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Favored Class Bonuses

Aasimar: Add +1 to rolls made to stabilize when dying.

Alraun: +1/6 Sleight of Hand ranks when determining the effects of the Scoundrel sphere.

Cecaelia: +1/5 to save DCs for Athletics sphere effects while using the swim movement mode.

Cherufe: +1 fire resistance. This stacks with resistance gained from other sources.

Created: Increase the chance to negate critical hits and precision damage by +1%.

Cuazaj: +1 acid or electricity resistance. This stacks with resistance gained from other sources.

Dwarf: Add +1 to your CMD when resisting a bull rush, pull, or reposition combat maneuvers.

Elf: Gain a +1 bonus to your CMD when resisting a disarm or sunder.

Fenghuang: +1/5 to save DCs for Athletics sphere effects while using the fly movement mode.

Gnome: Add +1 to your CMD when resisting a dirty trick or steal maneuver.

Goblin: Add +1/2 to damage rolls the conscript makes with weapon attacks against an opponent he is flanking or an opponent that is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC.

Halfling: Add +1 to your CMD when resisting a grapple or trip.

Hobgoblin: Add +1/2 damage to your first attack made at the end of a charge.

Human: Gain +1/6 of a combat talent.

Kobold: Gain +1/6 Trap sphere save DC.

Orc: Increase the total number of negative hit points you can reach before dying by 2.

Sidhier: Gain damage reduction 1/cold iron for every 4 times this option is taken. This stacks with damage reduction gained from other sources.

Skinwalker: +1/6 to save DCs for Berserker sphere effects delivered by natural attacks.

Tatulani: +1/5 damage with claw attacks.

Tiefling: Gain a +1/2 profane bonus on three conscript class skills.

Class Equipment

The following magical item is especially appropriate for conscripts.

Expert’s Battle Kit [TS:WAT]

Aura faint War; CL 3rd
Slot any; Price 15,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

This collection of straps, hooks, and general tools can help a warrior unleash new techniques in the thick of combat. While equipped in any slot by a creature with the combat specializations class feature and three levels in the conscript class, an expert’s battle kit grants the 3rd-level ability of a single conscript sphere specialization, chosen when the kit is made. A creature cannot benefit from more than one of these kits at a time, and must possess the base sphere associated with the specialization to make use of this effect. Equipping or removing one of these kits takes a full-round action.

Construction Requirements
Craft Apparatus, War sphere, creator must know the sphere specialization added to this item; Cost 7,500 gp

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