Contemplative Monk (Monk Archetype)

These studious orders and sects spend a great deal of time poring over religious texts. They still train their bodies and their studies provide them with the insight to turn their faith into a tangible power. Of all the monastic orders, this one focuses on the sutras and the secrets they can provide. They believe that the sutras hold the key to escape the karmic cycle of death and rebirth. This order originally taught the demon hunters of the celestial retribution tradition the art of sutra magic.

You can recognize a monk of this sect by the smudged ink they often have on their fingers. They tend to have numerous strips of yellow and white paper and vials of ink and blood for the moments when more ofuda are needed.

Cast Sutra (Sp): At 1st level, these monks cast paper talismans with sacred writing, to combat enemies of their faith. They gain the Sutra Caster feat (see also Sutra Magic). A contemplative monk must still meet the ability score and religious prerequisites for the feat.

The contemplative monk begins knowing two sutras and learns a new sutra at every odd-numbered level thereafter (3rd, 5th, 7h, 9h, 11h, 13h, 15h, 17h, and 19th levels). The monk may learn additional sutras; the maximum number of known sutras equals his class level plus his Wisdom bonus. The monk can cast a number of sutras per day equal to his Wisdom bonus + half his class level.

This ability replaces Stunning Fist.

Graceful Sutra (Sp): At 5th level, the monk no longer needs two rounds to create ofuda. He can now prepare an ofuda as a full-round action.

This ability replaces purity of body.

Serene Sutra (Sp): At 9th level, the monk can cast an ofuda without the use of verbal and somatic components.

This ability replaces improved evasion.

Quickened Sutra (Sp): At 13th level, the monk may prepare an ofuda as a standard action.

This ability replaces diamond soul.

Powerful Sutra (Sp): At 17th levl, the monk gains a +2 sacred bonus to his sutras’ saving throw difficulty class (DC).

This ability replaces tongue of the sun and moon.

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