraction of your power. For 1 round, your weapons deal +1 damage and are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. For every +5 magic skill bonus you possess, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +5. This ability counts as Arcane Strike for the purposes of qualifying or using feats, items, and abilities, and the bonus from this ability does not stack with the bonus from Arcane Strike. Any feat, item, or ability referencing the caster level of Arcane Strike instead uses the magic skill bonus. In addition, you are considered an arcane caster for the purpose of qualifying for feats that require Arcane Strike as a prerequisite.

Improved Assistance (Champion, Combat) [S&P]

You add a bit of extra aid when coordinating a technique.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of at least one technique.

Benefit: When you initiate a multi-character technique where you do not perform the action, you may attempt the aid another action on the character performing the action as part of the action to initiate the technique. So long as you are in range to initiate the technique, you do not need to be in the normal range to aid another.

If you possess the Circle Casting feat, you may maintain that feat’s effects on the target so long as you are within range of the technique (rather than 30 feet).

Improved Energy Leap (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Energy Leap (blast shape), Explosive Orb (blast shape)).

Benefit: When you end your movement when using Energy Leap, you may choose to also deal your destructive blast damage in a burst centered on your square with a 5-foot radius, + 5 feet per 10 caster levels. Creatures that take damage from your energy leap do not suffer additional damage from the burst.

Improved Energy Wall (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Energy Wall (blast shape)).

Benefit: You may spend an additional spell point when using the Energy Wall blast shape. The wall now grants concealment from creatures on the other side and any non-magical ammunition passing through the wall are destroyed and other non-magical projectiles suffer a -2 penalty to their attack roll. At caster level 9th the wall can also affect ammunition with a +1 enhancement bonus, increasing by +1 for every 3 caster levels thereafter. Unusually massive ranged weapons (such as boulders or ballista bolts) and ranged attacks generated by natural attacks or spell effects are not affected by this ability.

Special: If you possess the Demolition talent or apply a (blast type) talent that ignores hardness and deals full damage to objects, such as Shattering Blast or Disintegrate, treat the wall’s caster level as 3 higher for determining the effects of this feat.

Improved Spell Combat (Combat)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature; any talent with the strike descriptor.

Benefit: When activating a magic sphere talent with the strike descriptor, you may spend a spell point to instead use the sphere effect in conjunction with making a full attack. The magic sphere effect is delivered through the first successful attack made as part of that full attack routine; if no attack is successful, no creature is targeted with the magic sphere effect and any spell points spent are wasted.

Martial Aegis (Combat)

Prerequisites: Protection sphere, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: When you create an aegis on yourself, you may use your base attack bonus as your caster level for the purpose of effect (but not duration). If you use a (succor) talent on this aegis, you may also use your base attack bonus as your caster level for the succor.

Martial Presence (Combat)

Prerequisites: Combat Stamina, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: Choose a basic totem from the War sphere (including totem of war). You can spend 5 points from your stamina pool to create a 30-foot aura that moves with you and that duplicates the effects of this totem. The action required to activate this ability depends on the totem. If the totem has no spell point cost, it is a swift action to create it, if the totem requires a spell point to be created, then activating it is a move action, and if it requires more than 1 spell point, it requires a standard action.

For the purposes of the totem ability, use your base attack bonus in place of your caster level and use your highest mental ability modifier as your casting ability modifier, if you do not already possess a casting tradition. The aura created is not a true totem, and does not qualify for feats that alter totems. Once activated, the aura remains active for 1 minute. Falling unconscious or dying causes the aura to end.

This is an extraordinary ability.

Martial Reflexes (Combat)

Prerequisites: Combat Stamina or a grit pool, ki pool, luck pool, or panache class feature; base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: Choose a basic (rally) talent. You may rally yourself with this talent at any time by spending either 5 stamina points or one grit, ki, luck, or panache point for every spell point you would normally need to spend. If you do so, the rally is considered an extraordinary ability, and may be used within areas where magic does not function. For the purposes of this rally, you use your base attack bonus as your caster level and your highest mental ability for your casting ability, if you do not already possess a casting tradition. This ability is not a true rally and does not interact with other abilities that affect rallies.

Martial Totem (Combat)

Prerequisites: War sphere, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: When you create a totem, you may use your base attack bonus as your War caster level for purposes of effect (but not size or duration).

Melee Caster (Combat)

Prerequisite: Combat Casting.

Benefit: When using a magic sphere effect as (or as part of) a melee attack or melee touch attack, the casting does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Militant Animation (Combat)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere (Animate Object (enhance)), base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: Whenever you create an animated object, you may grant it a single combat feat it qualifies for as a bonus feat. You may spend an additional spell point when using Animate Object to grant the animated object an additional bonus combat feat it qualifies for.

Normal: Animated objects are mindless, and do not possess any feats.

Mind Over Matter (Combat)

Prerequisites: Mind sphere, caster level 5th.

Benefit: When you take hit point damage and are not flat-footed against the damage’s source, you may choose to spend spell points as a free action (even when it is not your turn) to delay some or all of the damage, effectively nullifying it for the moment when it occurs. For every spell point spent, you may delay an amount of damage equal to twice your Mind caster level (meaning a level 7 thaumaturge could delay 28 points of damage by spending 2 spell points). The damage is delayed for a number of rounds equal to your casting ability modifier.

In addition, by spending a spell point as a standard action, you may will your metabolic functions to respond differently. You may delay the effect of poison on yourself by altering its frequency by one step (rounds to minutes, minutes to hours, or hours to days, only usable once per poison), you may use your casting ability score instead of Constitution for holding your breath, and you may add your casting ability modifier as a bonus to checks to disguise your health under close observation (such as when feigning death).

This is treated as a supernatural ability. Any delayed damage can be taken at a point prior to the expiration of the delay by dismissing the effect, as if dismissing a spell. Healing received while damage is delayed can preemptively negate the damage before the effect ends if you wish. If an attack’s damage is negated entirely, secondary effects of the damage are also negated if the secondary effect would be negated through damage reduction.

Mystic Assault (Combat)

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: When making a full attack, you may spend a spell point to replace the first attack with any sphere ability or supernatural ability that can be used as a standard action and requires an attack roll or touch attack roll. You must still pay any costs required by this sphere ability or supernatural ability (such as spell points), and if you are using two weapons, this replaces both the primary and secondary weapon attacks. Abilities that replace any of your attacks in a full-round attack are not compatible with mystic assault, nor are other abilities that allow you to use a supernatural or sphere ability as part of an attack.

Using the sphere or supernatural ability provokes an attack of opportunity if it normally would, and if the ability is disrupted, the associated attack is lost but the remaining iterative attacks are not. You may decide after you have used your sphere or supernatural ability whether to spend the spell point and continue with your full-round attack or if you wish to take a move action instead.

Mystic Assault, Improved (Combat)

Prerequisite: Mystic Assault.

Benefit: You do not need to spend a spell point to use mystic assault.

Perpetual Sphere (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Energy Sphere (blast shape)).

Benefit: Whenever you successfully deal damage to a target with your energy sphere, increase its duration by 1 round. You can only extend the sphere’s duration by up to a number of rounds equal to your Destruction caster level.

Pierce The Veil (Combat)

Prerequisites: Wis 13, base attack bonus +2.

Benefit: When attacking a target with a miss chance granted from a spell, sphere effect, supernatural or spell-like ability, you may take a penalty to your attack roll to reduce the miss chance for that attack. Each -1 penalty to the attack roll you take reduces the miss chance by 10%. You cannot use this feat to take a penalty greater than half of your base attack bonus (rounded up).

Precision Bombardment (Combat)

Prerequisites: Creation sphere (Created Momentum).

Benefit: When using create to drop objects on a target or attack them with Created Momentum and are doing so in a way that targets normal AC, you may treat the attack as a weapon attack roll for all purposes; you may apply feats to your attack as you could with any ranged weapon, and may treat creating and dropping a single object on a target as a standard action as an attack action. Dropping the object has its range increment increased to 40 feet just as when using it as a weapon. Additional damage from feats or talents such as Deadly Aim or Vital Strike is not multiplied based on hardness or falling distance.

Precogniscent Protection (Combat)

Prerequisites: Divination sphere (one or more (sense) talents or abilities).

Benefit: You gain an insight bonus to armor class equal to the number of senses from the Divination sphere you have active (maximum 1 + 1 per 5 Hit Dice). In addition, you may as an immediate action spend a spell point and dismiss a sense you have active to cause a critical hit against you to become a regular hit instead.

Precogniscent Resistance (Combat)

Prerequisites: Divination sphere (one or more (sense) talents or abilities).

Benefit: You gain a resistance bonus to saves equal to the number of senses from the Divination sphere you have active (maximum 1 + 1 per 4 Hit Dice). In addition, you may as an immediate action spend a spell point and dismiss a sense you have active to reroll a saving throw you have failed.

Precogniscent Smite (Combat)

Prerequisites: Divination sphere (one or more (sense) talents or abilities).

Benefit: You gain an insight bonus to attack and damage equal to the number of senses from the Divination sphere you currently have active (maximum 1 + 1 per 5 Hit Dice). You may as an immediate action spend a spell point and dismiss a sense you have active to ignore a percentage of miss chance (maximum 5% + 5% per 5 Hit Dice) for 1 round.

Pressure Point Proficiency (Combat)

Prerequisites: Mind sphere, Improved Unarmed Strike.

Benefit: By studying precisely where and how to strike your enemies, you can interrupt the biological processes that contribute to mental stability. If you make a successful unarmed strike against an opponent, it takes a -1 penalty to all Will saves until the end of your next turn. Multiple strikes you make against the same target do not stack, and the penalty to Will saves can apply to mind-affecting effects channeled through the strike.

Pressure Point Pugilist (Combat)

Prerequisites: Mind sphere, Improved Unarmed Strike, Pressure Point Proficiency, character level 5th.

Benefit: The penalty from Pressure Point Proficiency increases to -2 if you successfully hit the target a second time in the same round.

Rage Of The Grave (Combat)

Your revenant-like anger fuels you even in death, granting you one last chance to take down your killers.

Prerequisites: Death sphere, rage class feature; caster level 6th or base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: Whenever you are dealt hit point damage that would kill you, you can spend all your remaining rounds of rage as an immediate action. If you do, you are immediately reanimated as a fast zombie as if you had reanimated yourself, except you possess Hit Dice equal to your racial Hit Dice plus your class level, and your duration is equal to the number of rounds of rage you spent to use this ability. You gain all passive benefits and detriments of your rage despite being undead, and may still use rage powers. Each round, you must attempt to kill the creatures that killed you to the best of your ability, (as determined by the GM), or the duration immediately expires.

When the duration expires (assuming you were not destroyed while a fast zombie), you are returned to life with -1 hit points (stable), gaining 2 temporary negative levels that last 24 hours.

You must have at least one round of rage remaining to use this ability, and you can only use this ability once per day.

Reach Blade (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere, destructive blade class feature.

Benefit: Your destructive blade may be shaped with the reach property. This property can be added or removed each time you shape the blade.

Ready Initiation (Champion, Combat, Teamwork) [S&P]

When one of your allies primes a technique, you respond immediately.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of at least one technique.

Benefit: When multiple characters with this feat work together to initiate a multi-character technique, the technique is performed on the highest of the participants’ initiative counts rather than the lowest. All participants have their actions for the turn moved up to the initiative count where the technique is performed.

Rebuff, Improved (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Rebuff (blast shape)).

Benefit: Whenever a creature within range is the target of a ranged attack, you may spend a spell point as an immediate action to target the projectile with a destructive blast. Make an opposed attack roll using your caster level in place of your base attack bonus to destroy the projectile and negate the attack. Unusually massive projectiles (such as boulders or ballista bolts) and ranged attacks generated by natural attacks or spell effects are not affected by this ability.

Rebuff, Superior (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Rebuff (blast shape)), Improved Rebuff, improved evasion class feature.

Benefit: When using the Rebuff talent to provide cover to allies, you also grant them the benefits of improved evasion.

Shape Expert (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Energy Wall (blast shape) or Explosive Orb (blast shape)).

Benefit: When using the Energy Wall (blast shape) talent without a spell point, increase the wall’s size to a 10-foot-by-10-foot wall, plus an additional 10 feet per 10 caster levels. When using the Explosive Orb (blast shape) talent without a spell point, the radius becomes 5 feet + 5 feet per 10 caster levels.

Skeletal Contortionist (Combat)

You have extreme control over your bones and joints, allowing you to respond to a variety of physical threats.

Prerequisites: Death sphere, charmed life class feature.

Benefit: You can expend a daily use of charmed life as an immediate action to gain one of the following benefits:

  • Reduce all damage taken from bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage until the start of your next turn by an amount equal to your casting ability modifier + 1/2 your character level.
  • Add your casting ability modifier as an insight bonus to your CMB and CMD until the start of your next turn.
  • Ignore all penalties to attack rolls, AC, and movement for being prone until the start of your next turn.

Sunlight Strike (Combat)

Prerequisites: Light sphere; Arcane Strike or Imbued Strike.

Benefit: Whenever you successfully hit an enemy that is vulnerable to light (such as by the light blindness, light sensitivity, or sunlight powerlessness universal monster rules) with a melee weapon you have imbued with your Arcane Strike or Imbued Strike feat, you deal an additional 1d6 points of damage to the target of your attack. The struck creature must also succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Strength modifier) or become staggered for 1 round. This bypasses the immunity to Fortitude saves usually granted by some creature types.

Swarm Coordination (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Swarm Shape).

Benefit: When under the effects of the Swarm Shape talent, you may perform combat maneuvers in place of dealing swarm damage. You may choose individually to deal damage or perform a maneuver against each creature that would receive swarm damage and may perform different maneuvers against each creature. These maneuvers provoke attacks of opportunity as normal. You may also hold and carry objects while in swarm form, though may not wield weapons or activate magic items. You count as a Small creature for determining your size bonus on these maneuvers and for carrying capacity, increasing by one size per 5 caster levels. Additionally, you threaten the squares you occupy while in swarm form, but still may not deal swarm damage as an attack of opportunity.

Swarming Strike (Combat)

Prerequisites: Coordination class feature, psionics class feature.

Benefit: When using the coordination class feature, you may receive the bonus to damage from a number of allies equal to your casting ability modifier. This expends 3 rounds of your daily uses of psionic effects for the day.

Swift Warrior (Combat)

Prerequisite: Time sphere.

Benefit: When targeting yourself and only yourself with an alter time effect, you gain a +1 bonus to your caster level, increasing by +1 at 5 Hit Dice and every 4 Hit Dice thereafter (9, 13, 17). This bonus cannot cause your caster level to exceed your Hit Dice.

Tactical Aid (Combat) [S&P]

Your aid fortifies your ally’s martial capabilities.

Benefit: Whenever you use the aid another action, you may choose to increase the target’s base attack bonus by 2 for the duration of the aid another action rather than providing the normal benefit. This ability cannot be affected by effects which would increase the benefit granted from aid another.

Technique Crafting (Combat) [S&P]

You have learned how to create elaborate and unique actions.

Benefit: You gain the ability to create techniques, as per the technique rules.

Tether Adept (Combat)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Energy Tether (blast shape)).

Benefit: When using the Energy Tether blast shape, instead of targeting a creature, you can anchor it to a solid surface within its range such as a wall or ceiling (but not floor) as a standard action. This can only work to a maximum range of close, whatever your destructive blast’s maximum range. Once the tether is anchored, you may, as a move action, attempt to move to any other legal square within the tether’s reach (as determined from the anchor point) without provoking an attack of opportunity, regardless of your normal move speed, by attempting an Acrobatics check and comparing the result to the CMD of each creature adjacent to the start and destination points; success on this check allows you to complete the movement, and failure causes you to fall prone in a square adjacent to the creature whose CMD you failed to beat. This movement can include squares on elevated or recessed surfaces, or even walls. If you have a climb speed, you may even end this movement on a wall or ceiling. You must have a clear path towards the destination (this ability does not allow you to pass through solid obstacles or opponents, though it may allow you to circumvent an enemy if you have a clear path around them within the tether’s reach).

You must have a free hand to use this ability. Blast types that carry a spell point cost do not incur that cost when using this feat. The anchoring object receives no damage nor other effects of your destructive blast.

Totem Tactics (Combat)

Prerequisite: War sphere.

Benefit: Allies inside any of your totems or sharing a mandate with you are treated as if they possessed the same teamwork feats as you for the purpose of determining whether you receive a bonus from those feats. Your allies do not receive any bonuses from these feats unless they actually possess the feats themselves. The allies’ positioning and actions must still meet the prerequisites listed in the teamwork feat for you to receive the listed bonus.

Totemic Stamina (Combat)

Prerequisites: War sphere, Combat Stamina.

Benefit: When you create a totem or mandate, you may spend a stamina point each round to maintain it as a free action. You are still considered concentrating and can have your concentration disrupted as usual. You may maintain multiple effects this way. You can not recover the stamina points spent while the totem or mandate maintained this way remains in effect.

Two-Headed Adept (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Additional Limbs) or multiple heads.

Benefit: When you have more than one head you do not take two-weapon fighting penalties.

Two-Headed Sight (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Additional Limbs) or multiple heads.

Benefit: When you have more than one head you are immune to flanking.

Venom Spitter (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Serpentine Transformation (transformation) or Vermin Transformation (transformation)), poison bestial trait, or racial poison ability.

Benefit: You may spit your poison as a ranged touch attack with a range of 20 feet. Treat the poison as a contact poison for this feat. This is an extraordinary (Ex) ability.

Venomous Ichor (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Serpentine Transformation (transformation) or Vermin Transformation (transformation)), poison bestial trait, or racial poison ability.

Benefit: Any creature that confirms a critical hit against you with a piercing or slashing melee weapon is sprayed with your poison (treat the poison as a contact poison for this application). Melee weapons with reach do not endanger their users in this way. You cannot use this ability if you do not have poison.

Additionally, you can apply your poison to a weapon or natural attack by dipping it in your own blood as a swift action. This requires dealing 1d4 damage to yourself as part of the swift action unless you suffer from an ongoing bleed effect or are below half your maximum hit points. This is an extraordinary (Ex) ability.

Venomous Soul (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Serpentine Transformation (transformation) or Vermin Transformation (transformation)), poison bestial trait, or racial poison ability.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to the DC of the poison granted by your bestial trait, shapeshift, or race and the cure now requires an additional save. This is an extraordinary (Ex) ability.

Warded Step (Combat)

Prerequisite: Casting class feature.

Benefit: Your sphere effects that cover an area (including darknesses, totems, and wards) are especially easy for you to move through. The area inside one of your sphere effects is never difficult terrain for you, and you receive a +4 circumstance bonus to AC vs. attacks of opportunity caused by moving through any square of a sphere effect you created.

Warrior-Disciple (Combat) [S&P]

In spite of your diverse magical training, your armed discipline still remains.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +3; ability to cast 2nd-level spells, manifest 2nd-level powers, or spherecaster level 3rd.

Benefits: At every level that a prestige class advances spellcasting, manifesting, or spherecasting from one of your classes, you may choose to have it also advance as if the prestige class had the same Hit Dice, base attack bonus, and caster level progression of the class whose spellcasting it advances.

For example, a mageknight 10/forest lord 3 could take this feat choosing mageknight as its advanced casting class at its forest lord levels, causing the forest lord Hit Dice to become d10s, for the forest lord to grant full base attack bonus progression rather than normal 1/2 base attack bonus progression, and for the forest lord’s caster level progression to advance at 1/2 class level as per a mageknight.

Web Mastery (Combat)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere (Vermin Transformation (transformation)) or web bestial trait.

Benefit: If you possess the web bestial trait, increase the number of times per day you may use the web bestial trait by twice your Constitution modifier. When you possess the Web Alteration trait, it may be used a number of times per minute equal to your Constitution modifier.

Additionally, as a full-round action, you may render a creature that is entangled by your web and within your reach helpless. Such a creature counts as being tied up, increasing the DC to escape to 20 + 1/2 of your Hit Dice + Constitution modifier. The helpless creature may still attempt Strength and Escape Artist checks to free themselves as normal.

Weird Assault (Combat)

Prerequisites: Illusion sphere (Decoy (glamer), Mage Feint), base attack bonus +3.

Benefit: As part of any action requiring an attack roll, you may suppress up to two decoys surrounding you until the start of your next turn. For each decoy suppressed, you gain a temporary spell point that may only be used on the Mage Feint talent.

Special: If you possess the Weird Defense feat, you may end its effect in place of suppressing one of your illusionary copies to use this feat.

Weird Defense (Combat)

Prerequisites: Illusion sphere (Blur (glamer), Decoy (glamer)).

Benefit: As a swift action, you may grant yourself a miss chance equal to 10% + 5% per 2 caster levels (maximum 95%) until the start of your next turn or until an attack misses due to this feat. Effects that ignore concealment only reduce this miss chance by half (rounded down). This is a spell-like ability. For abilities that allow for re-rolls for attacks that miss due to concealment such as the Blind-Fight feat, instead calculate the miss chance as 10% + 5% per 3 caster levels and reroll on a miss as per normal for the ability.

Weird Motion (Combat)

Prerequisites: Illusion sphere (Mage Feint), base attack bonus +3.

Benefit: Add your casting ability modifier as a circumstance bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity incurred when charging or making ranged attacks. In addition, as a full-round action you may make a single ranged or charge attack and use your Mage Feint talent as part of the same action against that target.

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