Class Skills: The darkshaper loses Knowledge (engineering) (Int) and Knowledge (nobility) (Int) as class skills and gains Acrobatics (Dex) and Stealth (Dex) as class skills.

Skill Ranks at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The darkshaper is proficient in all simple weapons and light armor. This replaces the normal armorist weapon and armor proficiency.

Casting Ability Modifier: The darkshaper uses Charisma as her casting ability modifier.

Shadow Limb (Su): As a move action a darkshaper may animate her shadow as an extra limb. Her shadow limb possesses a primary natural attack with with a reach of 5 ft. that deals 1d4 slashing and piercing damage (1d3 for small darkshapers). A darkshaper may use her Charisma modifier in place of her Strength modifier on attack and damage rolls and on combat maneuver checks using her shadow. Her shadow is dexterous enough to manipulate delicate objects and wield weapons, activate spell completion or spell trigger items. A shadow is too flimsy to function as a suit of armor or shield, though it may wield a shield.

At 5th level and every five levels thereafter, a darkshaper’s shadow adds 5 ft. to her shadow limb’s reach, to a maximum of 20 ft. at 20th level.

A darkshaper’s shadow is not limited to moving along the ground, and cannot be sundered or attacked as a separate creature.

Dismissing a shadow limb is a free action. A shadow limb’s natural attack gains a +1 enhancement bonus for every odd armorist level possessed beyond first, to a maximum of +10 at 20th level. These bonuses may be traded for special qualities according to Table: Bound Equipment, except that a shadow may not be imbued with the dancing, returning, or throwing special qualities. A shadow limb cannot have higher than a +5 enhancement bonus; enhancement bonuses beyond this amount must be traded for special qualities. A shadow limb is treated as bound weapon with respect to arsenal tricks. Arsenal tricks that modify a bound weapon’s material may be applied to shadow limbs.

A darkshaper may have one shadow limb manifested at a time at first level, and may manifest an additional shadow limb at 6th, 12th, and 18th levels. She may manifest up to her maximum number of shadow limbs as part of the same action, each with abilities and enhancement bonus identical to the first. The shadow limbs’ enhancement bonus and abilities may be changed any time they are manifested, though they must be the same for all of the darkshaper’s shadow limbs.

This ability counts as the Animated Shadow advanced talent for all prerequisites. A darkshaper may not use Animated Shadow and shadow limb at the same time. This ability replaces bound equipment, summon armor, and bind staff.

Shadow Residue (Su): A darkshaper is able to leave behind some of her shadow on her target. When she lands an attack with her shadow limb, she may cast a (shadow) talent on that target as a swift action at the talent’s normal spell point cost.

This ability replaces summon equipment and armor training.

Swift Manifestation: At 15th level the darkshaper may use shadow limb as a swift action.

This ability replaces quick summons.

Tenebrous Touch: At 20th level the darkshaper may activate shadow residue as a free action.

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