Corteggiare (Bard Archetype)
The Initiate's Handbook
A corteggiare is a special type of bard who forms a deep, often emotional bond with their closest friends and allies, allowing them to come together in a display of magical entertainment, connecting their powers together and uniting to defeat any obstacle they might come across.

This archetype requires sphere bard.

Music is Magic

The corteggiare learns how to perfectly blend his magical powers with that of his performance. He gains the Mana sphere as a bonus magical talent at 1st level, and may create a manabond with one creature that would benefit from his performance as part of starting his performance. If he possesses the Magical Conduit talent, he may create as many manabonds as he desires with creatures that would benefit from his performance. The corteggiare uses his class level as his caster level for the Mana sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

Choir Performance

The corteggiare is trained in performing with other allies. His bardic performance does not need to be audible or visible to grant its benefits to allies he has an active manabond with (though he may still use the ability normally). The corteggiare’s bardic performance is less compelling when performed alone, he treats his bard levels as if they were equal to his level -2 (minimum 1) when calculating the benefits his performance grants.

The corteggiare’s allies may participate in his performance as long as they have an active manabond with him by spending a move action on their turn joining him in whatever sort of performance it is. Doing so allows the corteggiare to treat his bard levels as 2 higher for each ally participating for the purpose of calculating what benefits his performances grant. Additionally, he has no limit on the maximum bonus he grants based off of his bard levels. An ally must spend a swift action at the start of their turn in order to continue participating in the performance, and the corteggiare cannot treat his effective bard level as being higher than twice his corteggiare level. A creature must have at least half the corteggiare’s level in Hit Dice to contribute to his performance, otherwise they are considered too unskilled or lacking in presence to assist his performance.

At 6th level, the ways his allies may participate in his performance expands. If an ally takes a move or standard action that allows them to move at least 10 feet on their turn, they are considered as if they had spent a swift action to continue participating in the performance. At 12th level, allies who attempt a Dexterity- or Strength-based skill check for any purpose on their turn are considered as if they had spent a swift action to continue participating in the performance. At 18th level, an ally participating in the performance may take a free action to continue participating, instead of a swift action.

This alters bardic performance.

Magical Flourish

When an ally currently participating in the corteggaire’s performance uses a sphere ability with a duration of instantaneous, the corteggiare can expend 1 round of bardic performance as an immediate action to make that ally flourish, granting them a +2 competence bonus to their caster level and magic skill defense, but only for that use of the sphere ability. At 7th level and every six levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1. This ability benefits from choir performance as normal.

This replaces countersong.

Wonderful Harmony

At 6th level, the corteggiare’s performance allows all the actors to sync their magical potential. When an ally currently participating in his performance uses a sphere ability, they may spend 1 spell point to instead use the caster level with that sphere of another ally also participating in the performance with that sphere ability. The caster who’s caster level is being used must still possess the base sphere being used in order to allow the other ally to use their caster level. This ability allows temporary, class- or item-based bonuses to caster levels to be transferred, but replaces any bonuses the beneficiary may have had.

This replaces the versatile performance gained at 6th level.

Miracle Melody

By forging a tighter bond with their magical aptitudes, the corteggiare learns to share their innate magical talents with those he performs with. At 12th level, he can begin a special performance. He picks one magical sphere he possesses, for the duration of his performance, he shares all magical talents (and advanced talents at the GM’s discretion) he knows with that sphere with all of his allies (even ones not participating in his performance), allowing any of his allies to utilize those talents as if they had possessed the sphere themselves, using the corteggiare’s caster level with that sphere and sphere-specific drawbacks he has with that sphere. This performance is particularly difficult to continue, and requires 2 rounds of bardic performance to start and maintain each round. The Mana sphere and Conjuration sphere cannot be granted with this ability.

This replaces soothing performance.

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